I Am Anointed By The Lord!

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“I Am Anointed By The Lord!”


People are not here to teach me! I am sent by the Lord so He can use me to teach you! It is not I that teaches: but, the Spirit is teaching you through me!

Does it matter how you got what you got as long as you got it? Yes, it does matter! Surely, Israel got water by Moses striking the rock: but, God had told Moses to speak to the Rock! Because he did not do as God told him to do, it went ill for him! Yes, it does matter! Always pay attention to the instructions! Let no one nor anything provoke you, like what happened to Moses, that you disobey God! (And, I said, “So be it, my Lord!) Nothing shall come in to offend you whereby you will forget what God told you! The constant provoking by Israel got under Moses’ skin; and, being so pissed with them, he forgot God’s Instruction to speak to the Rock. He struck it as he had been told to do the previous time, instead of speaking to it as he was instructed to do this time! Again, we don’t allow habits to get formed in us whereby we will be doing things by habit, and not by instructions. Listen attentively to what is being told to you to do, and how it is to be done. Are you allowing the Lord God to be able to speak Words upon you to cause something good to be done to you? The Word will not do this to those who have shown themselves to be stubborn and resistive. Now do you understand why no changes are taking place with you? God does not change you from what you have shown you like! By His Word are we created! But, disobedience is like swatting His Words away from you when they are sent to you! And, disrespecting the preacher is disrespecting God’s Commandment! You only honor the Lord by honoring those whom He has sent! Honor!

And, the Lord said, “Pray for the comfort of others! (And, I said, “Teach me to pray as I ought to pray!”)

And, I pray that You would open the Way for the people to receive this Word! Who was that man in the days of Jeremiah that took Judah captive to lead them captive into Egypt? But, God sent men after them to deliver the people from under the power of that man, because the people could not fight against him and his men! I remembered this man had come in pretense of coming in peace to the Governor which was placed over the people! He had a name which is the same as the name of Abraham’s son Ishmael! He slew the Governor, and took the people away by force. Who is this that is leading the people away from where they are supposed to be? Send after the people, O Lord; and, cause those who are leading the people away to flee! Blessed is the Word of God, which said, “And, I will gather them by My Spirit!” And, the Angel of the Lord shall chase them! Amen!

Great Joy You give to us, O Lord! Great is the Power of the Spirit to keep and, to Uphold that Joy! Because I want you to be saved, I tell you about your errors which the Lord has made known to me! I let you know that this is not for condemnation; but, for redemption!


Instructions always come clear! Everything comes clear in its time!

“Fear! Fear! Fear! An Abundance of Fears!”

You heard about this; and, you heard about that; and, fears rise up in you! Fear so great that you forget about God! So true! Then, some of you turn to the bullying ways, and the bluffing ways to not show your fears! Pretense only gets you killed! Some turn to the sword: but, did you not know that those who live by the sword, also die by the sword? Because of fear, you are pushed to turn to some evil way!

“O Happy Day!”


You start! Run Strong! All Glory go to God! You said, “Fear none of those things!” We see; we hear; and, we know fear! And, because we know it; it is destroyed! Fear cannot exist against the Power of God! O how subtle the evil is! Don’t get robbed! Pay attention to the small things! Pay attention to instructions, because God has been telling you all along that you are being proved to show you whether or not you would keep His Commandments! “Obey the Words of His Mouth!” Many of you are making excuses! There are no excuses when your heart is totally set in doing the Will of God! He has been telling us what to do; and, the way we have been keeping those things He has told us will determine if He will speak something upon us, and cause it to be done! Our obedience to keep what He has told us is the proving of us. That is why Meekness is so important! You have allowed small foxes to destroy your crops! He said, “The things you thought were not important, were actually the most important things!” You could not see your development! You are wonderfully created! When Meekness and Lowliness is accomplished with us; more will be able to be accomplished with us! Then, You will just speak the Words upon us! Did people constantly forget how they heard and received? Yes, they did! God could not do those wonderful things for them because of this! They were robbed, and allowed themselves to be robbed continually! God said, “How shall I do for the daughter of My people?” His Speech was pointed towards the people of these days! Who can understand His Truth? Who can see the errors of their ways? And, who will turn from them after seeing them, and will not be as the pig that returns to the mud? Who among you will give ear, and listen attentively to the Words of His mouth?

He tells us what to do! He has spoken to you saying, “I send those whom I have chosen, sending them in enough time for you to be prepared for that which is to come!”

“Today!” I know where to go and what to do by being instructed! There is no confusion! Sins are as scarlet: but, they are made soft like wool!

Replacements are coming! We have to wait, wait, and wait for those who hold positions for them to do the job they are hired to do: but, they are not dedicated to doing the job. Does that not sound like Vashti? Did the king wait for her? Was she not replaced? You are holding up others because you don’t have the zeal to do that which you hold that position to do! Now, who has turned from believing God is speaking? God said, “I know your thoughts!”

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 02-27-35th Year

58th Day

The 2nd Month of The 35th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!