Why People Are So Cold-Hearted!

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1st John 2:15; “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.” Be happy to know what’s wrong! Then, you can get it fixed!

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Violence is being inflicted against property by God: but, He has not taken many lives! Great destruction is taking place in many parts of the United States! Wake up!

I believe in the Power of the Spirit, and not of the flesh! It is deliverance when God exposes the evils! In God is Gladness!

“Is It Love; or, Is It Blood?”


Which is the greater bonding?

You give us abundance: but, where do we keep it, O Lord? I have heard of flood waters in certain places! You are pouring out much rain in these days!

“Be Still; And, Know That I Am God,” Said God! Great Thunderings with some Lightnings are taking place at 5:40 AM. I acknowledge the display of Power! I acknowledge Your Power to Help as well as destroy! I seek the Helping Power, and the Comforting Power! I seek the Voice that gets attention like as when the thundering and Lightning is taking place! I seek the Voice that commands good; and, good happens! I don’t seek the destroying Voice, but only against the wicked spirits! I seek Understanding, O Heavenly Father, from You; and, You are our Father, and You give it to us freely!

Let Love be magnified! Let the hurts be healed! Let these sicknesses pass away from these people, I pray Thee! You give Counsel, O Heavenly Father! Counsel us as to what we shall do about these things, O Heavenly Father! Your Counsel and Your Wisdom will be respected!

5:18 AM


You are the Mighty Power! Prayers are offered unto You, O Heavenly Father, for the healing of others! Your Mercy is sought! I seek their comfort, also! I know You can destroy these things in an instance! You cause the thundering and lightnings to appear! You cause the rain to come forth! You cause the thoughts to be turned to You! I seek You for the help of others! I seek You for their deliverance! You forgive; and, You restore! Blessed and Holy are You, O Righteous and Merciful God our Heavenly Father! You do cause my lips to open; and, my mouth does show forth Your Praises. You cause me to cause people to remember to stand strong, because the evil is standing ready to destroy! You cause us to stay in the watch! These things are nothing! You awakened me this morning; and, had me to go forth to uncover the barrel for to catch the rain water! You keep us supplied with all that we need! Praise waits for You! Mighty are You in Power; and, my hope is in You! Thank You for the Comfort that You give! You cause us to stay put when we need to stay put! Amen!

What You cause me to put my hands to do will always prosper! Mighty is the Joy and the Expectations! Blessed are the merciful, because they shall obtain mercy! You have given me to show mercy, O Lord; and, it is for my good that I do this, because it is in Your Image and Likeness! Let Love be magnified!

6:37 PM




Confusion and suspicions are looming in the midst! God makes all of those secret thoughts to reveal themselves!


“There Is A Reason Why People Are So Cold-Hearted!”


How wise are you? How aware are you of the truth? Consider the time in which we live! Consider what spirits of darkness are loosed into the world! This is the 4th Seal; and, this is the time of the powerful influences of Death, and of Hell! Was it not in the 4th day of the Creation that God divided the Light from the darkness? The 4th Seal and the 4th Day are the same! He has begun that dividing of Light from darkness in these days! When you see people being cold, and insensitive to the feelings of others; know that the evil spirit of Death is ruling in them! He is that evil spirit that will turn the hearts of people cold towards one another! But, whom do you think about as showing this coldness? The minds are turned hard towards the people, because the darkness that rules over the mind will deceive you into thinking someone else is responsible for this cold treatment; and, it is hard for you to keep your focus on the evil spirits that influences people to do the things that they are doing! Don’t you say, “He or she should have known better!” Don’t you focus on the person? This way of being forced to think that way, also shows the influence of evil spirits! These spirits be causing people to think about people; and, therefore, they go undetected! Don’t blame the people if they have not had their time to be delivered from under the power of the darkness! Now, remember what the Apostle Paul said about us not fighting against flesh and blood; but, against spirits, and powers of darkness ruling over people! You are seeing the manifestation of the working of spirits! Let your mind be kept in focus on the truth about what the Lord said it is! Amen!


Consider coldness and insensitivity, in people, as a sign of Death’s influence; and, consider rage as a sign of Hell’s influence! Now, you are becoming wise in recognizing the different kinds of evil spirits! Many people think Satan is the violent wicked spirit: but, when you see open coldness and violence; you are looking at the work of Death and Hell! Learn how the evil spirits work! Satan tries to imitate the Lord Jesus Christ; and, he will use people to show all manner of expressions of sympathy for your plight! He gets his work done by making laws for the whole land to follow; and, will threaten with penalties for not keeping those laws. Satan’s way is a subtle forcing of people into darkness by making it a law of the land. His speech sounds like he is really concerned, and that what is being done is for the good of the masses! He causes it to be preached as something that is good for the people. But, he will be leading people into accepting and doing something that goes against the Commandments of God! But, you must have the Commandments of God written in your hearts, before you can compare what you are being told, with what you know God has said! Satan’s servant has the appearance of a dove on the outside; but, inwardly, he is that ravening wolf! These expressions of sympathy and concern are only outward expressions of caring! But, there is no love in the heart of the person that is being used by Satan! Satan always turns the hearts of people to be caring about themselves! This causes great division and strife in the midst of the people, because selfishness leads to division and strife! He preaches your uniqueness as a nation of people; or, as a special gender; or, something that relates to your age group! He preaches your rights! Everyone starts to think only about himself! Satan causes people to lay down their lives for others; but, they don’t have that love for those whom they lay down their lives for! Remember what the Apostle Paul said in 1st Corinthians 13, about doing all of these things without love! Satan causes people to feed the hungry, and to give generously during disasters; but, these people don’t have love for those whom they feed and give to! Satan shows every expression of love, hope, and faith: but, these are not true in nature, because there is an underlying evil that goes along with this! But, who has paid attention to the evils that are still accounted to them while they are doing these good works? Did you not know that your good is not counted to you by God, because of those sins? None of your offerings are acceptable, when you are unclean, the Lord said by Haggai the Prophet! Satan is smooth in his operations!


But, when Death and Hell are using people; you will not see any manner of caring, nor concern about the feelings of others! There is no appearance of mercy, nor compassion with the spirits of Death, and Hell! People are instruments to do the will of the spirits, whether these spirits are of the Light, or of the darkness! Man was created a little lower in power than Angels, which are Spirits! Hell is also a provoking spirit, which causes a person to do something that provokes another person; and, Death is a cold inconsiderate spirit! This is what you see coming out from people in these days! What is the desire of Death, and of Hell? Their desire is that killings will take place! They must reach that quota of one-fourth of the world’s population in this 4th Seal, according to Revelation 6:7-8. Some people are willing instruments of these spirits, while others are unwilling instruments! Many have not understood what spirit they are in, even as the Lord Jesus Christ had to tell His disciples that they did not know what spirit they were in, when they wanted to call fire down from Heaven upon the people who contended with the Lord! If it is a desire to kill someone; that is the spirit of darkness! But, God has limited what these evil spirits can do through people! But, everyone is given a chance to know, and to understand about being used by evil spirits! Everyone will be given to see what spirit they are in! Amen!

“An End Has Come!”

“Is It The Last Straw?”

(People Are Being Pushed Into Killing!)


These evil spirits will focus their attacks on a single person, by using many people to treat him with coldness! How many acts of rudeness have evil spirits used other people to commit against a single person in the course of a day? There are people who have been provoked so many times, that they are barely hanging on! But, a breaking point is coming! Unknowingly to a person, someone comes into his presence with nerves on edge, because of those things, which he has encountered throughout the day! For this reason, we greet people, saying, “Peace be unto you!” What has this person had to deal with all the day long? The evil spirit will cause this person to tease this other person; or, pull some act that will infuriate him! You have heard about “Road Rage!” But, what brought this person to this point of rage? Were things being done to that person continually? Was that the straw that broke the camel’s back? Was that the act that finally pushed someone over the edge, that caused them to turn, and kill? Hell is also a spirit that pushes people into bitter arguing! But, a soft answer will put out the fire of Hell! Ask God to give you the soft answers of your tongue!


I have seen provoking going on; and, these people do not know what kind of day a person has been having! Provoking and poking fun at people is causing anger to rise up in people, to a point whereby they start to kill! I have heard of the reports about why kids take guns to school, and finally kill! It is because of the teasing, and the picking, by those unaware, insensitive children, who are grossly insensitive to the feelings of others. An ill-prepared child, going into the school system, will face a multitude of evil spirits! Has any official ever told you that these acts were influenced by evil spirits ruling in the children? No, they have not, because they are also instruments of the darkness, and they have no Light! Only those who have the Light can point out to others what the real problem is!


Children are moved by the darkness to constantly tease other children; and, these who are being teased, reach a breaking point, and they sometimes retaliate against their teasers! But, when something happens to those who have been doing the teasing; they are looking for sympathy from others! But, who will come forth to say, “I pushed that person into doing that!” To them, it is all fun and games: but, who knows what the breaking point of a person is. Many are hanging on by a thread! I know it is the evil spirits that causes children to tease other children; and, these spirits are causing people to push other people over the limit. Wake up, and realize what times we are living in! We are living in the time of the 4th Seal; and, we are seeing the workings of Death and of Hell upon many people! The Word from Revelation 6:8, says, “And, I looked; and, saw a pale horse: and, the name of the one that sat upon the pale horse is called Death; and Hell followed with him. And, power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword; and, with hunger; and, with death; and, with the beast of the earth!” Consider the horse! And now, consider the rider! The rider controls the horse to make the horse do what he wants him to do! Death is the rider; and, the people are the horses upon whom Death is riding! What is a “beast of the earth?” This is a person who has lost all ability to have feelings for other people’s feelings! Death has seized control over the minds; and, His coldness and insensitivity is seen coming from people! Such a person has dead emotions! This is a person whose conscience is dead due to Death being upon it! These are people who do not consider that the life of another person is worth anything, because they have no power to do so; such as those who commit hate crimes; and, such as those who do secret experiments on people!

This Report is Light, which will awaken everyone that reads, or hears this Report! This will cause everyone to realize what spirit they are in! This is what the Lord said His Word would do when He sends it forth in Isaiah 55. Amen!

People are being made to look for equalizers to take care of their problems with other people. These thoughts of getting even with people are being put into the heads by these two spirits! But, hopefully, these Reports will reach someone before he is pushed to that point! And, for this reason, you should give your attention to sending these Reports on, as the Lord has commanded! Don’t let them sit, because this is also an influence of the evil spirits!


One is causing the teasing! Teasing is a cold spirit, whereby people are insensitive to the feelings of others! That is the work of the spirit of Death! Those that are being pushed, becomes angry: that is the work of Hell! It is a push-pull action! This pushing must stop; and, the parents must pull in the reins on their children, or else, you will see more of them being killed! The parents must learn of the Lord; and, learn how to take authority over their children! The Lord has given the parents power to exercise authority over their children: but, the parents are made afraid, by the government, to exercise themselves in that authority, which the Lord has given them! But, it is important for the parents to gain that fruit of temperance, whereby they will be able to resist the violent influences of Hell! There is too much pressure on people; and, more pressure is being put on them every day.

I saw two groups of young black kids blocking the street with their bicycles! I saw a white man in a pickup truck, pulling a trailer! But, these kids would not move their bicycles out of the path of the truck! The truck has the right to the street; and, a man’s work takes priority over idleness! The man had to maneuver his truck and trailer between these two groups of black kids, one group on each side of the narrow street. Were they showing any consideration for the man? That was an act of coldness, which was supposed to cause uncontrollable rage in the man! Consider the man in his natural state, being stronger than the children! Consider the truck as opposed to the bicycles! Which would receive the greater damage? Parents, watch your children! What chance does a child usually have against a man; and, what chance does a bicycle have against a truck? What chance does an uncovered person have against any of the spirits of darkness? We that are covered by the Spirit of Light have problems with these evil spirits; so, what chance does a person, that is not covered, have against them? Why weren’t these children able to recognize that they were the ones in danger? The darkness will blind you to the truth! What kind of person is coming at you in that more powerful vehicle?

There are acts that are being done, to try to fuel this raging hatred that exists in America! This hatred and violence is on the rise in America; and, sin is the cause of it! The minds of people are being left uncovered; and, they are becoming subject to the will of the spirits of darkness! But, this act was manipulated by these two unseen powers of darkness! Death can also bring the mind into captivity, to cause you not to be able to recognize danger to yourself! To the children, it was fun and games: but, this was a potentially explosive situation! The truck could have become an instrument to be used to destroy many that day! I said, “Who knows what kind of day that man was having?” Who knows if their senseless act would be the act that would push him over the edge? Temperance is the virtue of a righteous person; but, because the majority of the people are still in darkness; who can exercise self-control? This is deep!

My Lord, I ask that You would take me on to the depth of this thing! Let Your Report come forth, I pray Thee! Amen!

I stopped to talk with the youths; and, noticed the boastfulness, and gross disrespect in their midst. My van is very noticeable with the Word of God written all over it; and, if these kids did not respect the Word of God; who will they fear? I have the Power and Authority to rebuke the evil spirits; but, I do not have the Authority to make a person accept the right things! I can only give them the freedom to see the truth; and, to make the right choices! Once I have done my part; God could send His Judgment upon a person! The evil spirits are bound up in the situation that I am present in; but, people can operate without the help of those evil spirits, when they have been taught by those spirits! The Lord spoke about how a metal object, that has been in contact with a magnet, can act just like a magnet after the magnet is removed! This retaining of the qualities of the magnet, is called “Residual Magnetism!” This is the way the people are, after having been in contact with the spirits of darkness for a long period of time! They can still carry on, and act just like the evil spirits, even without the evil spirits being in direct contact with them! This was shown as a example in the 7th Seal after Satan was bound up in the Bottomless Pit; but, the people of Satan were still able to carry on the work of Satan! Just because we can rebuke the evil spirits from off a person, that does not mean that person will be peaceful! My Lord, what is the next step to take?

I say again, that this example was shown in the Book of Revelations, during the 7th Seal, after Satan was cast into the “Bottomless Pit!” The people were able to carry on the work of Satan, even without his presence! But, God has promised to loose the destroying Power of the Holy Angels upon many, according to His Word that He spoke by Ezekiel, in chapter 9 of that Book! He will start with those who have the authority: but, did not exercise themselves in that authority! Parents, pay attention to this! Those that are given to lead, influences those who are behind them! The parents should be the ones to exercise control over their children, no matter what the government threatens them with! O you parents, pay attention to what is going on with your children, because God is holding you directly responsible for them!


I was sent their way to see what was about to take place, and to speak a warning to them! All God has to do is warn you! If you do not take the warning; then, those things, which He said would come, will come upon you! Give ear to the warnings! Amen!

I have read a lot of things concerning God’s Power and Might! I have seen how He has blinded a whole army that came up against His Prophet Elisha; and, I have preached these things as encouragement and warnings to others, that we all might know His Faithfulness to perform everything that He said He would do.


What must I do, now, O Lord? You caused me to meditate upon these things for a reason; and, You have said that You will now act according to what You have said. This is the Word that You have given me, lately, from Ezekiel 7, concerning an end has come. What is this end, O Lord?


Thus saith the Lord, “It will not be the speaking as it was before: but, the action that was spoken about, will now take place. Because of the hardness of the hearts of the people, action need to take place.” Amen!

Blessed are You, O Mighty God! You caused all of the opposition to be removed; and, You do have Your Own Way! Blessed is the Power of the Almighty God! Thank You for another day! This is the day that You have made: give us gladness and rejoicing in it, I pray Thee! You are the Power to deliver all of those that are bound! Those that are to escape, will escape! Send forth deliverance, O Lord, I pray Thee! Your Kingdom come! Your Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven! Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us! Lead us not into temptations: but, deliver us from evil: because Yours is the Kingdom; and, the Power; and, the Glory, forever! Amen!


Teach me to pray as I ought to pray, O Lord! Let the praises, with the Power, come forth out of my mouth! You have ordained Power for the praises! Strengthen us with Faith in the inward man! What else, O Lord? You know what we need; and, You are the Supplier of all that we need! You have ordained a work for us to do; let us be about doing those things, which we are given to do! Cause our thoughts to be established in that which You have assigned for us to do. So as we think, we become! Fill our hearts with Righteous thoughts; and, add more of the Spirit to us! And, cause all of this evil to be put to silence, I pray Thee!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 05-21-36th Year

141st Day

The 5th Month of The 36th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!