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Are you getting tired of praying? Don’t become weary in praying! I remember before Sidney died, I would go in the morning and in the evening to pray for him! I did not become weary in what I was given to do! But, the Lord took him! Who knows what God decides to do? King David fasted for his newborn son for seven days: but, God took the child! David was not bitter; and, neither did he count his fasting as being in vain. Sidney died, and I was hurting: but, my heart was comforted! Even so is my heart comforted when a relative dies, because I know what I tried to do for them while they lived! Some people might call this a cold heart: but, no, it is a comforted heart! And, I saw where the Prophet Ezekiel was caused to return to work in the evening of the day of his wife’s death! That is Strength of heart that is given by God. Joshua’s heart was comforted after God told him why Israel was defeated in their battle against Ai. He said to Joshua, “Israel has sinned!” Joshua did not know this! Everything seemed alright to him: but, God knew what had gone on in secret! God knows!

You can listen to recorded Reports while you are working or driving!

Listen attentively to what the Lord is saying! Seek the Word of the Lord! Let the sleep be peaceful! Stop the cause of the causing of damage to the body! “Be you plucked up by the roots; and, be you cast into outer darkness!” I was given to notice something! When I wake up during the night, I find my upper and lower jaws are clamped hard together, adding pressure on my teeth and jaw bones. This causes pain to be in my mouth! I was given to think about why this happens. And, the Lord gave me to be aware of an evil within causing this to be. So, I rebuked the evil spirit this morning after the Lord made me aware of this! And, another thing I was given to notice is the clamping down hard with my teeth when straining to do something, like getting a turd out! Why is there straining with a part of the body that has nothing to do with what you are doing? So, unnecessary actions are eliminated. Give all power to where the power is needed, O Lord! There are things that seem so insignificant that really do cause a lot of problems. And, I don’t operate by “Don’t sweat the small stuff!” The Lord said that these seemingly insignificant and small things are the things which cause the greater problems. And, we also learn to speak plainly! Focus the Power where the Power is needed, O Lord; and, let no Power be applied where it is not needed!


Let us cut down on these guilt trips! Don’t think God is criticizing you when He speaks about gluttonous! He is only informing you of something evil that exists in you; and, when you curse it, and cause it to be removed; you will not see that anymore, forever. That is His Promise! Habits are caused by evil spirits, which dwell in the heart; and, when these evil spirits are destroyed out of the heart, that which are called habits will cease! You cannot stop habits without removing the causes! Hear what to do; and, decide what you will do; and, don’t habitually do things! Habits are destroyed; and, many things that are habits are not being recognized as being habits! Habits are not what people say they are, because you know your own awareness, and desires.

Desires are set in the heart by God according as a man desires for them to be set! Desires are to be satisfied in the proper ways! Have your desires set! A man shall have his sexual desires set for his wife only; and, a wife shall have her sexual desires set for her husband only. Don’t have desires just floating around in you to be directed by any spirit of the mind: but, dictate to whom they belong, and God will establish it! She that has no husband commits them to God, and He holds them until a suitable way is provided for their satisfaction! It is the same for the unmarried male! Avoid fornication! Fornicators will not be allowed to remain in the midst! The Core must be pure! Light and darkness cannot work together! The Spirit will not work the wicked member as being a part of the Body. You are all baptized into One Body; and, the evil must be purged out of you; or else, you will be purged out of the Body by God! Either the evil goes out of you; or, you go out with the evil, like that which happened to Judas! This is the Hook that God applies to the ungodly!

“Bless The Core!”

Love is what you show! If it is hatred, you show that as your love! People love to declare things as not working, rather than asking God to teach them how to use the thing! Skills have to be obtained! As skills increase, production increases!


God hardens hearts against people; and, judgments are rendered against someone because of what God causes to be rendered! Judges will do and speak whatsoever God causes them to do and speak! What is the mind of a man before the Awesome Power of God? A man’s position in the world cannot give him power against the Will of God! If God is for you, He is Greater than all of those who are against you! And, also when God is against you, He is Greater than all of those who are for you! He turns allies to fighting against one another! He makes evil to slay evil! He makes the precious things of the evil to be the Blessings of His people! All of their precious material possessions will fall to the Righteous! Egypt gave it up to Israel before Israel left Egypt! God strikes fear in the hearts that no man by any means can remove! He will make them to be afraid of us! Now, who believes that this is not possible? Your fears shall come upon you suddenly! They shall flee from us!

Would you tell people to repent of their evils rather than telling them to pray when they cannot pray, because God will not hear their prayers, because there is a separation between them and God because of sins?


Destroy that spirit of competing from the midst! Sincerely desire that others prosper, and be in good health, even as the souls proper; and, even as you desire for yourselves! Amen!

God directs our focus; and, tells us what to focus on! The Lord Jesus focused only on the 12, because that is what He would use to bring forth the others! Division and strife have to be removed; and, Oneness must appear! I prayed for the Core! The snow melted; and, the pen was again revealed, because it had been buried under the snow! I came forth to write! These are the Words of the Lord! This is the Understanding that was promised for these latter days! Whosoever has any resentment towards any member of the Core, resents the Entire Core, even Him who established this Core! The Lord said to love one another even as He has loved you; so, you are showing how Jesus loves you by the way you are showing love for the others! That is a fact!

A Point of Beginning: 01-06-1979. The Return began! The Lord spoke about a seed that is the size of a grain of mustard seed, which shall spring forth as a great Tree! He started with 12 initially; and, that did spread as a Great Tree! But, the Tree was chopped down; and, was no more; but, the Roots of the Tree remained, because it had its Roots in Heaven! Then, after a period of time as appointed by the Almighty, the Tree began to spring up again! I am a Seed of the fruits of that Tree; and, I was sown in the earth! We have come to the point whereby the Vine, which is Jesus Christ, is spreading; and, we are the branches coming off that Vine. Every branch must bear fruits; or, else, it will be cutoff by God our Heavenly Father! Let the Peace be established, my Lord! I am a Chosen Vessel!

As long as you are looking at what was, you cannot see what is! Your mind shows you the remembrance; but, your ears shall show you what is now, if you will allow it. You have a choice between hearing and remembering! Amen!


Before you can work for the Lord, you must learn to follow instructions, and do only as He is telling you to do!

“The Return!”


That which happened to Israel of old, also happened to the Early Church! Christianity went into captivity because of transgressions! But, there was a Promise that the People of God would return again into the Land, which speaks about returning and coming back into and abide in the True Laws of God; and, they shall once again become One People, Under God! That began on 01-06-1979. Our Land are the Laws of God which were laid out for us by the Lord Jesus Christ! To abide in the Way is to abide in the Land! The Kingdom of God is within you!

“Pray For The Laborers!”

Pray for the Helpers!



(Saturday: The 7th Day Of The Week!)

(From Beaumont, Texas)

“The Returning Of The Church to God!”

Blessed are You, O Heavenly Father! Your Kingdom come! Your Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven! Give us this day our daily bread: and, forgive us for our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us! Lead us not into temptations: but, deliver us from evil, because the Kingdom belongs to You! All Power belong to You: and, all Glory shall be given to You!

Blessed are You, O Lord Jesus, Whom the Father has given all Power over all things, whether it be spirit or physical. 


What about this word about when the Jews return to their homeland? It is said that when Israel became a nation again, that a major sign will have taken place. Who is Israel? We know Israel as being interpreted to mean “The people of God.” Only those who are Born Again of the Spirit with faith in Jesus Christ are God’s People!

Thus saith the Lord, “This is speaking of a spiritual Israel, and not a physical nation that is known as Israel.”

Who are the Jews: and, what is the Homeland?

These are the people who are spiritually a Jew: and, the Homeland is the conditions of Holiness. (Romans 2:28-29) “For he is not a Jew, which is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision, which is outward in the flesh: but he is a Jew, which is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit, and not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.” Who is abiding in all of the Righteous Ways of God, and who is he that is born of the Spirit? That is the Jew! All things were established in Jesus Christ by Jesus Christ: and, there could be nothing of truth that were established before Him. Only those who are born of the Spirit are established as the Jews in Truth. Jesus Christ was the Jew; and, all that are born of Him are the true Jews! Amen!


“I will move My people into the Land of Israel.” This means to move into the conditions that are set up for the people of God to live in, and live by. These conditions are called the Holy Land. I have divided the earth into two unseen spiritual conditions! One side is Light, while the other side is darkness! The people are moving into a spiritual condition!”


My Lord, where is this Prophesy? Because the people of God transgressed against Him, they were scattered into every spiritual condition under the heavens! This is what is meant by being driven into every nation! The Way was established forever with the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ! That condition which the people were to abide in, came with Christ, and was established with the Apostles and Prophets! But, the people did not remain in the True Ways of God, even to this day! If you are not in the Ways of God, you are not in the Land of God’s people! Only those who are in those conditions as established by God, are His people. Now is the Lord calling the people out of darkness! He is opening the graves! He is pouring out His Spirit upon all flesh! He is bringing back awareness, so people will once again be able to see where they are: and, with this awareness, they will know what will happen to them if they shall remain where they are.


How does God bring a spiritual famine upon the land? This is when He will no longer give the people the Word: but, the people will still believe they are receiving the Word of God! But, as it was in the time of Elijah, the Lord had hidden all of His prophets, including Elijah. That meant no one was getting the true Word of God. God will give His True Word only through preachers whom He has chosen. Many can speak the Word of God: but, they cannot minister the Spirit with that which they speak. Therefore, the people become as those who go without nourishment from the food, because no Spirit is in it. That which they receive has no nutritional value.


God has seen too many things as being more important to people than His Word. Let everyone give consideration to what they are showing God about His Word. Where are you seeking it? People are excited about many things: but, the Word is not among them. Preachers are seen using gimmicks, and using hype to gain people’s interest in the Word of God. People have lost interest in the Truth. Look at yourself, and see if there is any other desire pressing your heart while you are reading this. Are you giving your full attention to this? Are you desiring to understand deeper? These are the things, which God is looking at.

“Have You Been Persuaded Not To Believe In The Wrath Of God?”

Thus saith the Most Holy Angel of the Lord, “Thus saith the Lord God, This is the Warning coming from the Lord God Almighty, unto all, warning everyone to bring before Him a heart that is suitable (prepared) for repentance, that you may be counted worthy to escape the Wrath of God that is to come! “The fear of the Wrath of God” is the beginning of your Wisdom! Why are you desiring for the Lord to save you? From what, are you desiring to be saved? Salvation is sought for this reason: that you might escape the Wrath of God that shall come upon all the disobedient! Is this the reason you want to be saved? That means you must believe that the Wrath of God is coming upon all of those who are walking in wickedness; and now, you are seeking what you must do to escape that Wrath! His Wrath is severe, without any pity, and without any mercy! He is an Angry God; and, it is an awful thing to fall into the Hands of an Angry God! Repent! And, turn from all wickedness that causes His Anger to be kindled against you! Turn to Righteousness, which pleases Him! Have all hatefulness and bitterness removed from your heart; and, seek to have love and kindness established in place of these evil things! Know this for a fact: so that you might escape the Wrath of God that shall come upon all the ungodly! That is the real reason you are desiring to be saved!”


Thus saith the Lord, “The proud heart is an abomination to God! “Godly Sorrow” leads to repentance! How do you get to something, if you never start out where you are supposed to start from? In your coming to the Lord, Godly Sorrow was grossly overlooked as a necessary requirement for being saved! You cannot get to repentance without starting with “Godly Sorrow!” Many are walking like they deserved to be saved; and, that God owes them salvation! Therefore, you must repent of these things, which the Lord God shall point out to you, that goes contrary to His Will; and, know that His Report is true! He is offering to you what you need to be saved! And, save yourselves from the Wrath of God that is to come! The time is short; and, Righteousness must be established in your hearts before your appointed time has expired! And surely, no man knows when that time is! The signs are falling into place; and, the end of this nation is near to come: therefore, put not your confidence in those weapons, which you have seen displayed, which many of you have marveled over. This Word will be preached unto all, concerning the Day of Vengeance of your God, when He shall execute vengeance upon all that are ungodly in this land; and, the Truth shall be grossly rejected! Hear His Warnings, and take them seriously, because His Wrath is near to come upon this land because of the abundance of wickedness, which He sees going on continually before His Face! He will continue to bring forth further evidence of evils, in future chapters of these Reports! Continue in them; and, be established according to the instructions, which He will send unto you!” Amen!

“This Is The True Judgment For America!” 

“And, A Mighty Angel took up a stone, like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all!” (Revelation 18:21) Amen!

“Return Unto Me; And, I Will Return Unto You, Saith The Lord of Hosts!”

Malachi 3:18: “Then shall you return, and discern between the righteous and the wicked, between him that serves God and him that serves Him not.”

“Know Those That Labor In The Gospel!”

Thus saith the Angel of the Lord, “An abomination is committed continually before the Presence of the Holy Father! People are not taking the Witness of the Holy Ghost, as He is bearing witness to those whom the Lord has sent! Do you know the strangers that labor in the Gospel?” 

It is evident that you don’t: therefore, you shall answer, and say, “No, my Lord: I do not know them. But, cause me to be able to know all of those who labor in the Gospel, I pray Thee!”

Thus saith the Angel of the Lord, “To know those whom the Lord has sent, is a requirement for everyone who calls himself a Christian! Many have not taken this seriously: and, they continue to reject, and ignore those whom the Lord Jesus has sent! Therefore, they are found guilty of rejecting and ignoring the Lord, because the Lord said whatsoever you do to those whom He has sent; you have done to Him. Do you remember that He said this? Do you think this is serious; and, will be a reason for you spending eternity in torment? Seek the Spirit from God that will cause you to know those who are serving God! And, neither have you trusted in the Power and Might of the Lord to keep you back from being deceived by crafty devils; and, your fear of being deceived, has caused you to reject many who are sent by the Lord, because you are not able to know the Truth when you are hearing it! And now, the Spirit of Truth will come upon you to cause you to know the Truth: but, you must decide if you will obey Him, or not! You have done your own determining, in determining who is of the Lord, and who is not! Many are saying that they have the Holy Ghost: but, they will not allow Him to discern between the righteous, and the wicked! And, neither do their spirit yield to the Spirit of the preacher, when he is in their presence! They speak as if to teach, and to instruct him; and, they do not give themselves to be taught by God, Who said He would feed them with knowledge, and with understanding through Pastors whom He has chosen! That is the Word of God; and, the Word must be honored by every soul.


Give this careful consideration! Why did the Lord your God send you the preachers? Why? Many do not respect that purpose for which He sent the preachers! They do not consider what the Lord Jesus said about It being the Spirit of the Father, that is speaking to them through the man! They are not yielded to the Spirit of God; and, they are found to be behaving themselves in a proud way before the Face of God continually! They are not yielded to the Way! They behave proudly against God’s anointed; and, therefore, they behave proudly against the Lord! They refuse to accept corrections, because of their own assessment of the vessel through whom the corrections are sent unto them. These must repent of these evils! Repent!” Amen!

Matthew 5:9: “Blessed are the peacemakers, because they shall be called the children of God.”

“Being Awakened By The Spirit From God!”

In 1st Kings 19:5-8, it is written, “And, as he (Elijah) lay and slept under a juniper tree, behold, then an Angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat. And, he looked, and behold, there was a cake baked on the coals, and a jar of water at his head. And, he did eat and drink, and laid down again. And, the Angel came, again, the second time, and touched him, and said, Arise and eat: because the journey is too great for you. And, he arose, and did eat and drink; and, went in the strength of that meat, forty days and forty nights unto Horeb, the Mount of God!” Amen! 

The Spiritual understanding of “Horeb: the Mount of God” is this: it means reaching the highest point, or level in that which you started out to achieve! We are striving to attain unto the Measure and Stature of the Lord Jesus Christ! By eating all that God gives us to eat; we will attain unto His Measure and Stature! Seek your daily Bread! The Lord said that this is to be sought on a daily basis! Who among you would want to go to work without having eaten anything? Why would people go forth into their day, which the Lord has given them, without having sought the Word of God? A man that labors without having eaten, will faint, and is weak. Even so are those who go forth into the day without the Word of God: they are too weak to resist the evil. Amen! 

Thus saith the Lord, “This is a true fact: God is angry with the wicked every day! He is angry with everyone who shows no desire for the Word of God on a daily basis: because this is what He commanded everyone, that they should seek! Do you sense God’s Anger against you for this evil of not seeking His Word daily? No! Many of you have a feeling that God understands why you showed something else as being more important to do, than to receive His Word. God understood that you counted your flesh and material things as being more important than your soul! That is what God understood! By not desiring the Word of God on a daily basis; you are showing God that you do not desire the Lord Jesus Christ with all of your heart! Remember: Jesus Christ is the Word of God! Be concerned about why you are not realizing that God is angry with you for not desiring His Son as you are supposed to desire Him; which means you are not desiring to be His child with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength! Truth must always be realized; and, it is an evil thing to believe that God is pleased with those who do not show a desire for His Word. How shall He be able to say to you, “You are My beloved child, in whom I am well pleased?” This also exposes an evil that inhabits those that feel like God is pleased with them, even though they are not showing any desire for Him! This is a Truth that is not established to rule in their hearts! The righteous knows that God is angry with the wicked every day! Have this wickedness removed by acknowledging that this feeling, of being approved of by God, without desiring His Word daily, goes contrary to the Truth! You are to know all Truth; and, Truth in the inward parts, means to acknowledge the evils that are exposed, as being the truth about you! This is agreeing with God about a thing! You do not want to feel like God is pleased with you, while an evil is allowed to remain in your heart, and persuade you against the Truth!

The Truth has said that this nation is scheduled for destruction! That is what the Truth has said! But, there are those who are calling themselves Christians, who are found not believing this Truth! This is an evil, which the Lord God is seeing going on before His Face continually! They are persuaded against the Truth: but, they still feel like they will receive His Salvation, even without believing the Truth! The Truth said, “They that do not believe the Truth, is already damned!” By not believing anything that He has said, is calling Him a liar! The Wrath of God shall come upon such people! Pray that you be counted worthy to escape His Wrath!” Amen!

“Have Your Hearts Set Right, By Following Righteous Examples!” 

“All Scripture is given by Inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for corrections, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect; and, thoroughly furnished unto all good works!” (2nd Timothy 3:16-17) Amen!

Thus saith the Lord God, “God is the Creator of man! The phrase, “man of God” is not only referring to those who are preachers; but, is also referring to all men and women in Christ Jesus: because these are the only ones whom He calls His own! These are the ones whom He sees growing up into the Fullness and Likeness of the Lord Jesus Christ! Does He see you growing; or, are you stunted in your growth? His people are those that are being created in the Light, by the Word of God! They are male and female! These are those who are being purged of the evil, and are accepting everything, which the Lord God sends unto them. These are the people in whom the Spirit of God dwells! The Word said that if His Spirit is not in you: you are not His! He does not dwell in those who are unclean! To be unclean, means you must have rejected a Truth; and, have chosen to keep something of the darkness, even though it was made plain to you that it is of the darkness! This is not speaking of those things, which God has not yet exposed in you: but, those things, which you have been made to know about; but, have allowed to remain! Neither is He found in those who are stubborn and disobedient! The “man of God” is the person who is led by the Spirit; and, the Holy Spirit leads him in every Righteous Path, for the sake of the Lord’s Name! He will lead everyone into every good Work, and every good Word, before men, so that God can be Glorified!” Amen!


Thus saith the Angel of the Lord, “You can do what the Word is telling you to do; or, you can do what you want to do: the choice is yours to make! But, God The Father is the One Creator, Who creates everyone, according to the choices, which are made by each person! These choices are clearly understood by everyone, when they are set before them! You are given to know which is the good, and which is the evil! The Lord God said, “I set before you this day (this present day), life and death; good and evil; blessings and curses! You choose; and, I will give unto you according to the choices which you make!” Know this for sure: this Report, that is set before you, is life, good, and blessings! If you receive it into your heart: the good is yours: but, if you shall reject it; you have chosen death, evil, and curses!”


So, I, Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl, say even as Joshua said, when he said, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” Amen!


Thus saith the Lord, “The house, which Joshua is speaking about, is his own heart, and his own body, and all that is within him! What do you say? Many will say, “That is what I will do also!” God will show you if you have a willingness to serve Him as you have proclaimed. Remember: you have only crossed over the Red Sea! And now, you are in a condition that is between the Red Sea, and the Promise Land! This is a condition that is called the “Wilderness of Sin!” And, this is the time when the Lord your God will prove you, to show you if you will serve Him, or not. He will reason with everyone, according to His Word which He spoke by Isaiah, saying, “Come, now; and, let Us reason together!” This reasoning will take place while your sins are still magnified against you; and, you will understand the nature of your sins! You will realize exactly where you stand with God; and, you will understand where you need to be with Him! You can believe this Report; or, you can reject it: the choice is yours! God had this sent to you! Your heart is being proved! But, this Report is true! Those who reject the Reports from the Lord, also rejects the Lord!” Amen!

“All Scripture is given by Inspiration from God!” What Scripture was the Apostle Paul speaking about when he was given to write that statement? He was speaking of that which is called the “Old Testament” from Genesis to Malachi, seeing that the “New Testament” was not yet written: but, was in the process of being written at the time the Apostle wrote this! The Apostle cannot be pointing anyone to that which had not yet come into existence; but, to that which was already in existence! After the New Testament came into existence; we are given to refer to it also! The Old and the New Testaments make just one complete Book! 

What is the Testament? The Testament is the Covenant which God made with a people whom He called Israel: but, this Covenant between God and the people of old, was set as an example of that Covenant which was to come! And, this Covenant is still between God and a people whom He calls Israel, which are those who are called Christians in these days! All of the Laws are there: but, the Perfect execution of the Covenant had not come! When the Lord sacrificed; the Covenant was established; and, the Spiritual Israel began! “Israel” means the people of God! All things changed from a physical kingdom and promise land, to a Spiritual Kingdom and Promise Land! The depth of understanding of those events which took place of old, is coming to us in these days. We have understood that when Israel was shown to be going in to possess the “Promised Land”, that this was showing us how the Lord will take us on into gaining control over our own hearts, which we had never possessed, nor controlled before! This would be the process of removing the evil from the heart, as it was shown that Israel of old was commanded to do by destroying the people out of the land; and, having righteousness established in every part of our hearts! Israel was a symbol of how Righteousness was to be established in our own hearts. We understood that by Israel being established in their own land, symbolized righteousness being established in a place where wickedness once stood, and ruled, even though Israel of old did not walk in the Righteous Ways. They were only symbolic of that which would happen in us! These things are Spiritually interpreted!

While looking into the Bible, you are given to observe the examples, which are written about righteous men, and about wicked men; and, see the end result of them, and of their works! But, always have this understanding in mind as you examine these examples: God has not changed! He is the Same, today, as He was shown to be in times past! That which you saw Him doing to Israel for their transgressions, is a warning to everyone in these days, about what He will do to them for their transgressions! Those were your examples! Pay attention to them! Amen!


You shall pray, saying, “My Lord, I ask that You would always keep me in remembrance of this, as I am examining these examples of old! Amen!”

Thus saith the Lord, “You will notice the righteous men in their errors; and then, you will see them in their corrections. Then, you will know what will be your end, if you shall follow after these examples! This is the process of Judging yourself, to see to it that you will not be Judged! If you will compare yourselves with Righteousness in these days, and have the corrections made; you can be certain you will not receive destruction as your reward in the Day of Judgment! Because the writings of the Apostles and Scribes of the Lord have come forth as what is called the “New Testament;” you must follow those examples, also! The “New Testament” begins the establishing of those things, which were written about in the Old Testament! Pay attention! You will find out that these things are the same; only the symbols have been removed; and the actual thing is established!


Notice the example of how the people of the early Church, in the days of the Apostles, did magnify the men of God, and showed great respect for them! (Acts 5:13) But, how does the respect for the men of God, in these days, compare to the respect that was shown in the early Church? As it was shown about how Israel strayed out of the Way; it was given as an example of how the Church would depart from the Ways, which were established in the early Church! The promise of returning was pointing to the returning of the latter day Church, to the Ways of the early Church! But, the Word said by the Prophet Haggai, that the latter day Church would outshine those of the early Church! These are the two houses, which God was using as an example. How do you compare with the example of respect for the men of God, as was shown by those of the early Church? This is something that you must attain unto, and surpass!” 

“While you were in sin, the darkness ruled in you; and, ruled over you, as it was shown about Israel when they were in Egypt! The evil spirits also developed their nature in you; and, you showed forth the nature of the darkness! Now, these things are being cast out of you: but, the nature of these evil spirits still remained in you. These evil spirits do not respect the things of God; and, that is the nature that they left behind in you, when they were cast out! And, for this reason, it is hard for you to show respect for the men of God, or anything that is of God, even the Ways in which you are given to walk! That was the nature of the Beast being developed in you. This awareness has come to you to set you free from the evil natures, which were left behind by the darkness! This is like putting a magnet to a non-magnetized object! After the magnet is removed, the other object retains some of the magnetism; and, it can act just like the magnet! Have these evil natures removed from you, so that you will not be acting like the darkness is still ruling in you! Ask that you might be given the Righteous nature of true respect for the men of God, and for everything that is of God! This will help you to outshine those of the early Church!” Amen!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 03-20-35th Year

79th Day

The 3rd Month of The 35th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!