Spirit of The Anti-Christ!

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“Spirit of The Anti-Christ!”


“And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering, and to conquer.” (Revelation 6:2)


Four major wicked spirits would move upon the people of the earth! Daniel described it this way, saying, “The four winds of heaven strove upon the great sea!” This signifies how the wind affects the waters! The four winds are four evil spirits that would be (now is) loosed into the world at designated times that were called seals! The great sea spoke of all of the people upon the earth of all nations under the heavens! These are the spiritual powers that would begin to influence the whole world. This started with the First Seal of Revelation 6:1-2. This is the spirit of the Anti-Christ, which is the spirit of Satan. It was shown as being upon a white horse! The horses symbolizes the races of people, which are four major races: White; Red; Black; Pale! This also speaks of four major continents: Europe (Whites); The Americas (Red); Africa (Blacks); and, Asia (Pales). The Revelations speaks of the Church coming back into being during the 4th Seal, saying, “Send it to the 7 Churches which are in Asia!” This was also prophesied by Isaiah saying, “Arise, shine, because your Light has come; and, the Glory of the LORD has risen upon you. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but, the LORD shall arise upon you, and His Glory shall be seen upon you. And the Gentiles shall come to your Light, and kings to the brightness of your rising.” This specified the time of the 4th Seal. Before the Light is manifested, darkness must be upon the face of the deep! The Light of the Church went dim, and then out after the time of the Apostles, which they spoke about as would take place. Christian doctrines became polluted, and started to divide into many segments until you see what you see today in all of the world. Now, the white horse was the first! It’s rider is the Spirit of Satan, which moved upon the people of Europe! This is where that white pride comes from, and it is written that upon the head of the rider was a crown. That is the crown of pride which God spoke of as being found in Satan. And, whosoever Satan takes dominion over, also wears that crown of pride, which gives a feeling of superiority, as Satan thought himself to be superior to all Angels, and even to God. He showed his belief when he tempted the Son of God in the wilderness, believing he could turn the Lord Jesus to worshipping him!


He had a bow, which would symbolize knowledge to create weapons which would be superior to the weapons that other nations had. He gave this to the Europeans, and they brought forth weapons that were superior to weapons of people of other lands. And, he drove them forth to conquer others! Jeremiah also was given to see this movement, when he said, “Behold, I looked towards the North country! And, a people came forth from the North country.” And, he said, “A great nation was formed on the side of the earth!” And, by symbols he spoke of how it would become a great military power. This is from Jeremiah 6. He said laws would be established that would be contrary to the Laws of God! He said it is set against the Church. Also, he spoke about how people would be fearful to walk in the true Ways of the Lord, and practice their true beliefs. They would be afraid to walk in the Way. Who practices according to the doctrines established and laid out by the Holy Apostles and Prophets in these days? Consider the education of the children, and the practices of being healed! Consider divorce laws!


A great military power did rise up; and, the ways of the people of this land were greatly desired by people all over the world. Church buildings were patterned after the manner of that which came forth out of Europe. Structures of Christianity started to change, and the things of the world began to be the influencing power in among that which called itself the Church. Now, we come to the part whereby the Lord God challenged the people to make a comparison with what was established of old with what you see in these days as being the House of God. (Haggai) He said, “How does this look to you?” Those who can see will say, “This does not look anything like what was established of old!” But, the people are satisfied with this!


What is the best? What is the standard for declaring what is the best?

“Oh, it doesn’t seem so bad!” That is how darkness appears!

“This Shall Be An Holy Anointing Oil To All Generations!”


God chooses for Himself those whom He will use: but, His choices will not be popular with the people! Those who are chosen by God were never desiring to be what they became! Our minds are changed in an instance!


He that has an ear to hear; let him hear! There is Power coming; and, this Power gives all ability! Amen!

“Knowledge: How Does It Get Into The Minds?”


“A Crown of Pride Is Upon Their Heads!” Spirits give knowledge to people! Knowledge comes forth out of the Spirit, both Light and darkness! God regulates to whom the spirits of darkness can give knowledge to, and at what time they can give it. It might seem like some people are smarter than others: but, what is the knowledge that is being used to determine this? Where did that knowledge come from. No man has any knowledge of his own. He is given knowledge; and, that knowledge that people look at as making some people smarter than others is that knowledge that is given by the darkness. They discriminate; and, gives to those whom they have power over! But, even in this, God still restricts the darkness in when, and to whom it can be given. The darkness gives knowledge that belongs to them: but, everything that is brought forth from that knowledge has built in side effects! It causes destruction sooner or later. The Lord has informed us of this. Darkness feeds those of the darkness with wonderful knowledge, while withholding that knowledge from others of the darkness! Many are made to feel inferior because they are not able to understand that knowledge: but, that is because the evil spirits are withholding the ability to understand that knowledge from them. Stats are brought forth showing that some races are smarter than other races; and, that increases the pride of superiority in them. They feel favored by God: but, they don’t know the god they are feeling as favoring them is some spirit of darkness who gave them that advantage. But, the wise understand this; and, they are not troubled in their minds about not being able to comprehend this knowledge, because they know where it is coming from. But, God gives us to understand what we need to understand; and, He does not discriminate by race nor color. Satan showed the Lord Jesus the kingdoms of the world that would rise up, and offered these things to Him! But, the Lord already knew what this was all about! He rebuked Satan. But, people in these days think this knowledge is causing man to advance, when in actuality, it is pushing man towards destroying everything, even himself. Destruction upon destruction has taken place because of the inventions which man invents from the knowledge which comes out from the darkness. Children get discouraged because they cannot understand what is being taught in schools, while other children seem to grasp this so easily! Guilt trips are cast upon them, and a feeling of being dumb is pushed into their minds. They say some have learning disabilities! Others are told that they have attention disorders: but, no one paid attention to the masters of this knowledge are evil spirits. Destroying weapons are given to destroy! Great amounts of knowledge started to come forth, because the Word of the Lord proclaimed that in the latter days knowledge would increase: but, no one related to this as being the knowledge of good and evil that would increase. And, running to a fro would occur at the same time! Men are made to be in a hurry to bring things forth as a result of this. Now, we have more things coming out very fast! Who knows what evils these things will allow to pop up? More and more, men are seeking for that knowledge that God warned about from the very beginning. It does not make you smarter: but, to become more of a destroyer of the earth and the lives upon the earth! Everything that is needful for life, including polluting the air, is under attack! But, their eyes are shut; and, their hearts are harden with pride! And, we couple this with greed and pride in the hearts of men who will not listen to sound reasoning, and you have power of destruction without a conscience at work. What is called a better life is actually destroying of life. But, who will listen? Ears have become dull of hearing! Pride! Lifted up! Darkness blinds whereby no man who is given to it can reason out what he is being caused to do. It is all up to God to put an end to it, except we will all perish. He said He would have to stop it, because if He didn’t, there would be no manner of life left on earth! There is no turning back! We are progressing onward to the end; and, the end shall be even as it is written! Not one Word written in the Bible will fail! Amen!

Come forth as You said! Glory goes to God! Tell them how it was done! All excitement is in what you are telling! Get what you need to be able to do so! Be excited! Give it!

“You Can Enter Only By The Strait and Narrow Way!”

I give the Word that the Lord gives me to give! Judge yourselves by this Word!

First of all, you have to rejoice in getting clean; and, that means rejoicing in destroying the evils out of your own hearts!

The body does not have desires; I have desires! The body has needs; and, I desire the needs of the body to be satisfied! I desire that the body would function as it is designed to function! I become aware of the needs of the body! I am made aware of the desires of the heart! Not all desires are good for the needs of the body! So, let the mind be fixed whereby the needs of the body are known, and supplied! The Spirit fixes! The Spirit unblocks! Whatever is preventing a needful function is removed! The Power of God works within the body to repair the body! But, there must be an obedient mind! The mind must become purged of evils; and, do not have a constipated mind! Amen!

Purge the body, O Lord, I pray Thee!

All steps are necessary to be taken to destroy the evil! Turn from those evil desires, because God does not make exceptions!

If people allow an evil spirit to work through them with consent, we do have the Authority to cast out those evils spirits from that person, because that evil want to work in our midst to do evil through that person. The example was shown to us when Paul cast that evil out of that woman because that woman liked that evil working in her to give her ability to earn money through divination! Notice that the focus of the attack was against the evil spirit, and not against the woman. The woman could have kept that spirit if she would have chosen to remove herself from around Paul. But, she hung around! We attack devils wheresoever we find them. We know we can cast out devils even though people are in league with those devils, if they want to hang around us to disrupt what we are doing in the Name of the Lord. Vexing things and ways are not allowed to remain! That spirit vexed Paul; and, he knew this woman would draw people to herself after he had left, because she would be looked upon as being a true follower!

We are seeing vexing things going on continually: but, we need to have our focus set right whereby we are not thinking about the person, but, the spirit in that person. If the person wants to remain in our midst; that person can be delivered from that evil. If the person wants to remain in our midst with that evil spirit: that will not be allowed. The evil spirit will go, with or without the person. That is God’s Decree! And, who is forecasting evil upon an innocent one to cause an innocent one to do ungodly things? Now, the Angel is sent to attack the cause of this! Go forth; and, attack them, O Holy Angel of the Lord; and, give them no rest day nor night! Who is practicing witchcraft? Does He not know? There is nothing that is hidden that shall not be revealed. Who is allowing things to continue with them that the Lord has made a way for them to be delivered from that? These are showing agreement with the evils, because they are not destroying what God has pointed out to be destroyed out of the heart. These are also desires that the Lord has pointed out that people are not letting go of. This is witchcraft because it derives from a stubborn and disobedient spirit. Part with that spirit; or, be destroyed; but, that spirit will go seeking someone else after you are gone into Hell! Depart from evil! God does not favor any person who allows evils to remain in him or her, and work wickedness through him or her.

But, my Lord, let the innocent go free! I have my focus set; and, I send this Power out against the evil spirits! God will Judge the people! He will make His Determination about the people: but, the Determination is already made about the spirits of darkness. They are already damned!

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Carrium: 02-22-35th Year

53rd Day

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