Mary and Martha!

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Surely, O Lord, the battle does belong to You! “The Power of God inhabits the praises of the Saints!” Praise the Lord with joy, and with confidence! “So be it, O God! O Heavenly Father, You are my Confidence! Open my lips, O my Confidence; and, my mouth shall show forth Your praises!”


You establish us in our work places! Our hearts are set to work where You have brought us to! Nothing pertaining to habits shall have dominion over us! We are moved by our hearing! We often say, “The Help of the Lord is Mighty!” And now, we shall see just how Mighty that help is!

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“Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Lord!” Mary and Martha rose up quickly, and went to where Jesus was!

O yes, Blessed is the Zeal of the Lord! Mighty are You in Power, O God! Before I sent out the Email telling people to come to this Site to receive the Word; one had reported that the Spirit of the Lord had already drawn her to this Site! Mighty is the Power of the Lord to move people without physical means of communicating with one another; and, this shows what will happen when the Lord calls His people out of this nation by the Voice of the Angel of God! That is Mighty to hear, O Lord! Those who seek me shall find me! Seek me while I yet might be found! Seek me through the Lord, because He always know where I am! These are Mighty Lessons, O Lord; and, these are exciting times! I did not understand what was going on; but, you made it clear to me. I was given to say, “There is a purpose for everything that is done under the sun; and, this is something that is taking place for our good! We shall gain something needful from this!”

The Joy of the Lord is the Strength of my Life! Joy does not diminish! Let the hearts be clean! Now, that’s what I’m talking about! The people of the Lord rush to the battle! They dropped what they are doing; and, they ran to the battle, as it was shown how Israel did in old times! They all came out as one man to defeat that which rose up! These are the days when we see that which was written about of old, start to take place!

I declare the Victory in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Now is the time for our faith to be magnified! The evil is attempting to keep the Food from reaching the people! You are the Lord God Almighty! You teach us Your Ways! You bless us with confidence! You cause the awareness, O Lord! I will not stop until our enemies are utterly consumed! Strengthen me to the battle, O Lord! Thank You, O Lord, for the opportunity to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves! The evil could not hinder directly; but, an attack came up against the services we use! Therefore, praise unto the Lord goes forth; and, the request to turn away the attackers that attack the services we use. The Lord showed me a granddaughter who had come under attack! Because she is unable to fight for herself, I was given to stand for her on her behalf, because the parents were also not able to fend for her. Things are shot out against that which is related to us. I understand about things being related to us! That is what is part of that which we use to do our work.


Thank You for those who are persistent in using the weapons of our warfare! You Strengthen against fainting. When attacks take place like this; that means something is near to come to pass, and the enemy is trying to prevent this from happening! But, they will fail, because not even the gates of Hell can prevail against this work! I find praise to be glorious, and exciting to offer, because it Glorifies God!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 04-02-35th Year

92nd Day

The 4th Month of The 35th Year!


2nd Day of the week, which is called Monday!