Independence Day!

I am Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl, the Messenger of the Lord Jesus Christ, sent to bring all who are called Christians back into the Perfect Ways of the Lord, so that you may appear before God, our Heavenly Father, blameless! These are the Reports that the Lord has sent by His Angel unto the Church in all of the world! Let that pride be cast down; and, stomp that crown of pride into the dust as was commanded by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Humble yourself under the Mighty Power of the Truth, Whom Jesus Christ is! Submit yourselves willingly under the Authority of the Word of God, because All Power in Heaven, and in the earth is given to Him, because God has made all things, both Spiritual and physical to be subject to Him. The coming together is taking place; and, the scattering has ceased! The Body of Christ is coming into Oneness; and, you will no longer be seen as being scattered! Amen!

Now hear this all of you: you will hear constantly, evil speakers appearing to you as thoughts in your minds! These will be trying to get you to accept premeditated conversations with other people! You will hear them using your voice! You will see visions portraying an image as to be you and someone else to whom you are speaking! These are evil meditations, which shows lying visions and lying words! This is recognizing evil spirits, and how to deal with them! First, give God thanks for causing you to recognize them so you can then destroy them joyfully! Curse those spirits that shows you these things; and, speak to cast them out of your sight; and, command them to keep quiet, and speak no more! Let this be done with joy; and, happy shall you be in destroying these evils as the Word said we are to be! This is spiritual warfare! You are trained to resist these devils; and, to cause them to flee from you! They try to gender division and strifes and debating with other people. We do not premeditate on what we will say to anyone. And, we surely don’t see situations like what we are shown in these meditations! Meditations are spirits speaking! But, we discern whether these conversations are good or evil! These are evil plannings, which evil spirits try to get us to delight in, or to accept! Reject them totally! Desires that are right come from God; and, they are about how to edify others, and to promote peace! They are not about bitterness and fighting! They are not about deceit!

To the Office of the Evangelist are you chosen! Rejoice, O Joshua (Ruben Jr.); and, be strong! The Anointing is upon you! Proverbs 1:15-16; “My son, walk not you in the way with them; refrain your foot from their path, because their feet run to evil, and make haste to shed blood.”

“Speaking In The Word of The Lord While In The Way!

“Taking The Authority In Vain!”

Don’t let that Authority that the Lord Jesus Christ gave you be in vain! That means to accept Authority from Him, and not use it! He holds you accountable for letting things stand that He gave you Power and Authority to remove!

“Come Out of The Waters!”

Ain’t nothing but evil being cast into the sea! The sea is a spiritual condition; and, the sea represents that spiritual condition that is influenced by nothing but the spirits of darkness! What evils we cast out of us is cast into the sea; so, the sea is not a good place for any of you to be remaining in! “Jaws Is In the Waters!” Jaws Are Great Sharks! The evil will continue to eat you up if you remain in any evil condition! Come out from among them!


This is the Power I give you, saith the Lord! And, I give you work to do so that you can earn wealth! Amen!

Isaiah 31:5; “As birds flying, so will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also He will deliver it; and passing over He will preserve it.” Amen!


And, when they read it; they will be shouting! That is the Power that is sent forth!

Rise up; and, go to work! Be strong! Be vigilant! Be inspired! Shout for Joy! Joy will come! Amen! Sing praises! Sing praise, all of you people! Thank You, O Mighty God! Yes, You move it on! You cause to be as it is supposed to be according to Your Good Pleasure; and, this is a delight to me! I am Inspired by the Greatness of Your Power and Might! Blessed is the Spirit of Inspiration which has come in the Name of the Lord! I write as I am supposed to write! I do as I am supposed to do, because You make it to happen! Nothing can stop the Work of the Lord, because the Lord defends it with All of His Power and Might! I am glad! And, You cause the seeing as it is supposed to be! And, the eyes of the blind are opened! Light has come to make all things clear! Darkness passes away! Now, are the people free! That is the Word from the Lord! Amen!

And, there shall be no confusers operating in the midst, speaking lies to people about what is being spoken to them! These evils cause people to misunderstand intents and purposes that are for their good! Even when I speak something, the evil will speak to people, giving them to take what I say in the wrong way! So, I bind them up, because this is the Power and Authority the Lord our God has given us! And, neither will I misunderstand the intents and purposes of others! Peace will be secured! Amen!

And, I thank You, O Lord, for the defeating of these evil spirits, so people can come forth! This is deliverance for the captives! Along with the Angels of God, I am part of the Delivering Team! Thank You, my Lord, for what You just spoke to me!

And, I thank You for the opportunities that You give to me to give people the opportunity to be Blessed by You! I thank You for the testimony that I heard from Riech about how You Blessed them because of what was given to me, willingly and gladly! She even carried it out to the van for me; and, for that, there is also a Blessing! She went a second mile, even though she was not compelled to do so! Thank You for giving me to be an opportunity for people to be Blessed because of what they do for me! What is done for me is done for You!

“Cleanup Time!”

Mighty is the Joy that You, O Heavenly Father, do establish in our hearts to rule Richly in our hearts! That is the Dominion of the Lord God! People are set out of the heart because they are not clean, just like it was shown to us when the Lord God commanded Miriam to be set outside of the camp because she was unclean! When they are clean again; they are allowed to come back in. Vashti was not allowed to come in to the King because of her uncleanness: but, that which is clean is allowed to dwell in the heart, because God does not dwell with uncleanness! And, now , O Lord, let the Peace of the heart be established even greater, because that which causes disturbances in the heart is being removed! And, I will know the fullness of the Power of Your Peace! Amen!

Blessed are those who are ready to hear, and are not anxious to speak, because you are showing that you are hungering and thirsting for Righteousness! And, I thank You, O Mighty Heavenly Father, for the rebuking of those evils that cause cluttering in the house that takes away space for that which is good, and for removing those things that causes evil to lurk and hide. The Glory is Yours, O Mighty God! Thank You for the joy, and for the excitement that You are causing to be with me. Thank You for setting the thoughts right; and, for the removing of those evil speakers from the heart, and from in the midst! You do make them to be mad, because they cannot exercise control over me, and I am not subject to their will and desires!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 07-04-36th Year

185th Day

The 7th Month of The 36th Year!


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday!