War Is Coming!

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I told you what God said! “Now, it is up to you! Now, it is up to you to decide what you will do!” God is always showing us our errors: but, people have to be always taking what He is showing, because this is the way we get clean! He does not leave these things as a secret from us. Darkness is always being exposed!

You always get a lot more back than what you give out! It will always be a lot more! And, for this reason we give our attention to increasing the good going out from us as we decrease the evil that is going out from us. We look for a time when there will no longer be any evil going out from us, because there is no more in us. We are shown evils within us so we can destroy them. It does not have a chance to rise up to go out from us. No evil shall appear as being minor! Thoughts are the very first thing that goes out from us! What kind of thoughts are they: good or evil? The Lord Jesus did say that the first thing that defiles a man is evil thoughts, because they come forth out of the heart! And, you have heard the Word of God say, “Consider your thoughts! And, your thoughts are not My Thoughts!”

Remembrance comes by the Spirit! We sometimes try to remember something that is not for us to have at that time: but, it is given to us as we have a need! Now, I ask that I not be trying to get something that I do not need! God is withholding! I will not press in trying to remember: but, I shall remember that God does always supply us with our needs. And, I will pay attention to what I have heard from the world about forgetting; and, this will no longer be a troubling to my mind; and, I will not be allowed to believe lying reports, nor accept something as being what I heard the darkness speak. I will always have my comfort and peace; and, neither of these will be allowed to be destroyed out of my heart, because the Lord God is the Keeper; and these are treasures that I store up in the Heavenly Place. I don’t withhold from others what they need when I have it to give! So, it shall never be withheld from me what I need! My mind will not fail, because the Lord is the Keeper of my mind!

If they could, they would destroy her! But, I won’t let them!

It is Lovely what You do; and, I shall not want! All Power is focused in what I am doing! It is the Power that focuses me in focusing on what I am doing, and keeps back the evil from causing my mind to wander! It is God that gives preciseness, and causes to be precise! It is the Desire of the heart that is given by God to be precise! We all seek the Strait and Narrow!


Who stands to resist the Power of God? Nothing; and, no one! It is vain to resist God, because the only end result is destruction to that which resists! So, where is the benefit in resisting? It is joyful for a moment to resist: but, it is everlasting torment as a result! Will you remember the momentary joy in your torment? Did you remember your joy when pains came upon you?

Power is in every purpose! Power is in every work! Thank You! There is Power in Blocking! There is Power in Going Through! Instructions from God comes in Power, and with Power! Depend on the Power! And, You are Confidence! Blessed are You! And, You give to us of Yourself freely! I love how You are causing me to be! I love how You are giving me ability to do, even as You do! What would You have me to do! I face it by Your Instructions to face it; and, I don’t face it by Your Instructions not to face it. What to avoid is also made known; and, it is for Your Good Purpose! When You set our minds in something to work on it; it is awesome what we see we are made able to accomplish by Your Power! Understanding is Awesome; and, very Comforting! Confusion is as torment!

The Way in which You have ordained is Perfect!


It is raining again! Ecclesiastes 11:3; “If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth: and, if the tree fall toward the south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it shall be.”

And, the trees (the people) will fall to the North; or, to the South!” Those of the South shall rise up in greater numbers: but, they will be chopped down, and burned in the Fire!

“Where My Heart Will Take Me!”


The Lord is the Strength of my heart!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 02-21-35th Year

52nd Day

The 2nd Month of The 35th Year!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday!