The Tribe of Joseph: The Black People!

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Carrium means: “Message From God!”

Psalm 121:1; “I will lift up my eyes unto You, O Lord, from where my Help comes.”

Carrium: 04-24-34th-Year!

114th Day

The 4th Month of The 34th Year!


2nd Day of the Week, which is called Monday!

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O man, be a proper covering for your family! It is written in Isaiah 32:2, saying, “And a man shall be as an hiding place from the wind, and a covert from the tempest; as rivers of water in a dry place, as the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.” Amen!

“The Tribe of Joseph: The Black People!”

Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt; and, so were the Blacks sold into slavery in America! One of Joseph’s sons was named Ephraim; and, before I knew I was an anointed of the Lord, I had been given to name my only son Dwayne Ephram (Ephraim)! Joseph is a Keeper of that which belongs to God! He appears three times in the Bible! Each time he is shown as one who keeps something that belongs to God.

The way you are thinking about me is the way God is thinking about you, because the way you are thinking about me is the way you are thinking about Him!

“The Trial By Fire!”

“It Is Necessary To Change From Your Evil Ways And Thoughts!”

You make it quiet, O Lord, whereby the evil cannot speak! Too many voices making suggestions! Everybody has an opinion, and they are willing to give it freely, even if they don’t have good answers! Get rid of your itchy ears; and, give your ear to God to hear from His Source, only! That is your decision to make! Amen!


God removes the vexations! King Saul became a vexation to the heart of the Prophet Samuel; so, God got rid of Saul, and gave Samuel David! David was a comfort to the heart of Samuel, which comforted him from all of the vexation that Saul had caused him!

“It Is Necessary To Change From Your Evil Ways And Thoughts!”

Thus saith the Lord, “Every man’s work shall be tried by the Fire of God, to see what sort of work it is! A man’s work is that which he is given to do; and it is also the people whom he has been given to minister unto! These are those whom he has been feeding constantly! The way he has been feeding them will be tried to see what Spirit the work is being done in. If it is in the right Spirit; then, those whom he has been used to feed, will be tried. If the work is destroyed by the Fire, when it is tried; the man shall be saved, if the work is being done in the wrong spirit; it can be changed! If the people have received in Truth and in Love; and, they are cast down when they are tried; they can be rebuilt! This is as the potter reshaping the clay, because it did not come out as he expected. You will be formed according to that which you allow to enter into your heart as a belief, whether it be Truth, or a lie. God is your creator! This is to show unto the people, and to give them to know, that no man can put anything into the heart of another person! He can only speak unto you that which I, The Lord, gave unto him to give to you! It is your choice, whether or not you will allow the Words into your own hearts! These Words have come; and, I am the Judge, as you have been told! I know your hearts; and, I know your thoughts! I know if you have hidden anything in your hearts, that I told you to part with! If I would not have delivered the Word to you; then you would have had an excuse! Have I not said, I cause My Prophets to rise up early; and, send them unto you in enough time for you to put off from yourselves, the evils of your doings; and, put away from you those evil thoughts? I said for you to amend your ways, and your thoughts! I have even sent the right Thoughts unto you, so that you could ask that these Thoughts be established in you! Have you not been warned as I said I would warn you? The True Foundation is delivered unto you! What you decided to build upon that Foundation was up to you: but, I said I would try it with Fire! If you stand; you shall be saved, saith the Lord”


Thus saith the Lord, “I have worked with certain ones for a long time! The time of their trial is come!”


Know this for sure, all of you! The Lord does not make idle threats! His Voice is true! His Words are true! He makes space for others to come by eliminating those who will not bear fruit, just like He eliminated Judas to make room for Paul! He has caused me to remember the dream about a Training Instructor who went back to Headquarters to receive instructions about the class of new recruits that were coming in! It was not given to me to know what had happened to the others! Did they graduate, and were sent on to their assignments; or had they been kicked out? The Lord’s time is precious; and, no one should be found wasting time, and allowing their time to run out. Amen!

In my days in the military, basic training was 6 weeks. We had 6 weeks to gain what we needed! And, the Lord said by Daniel in Daniel chapter 9, that a specific amount of time is given to everyone to put an end to sin, and to finish the transgression. Put an end to crucifying the Lord by that which you do unto the righteous. That is the great transgression that is spoken about in Psalm 19. During this time, you shall anoint the Most Holy, so that He alone will rule in your heart; and, you shall be sanctified unto Him, which means you are set aside for His use only. And, a reminder has come again about what the Lord said in John 15 about the Holy Father purging out everyone who will not bring forth righteous fruits. I have been telling people to come clean before the Lord; and, for them to realize that they are not dealing with a man; but, with the Almighty God! God does not alter His Ways, nor His requirements! They were set with the early Church, in the days of the Apostles; and, they remain in force in these days, even though people have allowed a change in their beliefs about God having changed.


My Lord, is there anything else that I can give to them? You know all things; and, if there is anything, You will not deny it to me, so that I can give it to them! Send me unto the others; and, reveal all discrepancies, so that these things might get corrected before the Trial comes, if it be Your Will!

The Lord has told everyone not to touch His Anointed; and, not to do His Prophets any harm! We are not Prophets and anointed ones because people accept us as that: but, because the Lord has chosen us to be what we are. None of this is by the will of man! The Lord has said unto all to respect every Word that comes out of my mouth, and that which is sent forth by my hands!


Has He not said to everyone, saying, “Set your house in order?” I have given the Word that they can request that the Lord would arrange all things in the order in which is pleasing to Him; and, that they should pray that they would not be found objecting to anything that He wants to cast out!


The Lord started me thinking about Him destroying somebody on yesterday, when He said unto me: Thus saith the Lord, “After I have done a thing; what can be done then? If I have already killed somebody; what can be said then? But, if I tell you what I am intending to do; and, you will inform the people! If they turn from the evil of their doings; they will save their own souls. But, if any shall die in their sins; they shall be judged with eternal damnation.”

If the Spirit shall open my mouth to speak a thing; it will happen, because the Most Holy God said His Words will accomplish whatsoever He send it forth to do, and will not return to Him void, which is without accomplishing what He sent it forth to do. But, I will not speak anything out of emotions! What is to be spoken; the Spirit will open my mouth, and speak it. There is a Guard set over my lips so that I will not speak unwisely with my tongue!


Whatever happens to a person will happen to that person based on what the person chooses; and, there is nothing you can do about the choices that others decide to make; and, worrying about it won’t change it. The troubling of the parents’ hearts is felt by the children who are under them who cannot make decisions for themselves! The younger children do sense the troubles of the parents! Let not your hearts be troubled! Their stability depends on your stability! Neither can you fake like you are not troubled!

God will strike you down suddenly without any further warnings! People have chosen not to believe that I am the Lord’s messenger! They have started to behave themselves proudly before an elder! Many think they know me, and don’t know me! When people cannot see themselves as they are; surely, they cannot see others as they are! When they think themselves to be something that they are not; sure, they believe others are not something that they truly are. Anyone who has not accepted those whom the Lord has sent, have not accepted the Lord! They believe they have: but, they never consider that they are disagreeing with the Lord Jesus Christ, because that is what He said is the case. They argue with Jesus about accepting Him just like Peter argued with the Lord about loving Him. And, people still have love as being based on feelings! These feelings have been popping up for centuries: but, they don’t last, because they are not love! Love never fails! They start out with what appears as kindness; but, they end up as bitterness and fighting! Light does not turn into darkness!

Who has the control over these things that we have to eat and drink? Who has the control over those who have the control over those things we have to eat and drink? What kind of spirits are controlling these people? Do you not know that the evil spirits are using these people to try to poison us? Do you ever think about who controls these people, telling them what to do to that which we have to take into our bodies?

Bitter and Mean! The devil is always trying to destroy that which God has established! What has God established for you? Will you allow the devil to destroy it? Whosoever destroy a work of God will also be destroyed! Whosoever allows a thing that God has established through them to be destroyed, will also be destroyed by God. God commits the keeping of things into the hands of people for them to keep it. How are you doing in keeping what God has committed to you? Certain people were given certain responsibilities! Are those responsibilities being kept? The Lord gave everyone in this group a one dollar bill for them to keep! Who kept it? That was the beginning of the Spirit of Joseph, which is called the Keeper of that which belongs to God. You have one: but, is it the one that God gave you; or, did you substitute it with another one? Will you come to me, and say, I still got mine, while knowing that this is not the same one that you were given: but, one that just looks like the one you were given? How important was that which God told you to do? Many things were attached to that, even faithfulness and honesty! Would you lie to a man of God? Would you lie to any person? Who would say to God, I did not keep mine! Who would say to the man of God, I did not keep mine! Who would be ashamed for not respecting what God told him to do? You have good and evil standing before you right now! Which one will you choose?

You must also learn the ways of the five wise virgins who had to tell the five foolish virgins no, because if you give someone else part of that which you have gained; you will not have enough for yourself.

Don’t play your family card, because God has been known to turn the hearts of families against a family member whereby none will extend a helping hand. God makes a no to be no! You have to become humble, because God is resisting the proud! God cannot be moved! God cannot be forced! God anchors people in place where they will also resist you, because you are proud! God sets up hedges to cause people to reject you, because you are proud! Stubbornness and resistiveness lead to destruction, and many hurts! God frustrates the evil in their desires! No guilt trips can move Him! Stop looking for a lot of money: seek the faith that is the size of a grain of mustard seed! The end of money is coming! Your faith is of the utmost importance! God knows what you need: but, you don’t know what you need! You are being caused to believe you need something: but, what you are being caused to believe you need is what is keeping you from seeing what you truly need. “Seek the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, and all of these other things will be added to you!” These are the Instructions of the Lord Jesus Christ telling you what to do: and, if you shall do as He is telling you to do, you will see that all of that which you need will be added to you. You must obey Him! Because you think the truth is foolishness, you are under the power of the darkness! The darkness is persuading you that this is foolishness! In order for you to get what you want, it requires other people to go in a way that they don’t want to go, or do something that they don’t want to do. Shall someone be forced to do something that he does not want to do so you can get what you want? The evil is speaking mightily in your mind! You are believing your thoughts, and the opinions your thoughts are speaking to you. Your thoughts are not able to force others to do what you want them to do; and, that frustrates you. Your thoughts can only get you to try to move others to do what you want: but, they won’t, because they follow the paths that they have chosen. Your thoughts are trying to get you to detach from me, because they know I am the only one that prevents them. They know that if you are detached from me, they can destroy you!

You lose sight on the fact that evil spirits are controlling people! They cause people to do things to set up a trap for others! A trap was set, because you don’t believe! The Mercy of the Lord delivered you! Today you would have been back in prison! Feeling pressured for money? The evil knows it? Did you hear the Lord speaking about learning to wait patiently for Him? Your anxiousness is what is causing you to be drawn to the trap! All of the temptations are set!

Don’t meddle in God’s business!

Are you going to just hold onto this Report; or, are you going to cast this Bread upon the waters as the Lord did command you to do? You won’t benefit from it if you don’t do as the Lord commanded you to do! This is your faith! You want the Lord to do things for you: but, what will you do for Him?

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