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Do you truly believe? How much doubting is there taking place with you? Will God speak with you directly? He told you He would not! Do you truly believe the Words that are written in the King James version of the Bible? In that Bible, it is written that God said He would feed you all with knowledge and with understanding through Pastors whom He has chosen! Do you believe He does it that way? Whether you are showing yourself to be believing or not, is what God knows! And, the Lord Jesus Christ told people directly that it is not the man who is doing the speaking: but, that It is the Spirit of your Heavenly Father that is speaking with you through the man! Do you believe that? Who has believed His Report? Does God see you believing and accepting that? Did you not also realize that the Lord also ordained writers (scribes) in these days to write what the Spirit is saying? This is what is written in Matthew 23, which says, “You serpents, you generation of vipers, how can you escape the damnation of hell?

For this reason, behold, I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and, some of them you shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall you scourge in your synagogues (assemblies), and persecute them from city to city: that upon you may come all the righteous blood shed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom you slew between the temple and the altar.” God said this generation will be held accountable for having done all of those wicked things, because from the cross the Lord Jesus prayed, and ask the Father to forgive those people; and, God forgave them. But, He said that from that time forth, this latter day people would be counted guilty of having done all of those things, even from the very first slaying of Abel. So, from that time forth, whatsoever was done to the least of His brethren was counted to them as having done the same to Him, and to every Righteous person who appeared upon the earth, even to the end of time!

God gives us good when our desires are for good! He Blessed the drink; and, I have taken it with joy, and with giving of thanks! Amen!

Thank You for the help that You gave in getting these typing errors corrected: but, I know You, O Holy Spirit, can cause all typing errors to cease. I accept the help that You have allowed for me to have. I looked at this as what You have allowed! I have prayed concerning them: but, You have chosen to allow them to remain; and, I am able to accept help! These are just typing errors; and, they have nothing to do with my Spirituality! I hear the Words correctly; but, my fingers don’t always strike the right keys, and sometimes words are left out. These things are corrected. I have noticed that those who send me the corrections had to have heard what was intended before they could send corrections! That is the Mighty Working of the Spirit to cause people to know! 

I was caused to sleep in the house last night because Cherry had a bad cough; and, I wanted to be near in case she needed some help! But, I did pray that she would be delivered from that which was upon her! But, this morning I did take my bed roll back to the van!

Tithe is 10%; and, an offering is whatsoever you have decided on! Both are a secret between you and God!

This is a joyful Assembly! He that is faithful in the few things is faithful in the great things! Faithfulness started with doing that which you promised God you would do! Putting God first is shown when you show how you consider the giving of your Tithes and offerings! Where is the giving of Tithes and offerings on your list of important things to do? How much delaying in doing this are you showing? That is the way God is being to you! How much mercy do you show? Are you actually considering the preacher! The Tithes and offerings are for his livelihood so that he does not have to do other types of work to provide for his livelihood! God has ordained this for the preachers whom He has chosen and sent! Many are seen resenting God for this way He has ordained for the preachers! They grumble about it! Therefore, they are not aware that they are grumbling against God! They speak bitterly about this, because these are not truly children of God! All of His children delight in doing whatsoever He has commanded; and, we, as preachers, do not require any more of the flock than God has Authorized! We don’t pass collection plates; and, no one knows who gave what, because it is placed in a box as you enter into the Assembly! You don’t even put your names on envelopes; nor, do you write out checks, because this exposes who gave what, and how much you gave! People just put their money in the box; and, no one but the giver and God knows who gave what, and how much! God has required that all of these things be kept secret according to what the Lord Jesus said in Matthew 6. Be perfect in doing things as God requires, because this shows your respect for Him! We are counted as the poor just like the Levites had to depend on the other tribes of Israel to give to them part of what they had. When people did not give their Tithes and offerings, God called this robbing Him! There are many so-called church congregations who are misusing these Tithes and offerings; and, they pay a portion of it to the preacher as his salary: but, God declared that the fullness of the Tithes and offerings belongs to the preachers!

Give no space, and no openings to the devil, O Lord! Fill my heart; and, grace my lips always with acceptable Words! As my Father does, I do! He said to the wicked speakers, “Shut up! I don’t permit you to speak!” And, I said to the wicked speakers, “You shut up! I don’t permit you to speak!” As my Father does, so do I! The Angels of the Lord carry out the Commands! Amen!


While I have this Strength, I will do all that is Good and Upright in Your Sight, O Heavenly Father! I will feed the Sheep as I am Commanded! I will use this for Good! I sow this Good; and, therefore, there shall be reaping of Good! Thank You for this opening! So, I said also, “Let the Words of my mouth, and the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your Sight!” And, You make it to be even as I desire for it to be! And, You do give proper preparations of the heart as You see the preparations are needful! All of this Glory is Yours!


You don’t give the evil an opportunity to take root! You give me to shut it down immediately, because You keep me in awareness! So, I choose to think upon the Goodness of the Lord; and, You rejoice my heart with all Right Meditations, because this is what I asked for! You will not deny anything good to no one who ask of You! You give us to know the Good, and to know the evil! You set Boundaries; and, no evil can cross over those Boundaries! This is the Realm of Holiness!

Who is the vexation happening to? What are you doing about having your own heart Strengthened against these vexations? How does your heart abide in Joy? How does it abide in Peace? Strength is given to the heart by the Lord; and, nothing can overcome that Strength! You will remain in Joy! You will remain in Peace, because it is established by the Power of the Living God, our Maker! Don’t look for things to be taken out of the world: but, look for the Power the Lord Jesus promised that He will give to the heart! “Look for the Promises of the Lord!” Let the world go on in the way the world is going! Let them die that want to die: but, you remain in your Joy and Peace that the Lord has given you! And, don’t expect the Lord to do what He said He would not do: but, expect Him to do for you what He said He would do, if you would ask Him for it! It is written! And, it is spoken, because the mouth of the Lord has spoken it; and, the hand of the Lord has written it.

I do make joyful noises! I see to it that joy is first established in my heart before I make noises! Think upon joyful things! But, God will point out to us all that we need to be prepared for what is coming, that He has ordained to come into the world. Stay tuned to these Reports!

A Dream From 03-11-36th-year!

“A Dream In Living Color!”

What is authorized for man; and, what is Authorized for Angels? He could take no more; and, He was going to put an end to this! Evils that remains in the heart are known to God! He is the Judge, even the Judge of the unbelievers who do not believe in Him! Again, violence is shown in a dream! This was again extreme violence due to provoking as I had seen before in another dream! Do you know who you are messing with? Apparently not! Why did He stop? If He had cast her into the river, that would have been her end! But, He let her go! He mocked her with baptism remarks! He had her handcuffed while dragging her down to the river to cast her into the water. They came across sand before arriving at the bank of the river. At the bank of the river, before casting her in, there was a calmness that came over him! Who was this? She was a very stubborn person! Why did he stop suddenly, and reconsider what he was about to do? That would have been the end; and, there would be no redemption after this! Have you gone beyond the point of tolerance? Are you nearing the point? A soul would be lost! He knew she would not be serious! He knew fear was only a way to stop what was about to happen: but, she would not be faithful, nor would she keep any promises!


Baptism is a very joyful occasion! It is the passing from death unto Life! It is having all of your past sins remitted; and, the Lord God not holding anything you ever did, spoke, or thought to your charge! It is the clearing up of all debts! Who would not be happy about that? Who would not serve Him faithfully? Who would do such a thing for him? Who would not show Him appreciation continually because he realized what his end would be if these debts were not forgiven? Who can remember every evil he said, did, or thought? God does: and, that is what He forgives! Therefore, be Baptized all of you for the remission of your sins! This is God’s Way of giving man a way to escape the horrible punishment that awaits him for all of the evils he has done upon this earth! God remembers everything! Who has the awareness of why he is being baptized? Who will show thankfulness to God for what He did for them? After your baptism you swore an oath to God that you would learn of the Lord Jesus Christ; and, that you would learn His Ways, and walk in them! Are you keeping that oath? Did you make a promise that you took lightly; or, were you ever aware of the Promise you were making to God? Now, does that Promise mean anything to you?

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 03-28-36th Year

87th Day

The 3rd Month of The 36th Year!


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday!