Holy Power!

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There is always something going on in the house!

“Holy Power!”

Do you actually know those whom the Lord has sent? When one who is higher has come; take the lower seat! Or, you are going to be made ashamed! Make sure you will have the Spirit that will cause you to submit! A proud spirit causes people to remain lifted up, even in the presence of one that is anointed and sent by God! Whosoever does this, has also lifted up himself before God!

Steps ordered are steps to be taken! Rise up; and, Shine! Be heard! Look to the Lord! Smile; and, feel good about what you are doing! Rejoice, because this is the day the Lord has given you! O give thanks! Do you have any? Seek the gladness of your heart! Seek gladness for your heart!

“Remember Not The Sins of My Youth!”


Your young days as a Christian were filled with much foolishness; and, your hearts are continually troubled about these things! Now, is the time to have the conscience purged of all of those dead works so you will no longer be vexed by the remembrance of them, and be able to shout with joy! Shame comes at the remembrance of the deeds of old! “But, The Steps of A Good Man Are Ordered By The Lord!” Now, you will serve the Lord with gladness of heart! This is the Prayer of Faith!

Psalm 25


Unto You, O LORD, do I lift up my soul. O my God, I trust in You! Let me not be ashamed, let not my enemies triumph over me. Yea, let none that wait on You be ashamed: but, let them be ashamed which transgress without cause. Show me Your Ways, O LORD; and, teach me Your Paths. Lead me in Your Truth, and teach me, because You are the God of my salvation; and, on You do I wait all the day. Remember, O LORD, Your tender mercies and Your lovingkindnesses, because they have been ever of old. Remember not the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions! According to Your mercy, remember You me for Your goodness’ sake, O LORD.


Good and Upright is the LORD! Therefore will He teach sinners in the Way. The meek will He guide in judgment: and, the meek will He teach His Way.


All of the Paths of the LORD are mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.


For Your Name’s sake, O LORD, pardon my iniquity, because it is great.


What man is he that fears the LORD? Him shall He teach in the Way that He shall choose. (The Way the Lord has chosen for us!) His soul shall dwell at ease; and his seed shall inherit the earth. The secret of the LORD is with those that fear Him; and He will show them His covenant.


My eyes are ever toward the LORD, because He shall pluck my feet out of the net.


Turn You unto me, and have mercy upon me, because I am desolate and afflicted. The troubles of my heart are enlarged! O bring You me out of my distresses. Look upon my affliction and my pain; and forgive all my sins. Consider my enemies, because they are many; and they hate me with cruel hatred. O keep my soul, and deliver me! Let me not be ashamed, because I put my trust in You. Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, because I wait on You. Redeem Israel (All of His people), O God, out of all of his troubles. Amen!

Thus saith the Lord, “I have made a way for you to escape!” I thank You, O Lord, for the Help that You send! I take what You give me! I pray the Prayers You give me to pray! I delight in following the Steps You give me to take! I am pleased when I am not allowed to be idle, and is being used! You give the Excitement!



“8 Is Infinity; And, “0” Is Never Ending!”


In other dreams, eights are appearing! The sign of infinity is the “8.” Then there are also the zero’s. Where is the beginning, or the ending of the “8” and the “0?” Every number has a beginning and an end, except the 8 and the 0. This is the sign of never ending, and eternal! An 8 will show an upper 0, and a lower 0; but, both are never ending! And, so is it with eternal life and peace with God; and, eternal torment from God! Amen!


$80,000 is what was being mentioned in the dream last night! I see the sign of a lot of money; and, the sign of a lot of evil spirits! And, in both of the dreams, there was a reference to a house! Amen!


Earlier, in this Message, the Lord spoke about, “how much praise will a man give to God when he see your 20 million dollar church building; and, his needs go unnoticed?” Which house can be a House of God? Which of these two buildings have a mouth to pray unto God; and, can be called a House of Prayer? Where are you focusing your money; and, to what house are you giving your attention: the brick building or the flesh and blood man? Which of these is God concerned about? Does your concerns agree with His concerns? Amen!


The Spirit will bring as much as is given to Him to bring: but, He returns later with more! How long will that be? It is in God’s Timing when things are to be taken to more in depth!

“The Prophesy of Ezekiel 47!”


All are delivered at some point! Who can stop the flowing of that which is to flow in the time that it is to flow? When I rose up this morning, I stared at the stack of old Reports that were printed up; but, had not gone out! Will I be anxious, and start distributing them? Will I be like King Saul who got nervous because Samuel seemed to be late in arriving? No! The Lord is my Keeper! When it is time, I will know! I smile as I remember the scene from the movie “Braveheart” whereby William Wallace was telling the men to hold as the enemy drew nearer and nearer. So, let us hold: but, keep the desire to distribute! The Lord will cause me to know when, or if it is to be! I will be at Peace, knowing God is in Control; and, that He does know the desires of my heart! Should I worry because I am getting older? Orders are given; and, those Orders are clear! They come in the Power of God, and whosoever those Orders pertain to, will be caused to move, because of the Meekness of the heart! That is the Word of the Lord! Flowing is Ordered by the Spirit! Meanwhile, I do what I am being given to do! Amen!

This came forth from a dream. I was standing on the porch of a house that was shown as being my house! This is where I saw how the flood waters had risen up, and made it impossible to leave the house; and, for people to come to the house! But, I saw a man who was standing upon the water, break a hole in the side of the dam to cause the water to be released into the valley below! I stood on my porch as I viewed the water rising up! I saw the man using a huge hammer! The man with the hammer appeared at the right side of the yard where a concrete wall stood! The concrete wall kept the water from flowing out; and, because it was still raining, the water around the house was getting higher and higher, even as the stacks of Reports which I observed this morning! It is the Lord that is holding back! It is the Lord who has set the restraint: but, when the time has come, that restraint will be removed! Amen!


“Relief is coming,” saith the Lord! Amen!


The Lord gives us relief from all this ungodliness that has risen up against us! Amen!


“He that has an ear to hear: hear what the Spirit is saying!”


You must read this Message in the Spirit; and by the Spirit! Amen!


The water shall flow into the sea; and, the sea means into the midst of the people! There will be those who will come forth out of the midst of the sea, because of the Reports that flowed into it! Not only did the Lord show me that the relief was coming to give relief from the ungodly that has risen up against me: but, He also spoke concerning the literature and the CD’s that are piling up around the place! He said He would make the opening so that they can flow into the valleys where they are needed; and, the man that was shown was an Angel of the Lord that did this! Angels are shown doing Their assignments in delivering the Word to the people; and, They are shown in Their assignment of fighting against the evil that rise up against us! Amen!


No one will be able to hold up the Work of God by any means! Blessed are You, O Lord Most Holy and Powerful! Blessed are You, Who have given Your Angels charge concerning me and the Work! Thank You for sending the help, O Lord! Amen!


There is yet one more thing that I will ask of You to do, O Lord! I ask that You would magnify the art work which is out there: and, I ask that You would make it to be in demand! I ask that You would create the buyers; and, cause the sales! Amen!

We all do our work where the Lord give us to do it, no matter what others are doing in the same area! Many will work in the same area! Consider in Acts 8, when Philip went to Samaria to work in that area; and, when the Apostles heard about the work that was going on in Samaria, they sent Peter and John into that area, also! The more togetherness concentrating in an area, the more power of deliverance is concentrated in that area! Consider the number of people in this area; and, think about how many can be reached when everyone starts to concentrate on distributing these Reports as commanded by the Lord! A flood will take place! And, many will be brought to the Light! But, I also look at all of the disagreeing that is taking place! Amen!

My Lord, cause the concentration to be, I pray Thee! Let that which I saw in the dream come forth; and, cause them to come up out of their graves! Send forth more of the Spirit with the Zeal to work; and, cause us to work, I pray Thee! I have set up the Web Site; and, I ask that You would cause attention to it! This is the Help which I call upon You for! You are the Power over all things! Let those things which You want added, be added! And, show me how to get the Reports uploaded onto the Site! Send Help, O Lord!


I remember the time of this initial writing of this dream came before we had begun to do work on the Internet!

“I Shall Not Fear!”


Blessed are You, O Lord God Most Holy! What is death? What is the threats of the wicked? Is not fear nothing but a spirit; and, a weak condition of the mind that is brought on by a lack of understanding of the truth? Amen!


What is Life? Let Life be made manifest; and, let death be of no effect! Amen!


This is the day that You have made, O Lord: give us gladness, and rejoicing in it! Amen!

“Let Delilah Be Destroyed Along With The Rest of The Philistines!”

Delilah said, “The Philistines be upon you, Samson!” But, who was it that opened the door to the Philistines, so that they could come in against Samson? Who had plotted to bring down the strong man? Amen!

O Lord, let the ways and deeds of Delilah be translated into things that are done in these days, so that others can know how these actions take place in these days! Give us to spiritually understand these things, I ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!

Is money more valuable to you than your husband? Delilah is a kind of female spirit that places money above the man! The man loves the woman; but, the woman loves money! And, the love of money is the root of all evil! Have you considered why God will not give you any money? Your love is wrong! You love money more than people! You always use the money on yourself; and, you do not think about feeding the people! Your thoughts are about you looking good, and what you like to eat! This is the time for you to gain the necessary honesty of your heart by confessing to the truth that is revealed about you! God is looking at you at this time, to see if you will acknowledge this as being true about yourself! If you shall acknowledge this truth; honesty can be established in your heart! But, you must also be ashamed of that which you have learned about yourself; and, confess to God that this is not right, that you should feel this way! Then, you must ask Him to remove these evil pleasures from your heart; and, ask Him to establish the right pleasures in your heart! Amen!

I had a dream that showed that some young people were on the front porch trying to get into the house! The front door, which we call the west door was shut! I went into the other room to shut the other door that leads to the porch! This door is called the north door! I shut the door; and, came back to the front room where my wife was! I found the young people standing in the front room, because my wife had opened the door for them to come in! When the husbands are trying to shut the doors to keep evils out; let not you wives open other doors to allow the evils to come in! Both need to be aware of keeping out the evil which will come in to destroy the house! Amen!

What is the house? What is the House of the Lord? A man has the seed! A seed is sown; and, the seed belongs to the one that sowed the seed! From his seed, he starts to build his house, which are his offsprings! We are Born of the Seed of God; and, therefore, we become His House! “The House Of” means, that which comes forth by the Seed of the One that issues the Seed!

Is not your marriage a house? Who is watching for the evil that is trying to get in to destroy the harmony between the two of you? One is trying to seal up the marriage; but, the other one is allowing evil to come in to destroy the marriage! How important is marriage to you? Do you put the highest value on marriage? Marriage is of God; and, if you are not giving your attention to that which is of God; then, you do not value God at all! The Lord said in Revelation 3, to be watchful for those things that are about to perish! If you do not pay attention to what you are doing that will destroy a marriage; and, if that marriage shall fail because you did not pay attention to it: the Lord will come upon you suddenly, and destroy you! If you don’t value marriage; you don’t value the Lord! Amen!

Are you making your mate uncomfortable with the things that you do? Do you do like Delilah did, when she made Samson comfortable, and then afflicted him with her deeds and words! What are you trying to do with your words? Are you trying to cause fear in the heart with that which you speak? As it was with Delilah, who pretended to be warning Samson about the presence of the Philistines, some of you are using those same tactics, because you allowed the evil to come in! What do you have with you that is attracting the evil to your house? Don’t you know that the evil spirits know when your head is not covered through disrespect for the ordinances of the Lord? And, these evil spirits will cause evil people to come to where you are! You have to take a serious look at your desires; and, be honest before God about those evil desires, before you can have those evil desires removed! Your pleasures are your snares! Amen!

This Message has been spoken many times! Dreams have come to show people how the evil is attracted to where the evil is. There was one dream that showed a husband who had a sick wife in the hospital! This is showing how someone is in the process of being healed! The husband sought the affection of a light skinned black female. But, this female had evil desires in her heart! I had seen where a black Mustang had pulled into the driveway of the house. I had said, “Because the man is uncovered due to the bitterness of his heart against his wife, the female was allowed to come in unto him! And, because she also had evil in her heart; this would attract other evil guys to her! Where will the peace be? How can there be any peace?” Amen!

“What Are These Secret Treacherous Plots?”

Then, I had seen how the wife had come; and, had asked the husband to walk with her! She was taking him to a place to speak with someone! I saw how the husband knew that the wife was taking him to her divorce lawyer! How did he know this? The man would think that God had revealed the intents and purpose of the wife to him: but, this man did not know that because of his transgressions, God was not speaking with him! This was the furthering of the delusion that was set up by Satan! Satan always makes the people think they are doing what is right! Did not Satan know what the wife was intending to do? This divorce was inspired by him; and, he used this situation to seal the husband in his delusion, by revealing what he had caused the wife to do. The man would go on thinking it was God that revealed this to him! How did all this stuff start? Did it not start with the bitterness of the husband against his wife during the time she was being healed! What hospital had she gone to? Was this a physical hospital or a Spiritual hospital? Who counseled her, and convinced her to get the divorce? Surely adultery is grounds for divorce; but, who would be willing to forgive; and, who would seek the Lord for the Strength that is needed to be able to pray for the other? Who saw the problems with both the man and the woman? The man of God that watches, will report to both the male and the female what God requires of each of them, so that each could become what he or she is supposed to be! Which one gave the attention to being Strengthened in Righteousness, so that he or she could have power to pray for the other? This situation will end up with both feeling that they were right and justified, when neither were right, nor justified! Neither of them gave their attention to gaining that which the Lord was pointing out to them as individuals! One of them should have been seeking the ways to close those doors! And, it would have been better for the marriage if both of them gave their attention to their duties which would insure the marriage! But, despising of the Holy Things brought about destruction of the marriage, which is Holy! And, whosoever will destroy a Holy Thing, will be destroyed by God! To neglect the duties that will insure the marriage, is as neglecting the Lord Jesus Christ! To work the works that will destroy a marriage, is as crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ! Marriage is honorable in the Sight of God; and, the Lord Jesus Christ is Honorable in the Sight of God! Notice that the Thought of God is the same about both! To despise one is to despise the other! God has given the commandment that whatsoever He has joined together, let no one put asunder! God ordained marriage as a joining of two, to cause the two to become one, even as the marriage between us and the Lord will bring us to the oneness with Him, and with The Father! Amen!

The comfort of the house is destroyed by a plotting female, with evil lusts in her heart! She is pretending to be so much in love: but, her desires are for evil! Who opens the doors for the evil to come in to wreck the peace, and joy of the house? Who is laden with sins? When one door is shut to prevent the evil from coming in; another door is opened by someone in the house! What is this bitterness against the righteous? What is this hatred for that which is Holy? Those that are set for the deliverance of the people are always plotted against! What is this love for the evil that causes a person to betray righteousness! Notice the word “betray!” Why do problems always pop up on the first day of the week? This is the day that the assembly is scheduled to come together; and, this is the time when evil creeps in to try to cause mess in the midst! Amen!

O Lord, what can be done about these doors that are always coming open? Lead me in the way to secure these doors, so that no one can open them! Amen!

O Lord, You have said that the doors that You close, no one can open! I ask that You would close all of the doors by which the wicked can enter! What is the meaning of Samson taking the doors of the gate of the city, and the two door moldings with the bar and everything with him as he went out? What is the meaning of going up to a high hill, and setting it upon the hill? (Judges 16:3) Amen!

That city was wide open; and, anyone can come in! The doors that the Lord opens, no one can shut! This act made it impossible for the gates to be shut to the city! Destruction would come upon that city! Amen!

“Heart Troubles!”

The number one causes of heart diseases and heart failure is fearful thoughts, and lying beliefs! A lying belief is a belief in something that is not the truth! The belief that the doctors have caused you to believe about “secondary smoke” is causing problems with many! Therefore, fear and lying beliefs must be gotten rid of! Amen!

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