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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 02-14-35th Year

45th Day

The 2nd Month of The 35th Year!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday!

Old things pass away; and, all things become new! The initial state of the minds of people is that all of us had a heart that was full of evil!

A Navy Seal painted the wrong target; and, innocent people got killed by incoming missiles! Get rid of the spotter, because he is always causing you to shoot at the wrong one! The spotter tells the sniper where to shoot! The sniper holds the gun! We have the words: but, what spirit is telling us where to send them? And, most of the time, people are shooting at people when we are told we are not fighting against flesh and blood: but, against evil spirits ruling in people! So, who is pointing your attention; and, how are you firing your words? You can tell by who you are firing your words and thoughts at! “Get In Focus!” People can be caused to be so bitter that even if we tell them to concentrate on the evil spirits that manipulates people; they refuse to turn from that, because they now have a love for being hateful! I point out to you to pay attention to the evils that are ruling in you! Don’t compete! But, the point is that we are commanded to focus on getting the evils out of our own minds first; and, then we can see clearly how to help someone else with his problems. The help that you give is by what kind of spirits you are allowing to remain within you. What kinds are they? Do you have your eye on the package?

If I tell you to focus on a particular evil spirit, and you don’t: you become one with that spirit! And, your trying to minister to people is in vain, because you are ministering by evil. It is the spirit in your words that does the affecting! The words by themselves cannot do anything! Amen!

Many evil spirits still lie dormant in us! These evil spirits that have not made moves in us, are pointed out before they can rise up to cause us to do according to what kind of evil spirit it is. An example was shown to us when a Prophet told a man that he would become king by killing his master! The man became offended with the Prophet, because he never saw himself as such a person who would do such a thing: but, this man was unaware of an evil spirit lying dormant in him; and, at a particular time that spirit would rise up to cause this man to do the exact thing that was told to him that he would do. God sees all that is in us; but, He told us that we have or had a spirit in us that causes us to see all of our ways as being clean in our own eyes; and, that we are caused to think more highly upon ourselves than we ought to. That is a spirit that you must destroy immediately, because it will cause you to refuse to believe something about yourself that God is pointing to you that will cause you to do some evil. A time will come for it to make its move; and, if it is still there, the very thing you were warned about will be caused to take place. But, if this spirit would have been destroyed; that time and place will come without that certain event taking place, because that which would have caused it to be, is no longer within you.

This is from Proverbs 31: “Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts. Let him drink, and forget his poverty, and remember his misery no more.” Making joyful! This is how I might give strong drink or wine to someone that is down and depressed! I might say, “Why look so blue, Panda Bear?” Or, “Are you down because you lost your fart? Don’t you know that when you fart, it floats away; and, you can’t find it anymore?” It is the Spirit that breaks the ice; and, lifts up the heart out of deep depression! But, some people choose to remain in a deep hole!

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We are faced with problems! How is this problem taken care of? Is it by physical means; or, is it by Spiritual means? Which ever way the Lord tells you is the way you use. You don’t make this determination yourself! At one time God told Moses to use physical means by striking a rock; and, at another time God told Moses to use Spiritual means by speaking to the rock! To deal with the thing is as God instructs each time, even though the situation is as the same as it was before. We are not doing things by habit: but, always by instructions! We don’t let what we were given to do the last time determine what we will do this time. The thing that is consistent in this, is that we operated by what we were being told. Similar situations happened also with David: but, God gave different instructions each time. By following God’s instructions, David was successful, each time.

“Being Remotely Controlled!”


How does a remote control device work? A remote control device is not within the equipment that it causes to respond: but, there is something within the equipment that will make the equipment respond when buttons are pressed on the remote control device. Remote means not being within. The words of people can affect us, only if we have a spirit within us that is tuned to the spirit of the words spoken by others; and this is what causes us to be affected. To have these spirits removed is like removing from within our televisions or other electronic devices that which can cause it to be operated by remote control devices. What frequency is it broadcast on? Listen: people say things that cause fear to spring up in you! You cannot stop them from speaking: but, you can do something about that which is in you that will cause this to be your response, when they speak. Mouths will continue to speak: but, their words will not be able to find anything of theirs in you! You will not be moved! How is it that Black people were moved to anger and being offended when some person of another race referred to them as Nigger? You cannot just say, “That doesn’t bother me!” You have to do something about removing that evil from within you! You might use laughing it off: but, that has not destroyed the power of those words! That evil still lies dormant in you; and, will rise up to cause you to become violent at some point.

How well do you read? Misreading things are happening a lot! Reading is seeing something, and gaining an understanding from what you are seeing: but, is it the correct understanding? What is actually going on? You have to be hearing a Truthful Spirit before you can read people correctly by the expressions they are showing. It is not what it looks like: but, it is according to what the Spirit of Truth is saying. So, you are actually always being moved by what you are hearing! What kind of Spirit is reading these sightings for you? The sightings are those things you are looking at. I looked at the face of a girl in a dream! She stood before a man! She had a very sorrowful look on her face. The man heard in his mind that she was sad because of something that had happened between them a long time ago; and, he began to apologize for his actions of the past. Then, she said to him, “That is not the reason!” It was something else that was on her mind, and not what he was hearing in his mind as being the reason for the look! Again, who is speaking with you in your mind; and, then you find out that it is not what you were hearing it was. What are you going to do about that? An evil speaker in your mind was exposed! Destroy it!

What is the reason for your sad look? What are you hearing? Now, the preacher is here! Don’t listen to the thoughts in your head while the preacher is speaking, because that is God speaking with you through the preacher! But, what are the thoughts of your mind telling you? Many times the thoughts of your mind tell you that God is condemning you by the Words that are being spoken out of the preacher’s mouth. That is not the Truth! If those Words were being sent to condemn you; you would be dead, because whatever God speaks, happens!

Ahab knew the Truth of the Words of Elijah, when God spoke Judgment upon the whole house of Ahab. Because Ahab knew those Words to be Truth, he repented! God is not condemning us: but, He is pointing out the evils that He has already condemned; and, if we allow those evils to remain with us, we are condemned right along with those evils! And, that is why we are saying to those evils to depart from us when they are made known to us. Don’t be found in a thing that God has already pronounced destruction upon!

“Setting Free!” is now uploaded!

Again, I say, Thinking is spirits speaking to us in our minds! The mind is the secret chamber: but, what is being spoken in the mind? What are the thoughts saying about somebody? When you agree with the thoughts, they become your thoughts! What are they trying to get you to believe? If what you are given to believe is not true, and you accept it as being true; you are now infected with a lying belief!

“The Sound of Spirits!”


I laughed when I thought about Ruben’s “On’s and In’s!” But, why do we say we jumped “in” the bed; or, I got in the bed? We are actually upon our beds! Just laughing! So, where is my bed? Where do I lie down? I lie down in many places; and, have laid down in many places! Making my bed is what the Lord does because I do give consideration to the poor! I understand this as being how the Lord said we are rewarded for this consideration. Therefore, thoughts must always be pure! Ecclesiastes 10:20: “Curse not the king, no not in your thought; and curse not the rich in your bedchamber, because a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which has wings shall tell the matter.” Let the heart be made pure of all bitter speaking, even against the rich! Let the heart rejoice in thankfulness! And, let the meditations of the heart be always about right things! Let the privacy of your mind be always about what is good and upright!

Seek inspired speaking in recording messages; and, listen to how you are speaking to people! And, pay attention to your feelings! Always let “Come, now: and, let us reason together” be included in your speaking! It is a Spirit from God that makes you to be in that way!

Filthy desires in the mind are caused by evil spirits ruling in the mind! When males are caused to desire males; and, females are caused to desire females; that is proof of evil spirits ruling in dominion in the mind; and, because these are spirits, no person has power over these spirits by themselves. You are that way now: but, you don’t have to continue to be that way! You can be delivered from all unclean desires; and, you can be set with your right mind! It is as simple as having the spirits of the mind changed! This is the Will of God that all of us be free from the influence of all evil spirits, no matter what kind they are! A Desire to be free comes from God! It is as when the Lord spoke with a man, saying, “Will you be made whole?” So, I talk with people about why things are the way they are; and, what can be done about them! First of all, I see to it that bitterness is not ruling in me, because prayers are hindered when there is bitterness! We cannot pray for the good of those who we are bitter against! We must always have our focus towards defeating the evil spirits!

The orders are Powerful which comes from the Lord! Meekness has caused us to be able to respond joyfully to all orders coming to us from God.

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Sow the Strength for good; reap more Strength to do good! Bless with your thoughts! Do not curse in your heart! Let not bitterness remain within you against anyone: rich or poor! And, let nothing prevail against your joy of giving! Have a heart that is always delighted! Making a joyful noise? See to it that the noise in the mind is always joyful!

“I am teaching you and instructing you in the Way in which you shall go! I am guiding you according to what I see,” saith the Lord! Amen!

You do as you are being instructed! We become aware that something is a problem that we never saw as being a problem, because it was so subtle! How do we see? It is always by what the Spirit reveals to us! And, that is how we know!

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