So, Who Is The Sin Against?

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Ecclesiastes 11:1-6: “Cast your Bread (Word of God) upon the waters, because you shall find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight, because you do not know what evil shall be upon the earth. If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth: and if the tree falls toward the south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it shall be. He that observes the wind shall not sow; and he that regards the clouds shall not reap. As you do not know what is the Way of the Spirit, nor how the bones do grow in the womb of her that is with child: even so you do not know the Works of God Who makes all. In the morning sow your seed, and in the evening withhold not your hand, because you do not know whether shall prosper, either this or that, or whether they both shall be alike good.”

What God gives, we add to ourselves by accepting what He gives; and, that is how a marriage is built by God! That is molding the two minds into one mind! This is the marriage in all sense of the Word, and it also pertains to marriage with the Lord Jesus Christ! Our minds become one with His Mind, and with the minds of one another!

Woe to those who justify themselves in their sins because of the sins of another! One disrespecting what God said does not justify another in disrespecting what God said because of the sin of another! I had a dream many years ago that showed a wife going out to commit fornication because her husband had done it first! She said, “What is good for the goose is good for the gander!” Neither act is good! You are not justified in your sin because someone else sinned! I do not justify any of my sins! Sins are transgressions against the Laws of God!

The Way of God is to forgive, and forget! Set me in that Perfect Way, Heavenly Father, I pray Thee! I will be Perfect, even as You are Perfect as commanded by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

They mock the Truth! And, they laugh at it! I had asked the Lord some time ago about what does it mean about in the time of Nehemiah when those who had married strange wives, put them away! What is the meaning of strange wives? I wondered about how these things pertains to us in these days, because this Book is written with the people of these days in mind! How do we build with different beliefs?

My Lord, what is the understanding of what You said to the woman whom You met at the well, when You told her that the man whom she had presently was not her husband? You give us depth of Understanding!

“So, Who Is The Sin Against?”

1st Corinthians 6:18-20: “Flee fornication. Every sin that a man does is without the body; but, he that commits fornication sins against his own body. What? Know you not that your body is the Temple of the Holy Ghost, which is in you, which you have of God, and you are not your own? For you are bought with a price: therefore, glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” You are actually sinning against yourself, and not against another person! All you have to do with such a sin is confess this to God, because the sin is against the Spirit that is within you! Now, you are clear! God said in fornication, you are sinning against yourself; not against another! But, if you shall speak or commit an act against another person; you have sinned against that person! Speaking lies to another, or shooting out bitter words to another is sinning against that person. Violence against another is sinning against that person! Doing harm to the mind by your words is done by evil speaking towards a person; and, you are also forecasting evil spirits towards the bodies of others! Your tongue is a deadly evil, because your words are spirit! You repent, because these are the things God is sending back upon your own head! He said for us to Bless; and, not to curse! Did you respect Him; or, do you constantly speak about our own hurt! No one is justified in not doing what God commanded to be done! Everyone gives account to God for what he does with his body! I said account is given to God! So, take care of your problems; and, see to it that you are clear with God for what you did with your body! What is done against another has to be cleared by asking the one whom you sinned against to forgive you! You might confess: but, you don’t say, “Forgive me for what I did to you, or for what I spoke against you!” You are not forgiven, because you did not ask for forgiveness from the person! But, there is a way other than you asking a person for forgiveness! A person could simply remit those sins without anyone asking to be forgiven! “Father, forgive them!” Amen!

Here is Understanding! Where is the evidence that God has joined the two of you together? Could He join two of different beliefs? How much oneness have you seen between the two of you? Is it oneness in words only? Is it Oneness in Spirit and in Mind? The Lord God speaks about what He has joined together, which means both are taking what He is sending to them.

“What Can I Do For You?”


When the conscience dies; you are dead! That is the state of existence when people have gone past having feelings for others! These are people who rejoice in pains of others: but, they expect sympathy when they are afflicted and in pain! Thus, I pray, O Lord, that You would send forth the Spirit to revive the conscience of those whose conscience has died. I know people start pointing fingers: but, I seek the solutions! Some say God is punishing: but, do they say that when they receive these afflictions and pains! Do not rejoice in another person’s afflictions, because God could remove it off them, and put it on those who rejoice at the afflictions of others! My love will not wax cold! Daily I rise up seeking what can be given to people to bring them out of the conditions they are in. I count my afflictions and pains as having to bear my cross! So, I take up my cross to follow the Lord; and, that means to study Him, and how He was during those times that He was beaten, criticized, tried, and eventually nailed to a cross. My prayers continue for others, even as His did. I pray for your strength in the time of your weaknesses! I seek mercy for those who do not show mercy! I rejoice in the Lord God in seeing how He has created in me this Likeness of His Only Begotten Son. I do not complain about the things I am suffering with; and, I do not speak much about them. My joy stays up, because I know that my joy lifts up the hearts of others who will be lifted up. My Gift of exhortations remains! I don’t curse; I Bless! That is the Way of the Lord’s people! The Strength of my focus is shown during the times of afflictions and pains. That is the Likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ! My soul is saved! My comfort is to comfort others, and to use what I have been given to help others. Love does not cry about his own pains! Love does not speak about his own being mistreated! Because of the Ways, I know it is the Lord Who is showing Himself to be the Strength of my Life! Love is kind! Love is not mean; nor, is Love selfish! Love does not swear to Its own hurt! Amen!

I did not desire the things I heard God say He would bring upon certain people for their tongues being shot out in bitter words against me, which was also shot out against the Heavenly Father, and against the Lord Jesus Christ! And, the Lord knows your thoughts, also, because He said that those thoughts are deep in their hearts! He pronounced a Judgment: but, He also left them a way to escape. Whosoever will escape, take the way out! Repent, because now He will cause your own tongues to fall upon your own heads! This speaking against me has been going on a long time; and, I had not done anything against them. I had not sinned against any of them! The Lord held me back from violence when I was confronted to my face. He will strike; and, He said that when He strikes, those whom He strikes will know He struck them! Will they know it in this world; or, will they know it from Hell? God will determine that! But, it is not my desire that any should perish; and, that is the reason I still seek acceptable Words, and send them out! This shows the Wisdom of the preacher!

Because there was rain coming down, we had to sit and wait in the van! A rainbow appeared; and, we are given to remember promises which God has made to us!

Speed comes from God; and, things can be done in less time than you think! Don’t worry! Commit it into God’s Hands!

“Go Wait At Jerusalem!”

You don’t have to: but, if you want to, you can! The Door is open! The Lord God brings all of the Righteous together in Righteousness! I bring “Good Tidings; and, Tidings of Good!” O how Beautiful You have made my feet to be upon the mountains! I travel around from place to place like Johnny Appleseed spreading seeds of joy all over the land! “WYSIWYG!” (What You See Is What You Get!) I have the Power to lift up others with what I am given to do! The Spirit that goes in changes the conditions! This is the time of rejoicing! You, O Lord God, makes glad the hearts! The Strength of the Joy of the Lord prevails over all conditions! I went to Highways 146 and 105 yesterday evening; and, I waited: but, no one came! I will go to places; and, I will wait as You command me to do, like it was when I went to the picnic area in Woodville! A man came! I see how You tell us to go wait in certain places!

“I Know The Joyful Way!”


The Joy of the Lord is the Strength of my Life! You are Strength Everlasting, O God! You are Enduring Strength! By You we endure all that we have to go through!

What I do is not based on what I see: but, I do according to what I am hearing from the Lord God! So, cloudy weather does not make the determination about whether I will do something or not!

“Be strong; and, work is the Commandment!” You make it so, O Lord! Make me strong to work, I pray Thee! You give us all that we need to be able to do this! You are the Faithful Provider! When the Spirit comes; I shout! I make a joyful noise unto the Lord as commanded! You teach us Your Ways, O Lord; and, Your Ways are Excellent! You make us Flexible! No stiffness is found in our midst! The Lord controls my mind; and, He directs my speech to send it where He wants it to go! I got good things to talk about! I got good tidings! That is all the Lord gives to me to bring to people! If I die; I go to my grave happy, because the Lord did command us to live joyfully; and, work peace with everyone! Let the Peace be worked Perfectly, O Heavenly Father, through me, I pray Thee! You keep us in our Perfect peace, because Mighty is Your Power; and, there is nothing that is impossible for You! We depend on, and trust in You! Thank You for the excellent Words that You give me to hear, and to speak! I love communicating with those who are of like faith! Our conversations are edifying!

These are the things I saw in a dream last night! I saw fighting taking place in the street as I looked out of the window; and, then the fighting began to spill over into my house because one of those who was involved in the fighting in the street was a relative of mine. He brought the fighting into my house; and, I sought to get it out before it would spread throughout the whole house! So, what do we do, O Lord! In the midst of that which is being called Christianity, there is much bitterness and fighting taking place between those who are supposed to be of the same family!

This is the Way it works with me: I do what I have to do without giving consideration to what others have to do! I know that might sound cruel to some: but, this is the Way a man of God has to work! He is working always according to God’s Orders! I have to rise up to do things! I have to rise up to go places! I cannot wait! Timing is of the utmost importance!

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