Justifying Yourself For Hating Some Person?

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How shall we do if we are confused? Therefore, You have said You would make it so clear to us that not even a fool could error!

What is it that the husbands want or desire, and what is it that you want or desire? How has God said for it to be for the wives? How has He seen this? Consider the things you have heard that you have ignored! It is spoken to people by wives that this is the concern of the hearts of the wives: but, has God actually seen this to be true? Are these things actually set in order as the first duties! Also pay attention to attempts to distract others, and not paying attention to what is going on with others as being trying to keep someone from hearing what he needs to hear. Consider your ways! The Spirit reminds those who wants to do about what God has said to do. Things that people take as unimportant are the most important things!

What has what God has said meant to you? You get an opportunity to hear instructions; and, God will see how you receive them; and, He will see just how long you will stick with them! How have you used what God gave you? God is making His Determinations! What is hearing? Look at where your desires are! Do you see where your desires are according to what you were able to hear? Know you are dealing with God! What has been done with what you have already heard? You have heard what the Lord said: but, have you done what He said? Has He seen this? What are you using it for? People who did not want to listen loses power to hear! Consider how you would not hear! Remember the ignoring of what you were told that was done! Some people lose their physical hearing; and, some people hear words clearly, but cannot receive the understanding! When a person is instructed: but, won’t do as he is instructed, the Words of the Lord’s Mouth have no meaning to him. He becomes as one that is deaf when the Words of God are being spoken. Rejoicing in hearing requires doing before rejoicing in hearing can be counted as having heard. Hearing what God says to do means nothing if what He has said to do is not carried out. What has His Words meant to you?


What have you planned? Already having a plan keeps you from receiving what God wants to give you!


Explain hatred, O Lord! Be free! Amen!


My tongue is as the pen of a ready writer! I publish more with my mouth than I do with my hands! When I type, I have to turn on the computer, and do all of these other things, first, before I can type: but, my mouth is always available for publishing! Excitement as God gives us comes constantly!


People are caught up with memories of bitter experiences! I look at where I am now! Who remembers another person’s past? You are looking back, and that means you are stumbling a lot! You are as your mind is focused!


(Thursday: The 5th Day Of The Week!)

(From Beaumont, Texas)

“What Reason Do You Allow For Yourself For Hating Some Person?”


Hatred for people is not of God! We hate the evil spirit! We hate the evil ways! We have hatred for all that is evil! There is nothing that is written that can justify anyone in hating another person! Don’t be given to hating, while thinking you are approved of by God! The Lord Jesus gave a commandment to love your enemies, and to pray for them! Don’t let anyone pull you into agreeing with them in hating someone. You must remember what the Lord commanded you to do; and, see to it that you obey Him, and not those who want you to hate like they do! The Lord Jesus Christ is your Savior! Don’t laugh at people because those around you are laughing at them! You make your own choice about whom you will seek to please! Please the Lord by standing by what He commanded you! You don’t need those kinds of people as friends! These are those who will be set on fire of Hell, in the first place! You don’t need to be accepted by those in the devil’s camp; and, they are many! The Lord will give you true friends when you reject the friendship of the wicked! Amen!

This is the day that You have made, O Lord: give us gladness and praises in it, I pray Thee! Let us not be found not doing that which is our duty to do! You cause the evil to be repelled because of obedience to praise You! Strengthen us with more of the Spirit in the inward man to praise You with. Let none of these conditions have any power against us! I opened by lips as I was commanded to curse this wicked spirit, and commanded it not to bare anymore fruit from hence forth, and forever! I listen for Your instructions, because You know the right things to do! You give us what we need to do to get the things done. I said I would like to see the blessings of the Lord come to those who have given to me! I ask that You would cause those blessings to manifest themselves to the people who have stretch forth their hands to help. Let the blessings of Elijah and Elisha come unto them! And, reward those who have extended evil to me, also. You have opened my mouth to speak certain things, and these things have come to pass! You have put that watch over my lips that I do not speak anything inadvertently! Amen!

Give us this day our daily bread; and, forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us! I still wait for You to bless us with the finances, and tell me how to obtain them. You are the Provider: but, none of us that look to You can know anything without You telling us what to do. I have helped others with counsel; and, now I need my counsel to come from You! I have said that I would not seek a place for us to dwell! But, I do not understand why we are not being given to seek a place for You, O Lord! I talk with two families, and that is it. I wait for Your instructions! I do have a concern about the van. Those things that were needed has been corrected! Where do we go from here? We are still moving things back and forth between this place and the warehouse. It is a continual moving! I put things on the web site: but, there are still a lot of spaces between chapters! I had seen this as constructing a continuous street. Give me how I should be looking at this! Lead us not into temptations: but, deliver us from evil, because the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory belongs to You! Amen!

Who is doing the subtle contradicting? Who has stood up to change a thing that was told to them to do? Make sure you are not changing things that were told to you to do. If a change is to be made, it must come to you by him whom God gave the original instruction. This is the time to be established by God. This is what the Prophet Samuel told king Saul after Saul had risen up to do something that he was not authorized to do. We have to be careful of not letting anything cause us to do something that we were not authorized to do. The Lord has spoken about how money can get tight: but, you must remember, this is as when all of the men who were with Saul, fled and hid themselves. Saul was standing there alone with this great army facing him. This, and the fact that his own men had become afraid, caused him to offer up a sacrifice, which was not legal for him to do. I see these things also. I will wait on the Lord! There are times when I don’t feel like I have a place that I can wait in peace. I sense tugging all around me. The evil wants me to move before the time for me to move. I have gone out, and I have come in. I have prophesied against those whom the Lord has given me to prophesy against. I have prayed for those whom the Lord has given me to pray for. I have helped, and offered counsel to others concerning the things which they are involved with. But I feel troubles all around me. I don’t look for help from people! These people are not able to help me! This is where I stand upon the Mount of God. The Lord will strengthen me in this battle! He will never leave me, nor forsake me. I have compared this with the time when I was sick in Florida! I did not consider my own sickness! I was sent to pray for another man in his sickness! I was only physically sick: but, I was Spiritually Healthy! I don’t say anymore, “Lord, how can I help them when I don’t have anything!” Let the Spiritual wealth be magnified above all lack of material things! This is the problem that the portion of the Church that is called Smyrna had. They were not recognizing their wealth! Therefore, I ask that my wealth be magnified above that which try to cause me to focus on the lack of material things! This is important! How is this thing cursed, my Lord? It shall not magnify itself above the Truth! Be Thou exalted, O Lord: and, be Thou exalted above the heathen! I did curse that tree that stands in the way, and shows itself as being more important than my Spiritual wealth. It shall bare no more fruits from hence forth and forever! The Lord is the Truth: and, the Spiritual things are to be highly exalted above all things! When the time comes, I will know what to do about all things! I just do what I am being given to do! All of this has a purpose: and, patience must have her perfect works! Let me have that which I need to allow patience to have her perfect works, O Lord! There are going to be some changes made real soon! Everything shall be in the place where they are supposed to be. I know that the focus has been towards me! This has been going on for about two months now! Many hearts are being judged; and, the tongues of many will start to come back down upon their own heads; and, for this reason, I prayed that the blessings come to those who have done what they did out of a pure heart! But, I know God has also been speaking about remembering what the wicked has done, said, and thought, also. He will also remember to reward them! Amen!


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