Love cannot fail!

The Apostles did not explain everything to us that is written in the Bible because some things were not meant to be understood until these latter days! Even Peter said that some of the things that Paul wrote about were hard to understand! But, all understanding is coming forth for the people of these days! The Apostles never spoke about the Promise Land as being symbolic of our own minds that had to be cleared of all evils that inhabits us. Certain things they were not permitted to speak about just like some of the things John saw while writing the Book of the Revelations, he was told not to write those things! But, these things are now coming clear to us, because we are looking at them as if to be seeing them face to face, and not as looking at them through tinted glasses anymore, like Paul said in 1st Corinthians 13. The fullness of Understanding of those things that were written about of old is coming forth to us in these days, because these things were intended for us, the Church of these latter days!

The whole house of a certain kind of evil is destroyed all at once just like God pronounced destruction upon the whole house of King Ahab! Teach me this Way, O Lord, I pray Thee! So, because we don’t know what to pray for as we ought, You send the Spirit to bring to us what to pray for! We accept what is brought to us! Therefore, it is a prayer of Faith! We are asking for what we did not know we needed by the Angel that is sent to us!

And, I will work with all awareness; so, Help me, O Lord God! You give the Help that we need to do all that we need to do! Thank You for making me aware of that which I need; and, I realize others will pray the same prayer for me! Amen!

Well, I go to people to ask them if they could give me something that I need! I have asked people for money when I had a need because this is what I was told to do. Asking is not begging! It shows I believe the person to be a friend who is willing to help! Do you ask people to pray for you, or with you? I do! I believe in giving people an opportunity to give! So, I ask so they can give to those who ask. I have asked people for things so that we could join together to give someone what he needs! If I ask a brother or a sister, it is the same to me as asking God because I consider us to be of the same Spirit! I know that we are made to be helpers one to another; and, I do not isolate myself from others! Hey, can you help a brother out? Sure, he said; I am glad to do this! People have asked me for things; and, if I have it, I give it! Give to those who ask of you, the Word said; and, do not withhold from him that would borrow from you! People don’t always know we have needs: so, sometimes we have to ask to make them aware of our needs! I don’t have that kind of pride. The Lord Jesus sent His disciples to ask a man if He could use his donkey! I am always asking people to give! I love to allow them to be cheerful givers! I don’t always have money to pay for things! Do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

Do you speak with bitterness towards people, or with compassion? Anger and bitterness are not the same! Speaking with anger is done to show disapproval of evil so a person can repent! Bitterness is resenting the person! Do you see evil spirits in your thoughts speaking as if to be you talking to someone in a bitter way? You are not me; so, you be removed! This is the awareness that we have of these evil spirits trying to entice us, and showing themselves as if to be us!

These Reports are for the edifying of the Body of Christ; and, to turn those who are sitting in darkness to the Light! This is not a gossip column! What do you need to know to live? What are your problems; and, how do you get them fixed?

People say, I had a dream; and, did not have a dream, the Lord God said! People like to make up stories! Dreams are full of symbols! And, the interpretations of dreams come from the Lord!

I am full; and, what I have continues to flow, because it is being sent forth by the Spirit of the Living God Who is within me!

What is the Word from the Lord? One thing that has not changed in all of these years! People still speak and think evil about me! So, I must be doing something right! So, let me rejoice as You said, O Lord, for me to do, because they did that to the Prophets that were before me! Attacks are coming at me constantly! Thank You, my Lord! The devil sure is working hard to get people’s minds turned away from me! Surely he does not want people to know about these web sites! But, this Work will succeed, because this is the Work of the Lord! Amen!

The evil tries to cause me to be distracted for a reason! They are trying to do something. But, the Lord causes my awareness to remain. Uproars with people start to happen to try to get me to turn my attention away from what I am supposed to see, and report to the people! We are getting ready for that time that is to come!

1:50 AM

Love cannot fail! Love is of God; and, God is Love! Love does not fail: but, desires can! Also, desires might remain; but, physical ability to perform those desires will fail! My Compassion never fails! I am dedicated to the Work that I am given to do by God! My desire for the Work has never failed; and, will never fail, because my desire for the Work is the Desire that God has given me! My desire to bring the people home to God shall always remain! Amen!

I don’t cry for myself; I cry for you! I don’t complain to God about you! I seek God about what can be done for you! I do not swear to my own hurt!

“Can It Be Healed? God Knows!”

People are in tumultuous relationships! Are you concerned? Can they be healed? God knows! Power comes! First of all the evil spirits must be bound up! Do you have the Power to do that? Who has the concern for that which is Holy? Who is seeking God for healing? What is God giving you to do? And, who has the Love for all souls? Who has the caring about all souls! I am not talking about that pretending to be caring about someone while holding bitterness in your heart against someone. First of all; all bitterness must be removed from your heart towards all people, even that which is towards those that do you evil. You must seek to be standing in the place of Jesus Christ in this world! You must become as it is spoken in Psalm 24, which says, “Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or who shall stand in His Holy Place? He that has clean hands, and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and Righteousness from the God of his salvation.” Blessed are the Pure in heart, because they shall see God! How will you see God? It is not as seeing Him with your eyes! His Works shall you see! His Power shall you see! There shall be accomplishments of deliverance, and healing! Swearing deceitfully is saying you will do something: but, do not do it; or, saying you will go; but, won’t go. What about the baptism? Were you not swearing to learn of Him? Are you? Did you not say you have accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior? Are you doing all that He is commanding you to do? Do you renege on your promises? You are being proved to show you if you will keep this Covenant or not! Is there truly honoring of the Lord? Wives, see to it that you reverence your own husbands! And, husbands, love your wives as yourselves! But, the questions is: do you love yourselves? What is it that is good for you that you are not accepting for yourselves! Now, who can stand in the place of the Lord to do those things in this world that the Lord would do if he were still here physically? We are fitted as vessels fitted for Him to use. We are not our own: so, what do we have to say about how He has chosen to use us. He uses us to perform Righteousness towards others! Whatever capacity He has chosen to use you to work in; do that with your whole heart, without grumbling! Are you not supposed to be seeking that which pleases Him? Are you seeking your own pleasures, and satisfaction? What kind of love is that for the Lord? Are you seeking your own comforts? What have you done lately that showed you that you are seeking the comforts for others! Does it matter to you if these things are not being done for you? Does that stop you from seeking to do those things for others? How do you stand in the place of Jesus Christ? What do you do, just talk about the Lord? God Himself said He would have Comforted people: but, that they would not allow Him to do so. How did that happen? They wanted to tell Him how they wanted Him to Comfort them! These are trying to be masters over God, and not servants to Him! Who is foolish enough to try to tell God how to do something? I would give you Comfort: but, you will not accept it the Way I want to give it to you, saith the Lord God! You are a proud and demanding people! You are not humble! You say, I like it like this way! You put demands on people that they are not able to perform! And, you won’t pray for another person’s strength! You complain instead! And, you criticize!

Do you truly love God? Say what it is that you do that proves you love God! What did God say the proof of loving Him is? He will take you through a list; and, see just how many of them will you accept! How is it that you love God Whom you cannot see, and hate your fellow man whom you see! God said these are liars! So, stop your despising! Did you rise up to give service to any person this morning? The Work of God is towards people! Whom did you seek to comfort today? Whom did you lay hands on? What homeless person did you embrace? Who did you hug without a pure heart towards that person? Embrace the leper with the love of Jesus in your heart!

I rebuked the being repulsed by the sight and smell of others from within me. Blessed is the Spirit of Christ that is within me! He loves; and, He heals; and, He Comforts! God gives to us freely of His Spirit; and, by His Spirit are we made able to do those things that we were not ordinarily able to do. That is the Strength to our hearts that He gives us; and, that is how He Strengthens the hearts of His people by giving us of His Spirit! So, therefore, I say, “Blessed are They Who come in the Name of the Lord to inhabit my heart to make me to be all that I need to be, and to be able to do all that I need to do! Amen!” And, it is true, O Lord God our Heavenly Father, that You do Strengthen us by Your Spirit in our inward man! Thank You for the Spirits! “You Fill Up My Senses!”

Blessed are the merciful, because these shall obtain mercy! How much mercy have you received? How much have you shown or given?

I don’t want to have sex with no man! But, it is a woman! No, it is a female’s body with the mind of a man in it! It is a lesbian! It is a Sodomite! It is a Flip-Flopper!

I never went to Montana in my travels! It is people that I seek! “Bring Souls To Christ!”

“It Is The Differences In Spirits That Keeps Them Apart!”

Don’t be confused about Love and desire! And, don’t be confused about Spiritual desire and physical desire! Physical desires for a person will fail because of evils that come out of another person! There is a Love and Desire for the Souls of others; and, there is a love and desire for the bodies of others! Evil spirits coming out of the minds of people can make a beautiful body to be repulsive, and undesirable! Spirit is more Powerful than flesh! A female can have what is called a number 10 body: but, the spirit of her mind is of the lowest degree! She is very unattractive, and undesirable; and, males will not want to be around her very long, because her personality sucks! She has nasty spirits in her mind! She is cold and calculating! She does not have a pleasing disposition! She is always complaining! She smiles in deceit; and, she uses a pleasant sounding voice: but, it is the evil spirits that are detected in her speech! Insincerity is in all of her ways; and, she is selfish! Who wants to be around such a person? There is no peace in her heart! She is a give me; give me person! What can be done for such a person? The very thing she accuses other people of, is the very thing she is! This is a selfish person without kindness of a truth in the heart! When she gives; she gives for glory and praise for herself! This is the heart of an odious woman! But, you continue in your kindness towards such a person! You continue to do good, because that is your Way!

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