Who Are My Children?

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“Glory & Honor To You, O Delivering Power!”

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Blessed and Holy are You, O Lord our God, and our Heavenly Father! All things You want done are made clear!

In Praying Daniel 9, use the word “I” instead of “us” and “we!” This makes your confessions personal; and, this means you are acknowledging your transgressions as you are made aware of your sins! Such as in Daniel 9:7, pray, saying, “O Lord, Righteousness belongs unto You, but unto me confusion of faces, as at this day; to the men of Judah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and unto all Israel, that are near, and that are far off, through all the countries whither You have driven us, (This pertains to all that is being called Christianity) because of my trespass that I have trespassed against You.” Make it personal! Acknowledge your transgressions as I have done! Psalm 51 also shows the Personal Prayer with Confession, because of that which the Lord is presenting before you!

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“Singing In The Spirit; And, By The Spirit!”

I dreamed I had met the singers of the group Alabama; and, I started to sing their songs with them. But, my voice was not strong, because I was trying to follow the songs as they sing them; and, some of the notes I could not hit! But, when I sing alone, and by the Spirit, I can sing all notes! I cannot sing according to a designed way men have made their songs: but, I can sing with the Spirit! I follow the Spirit, and not men! I have tried that, and it does not work! I hear the Music of Heaven! I hear the Melodies in my heart! So, I will sing in the Spirit, and by the Spirit; and, I will sing about the Lord, and unto the Lord. I will sing praises to the Lord. I will sing with Power, and in the Power! The Power goes forth to deliver; and, the Power restores!

Are you proud of your division and strife, White America, Black America? God shall destroy you all! Are you proud of your division and strife while saying you are the United States? Are you proud of your hatred for one another?

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From Daniel 9, I prayed unto the LORD my God, and made my confession, and said, “O Lord, the Great and Dreadful God, keeping the Covenant and mercy to those that love Him, and to those that keep His Commandments; I have sinned, and have committed iniquity, and have done wickedly, and have rebelled, even by departing from Your Precepts and from Your Judgments!” I acknowledged my transgressions before the Lord; and, all of my sins were before Him! You forgave the iniquity of Your servant! My problems were open before Him; and, I acknowledged them; and, the Lord did not cast me away out of His Sight! 

Afterward, as I lay upon the bed, I heard the Word “Reversal!” I rose up to write what is written! I remembered Hezekiah, and how the Lord God gave him a 15 year extension, or reversal in years! God Who turned back the hands of time; what is it for Him to stop the aging, and to turn back the aging! He renews Spirit, mind, and body! Yes, You do, O Lord God our Heavenly Father!

This is to all of you! While upon your bed, confess your sins; and, pray even as I prayed! These are the things you will see about yourself in quietness! The Spirit points these things out, because He is Faithful! Pray the prayer while acknowledging to be true all that you had been shown! Rise up; and, serve the Lord with gladness! Amen!

After this: do not hold anything to the charge of another, because you are forgiving others even as God forgave you whether they made confession to you or not! Let these matters be finished; and, hold no bitterness in your heart against anyone, because that is part of you being forgiven by God. Amen! 

“Who Are My Children?”

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