Get Cranked Up!

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Who showed God he wants to be a recorder to record the matter? Who documents these things which the Lord gives me to speak and do? Who paid attention to where the Lord is working through? And, who will just rise up and do what I say? “Felicia!” I saw her documentations! I saw where her focus was turned by the Spirit! God is working through the man! Amen!

I never saw a man at that feed trough! Then, I understood that I am that Feeding Trough!

“Get Cranked Up!”

Don’t spit and sputter!


This is the House of Prayer for all people! Yes, I am! God, our Heavenly Father, has made me to be so! Like the Lord Jesus, I offer up prayers! “Father, forgive them, because they don’t know what they are doing!” Blessed are You, O Heavenly Father Who forgives the iniquities; and, Who set the captives free! Yes, I am a Praiser, because You have made me to be so! Blessed are You, O my Maker, Who has made me to be an instrument of Your Praise, and for Your Glory! Amen! The Spirit rises; and, I rise! The Spirit moves; and, I move! The Spirit opens my mouth; and, praises goes forth! Power is sent into the world! People are set free! Jubilee is declared! That is the Truth of the Almighty God!

This is the Way! Walk therein!

When it comes, I shout! When it is removed; I dance! This is the Day that the Lord has made! I will be glad, and rejoicing in it, because the Lord He makes it so! Glory be to You, O Mighty God! The Power of God inhabits the praises! Blessed is He that comes in the Name of the Living God! Life rises; dead things fall away! While I have my breath, I will praise the Lord! Also, let everything that has breath praise You, O God! Amen! Take away these heavy burdens by lifting you your voices in praises to God! Sing of His Glory; and, about His Wonderful Works that made you glad!

When I have done that which is my duty to do, I rejoice! I hear people always complaining about what other people are doing to them! What are they doing to me! There is no weapon that is formed against me that can prosper; and, that is what pisses them off! How do these things that people do get to you is what you should be concerned about! I say constantly to people, “Ask God for what you need so that these things that people do won’t get to you!” But, do they do that? No! They walk around with a solemn look; and, with a sad countenance! They mourn sore like doves! All of these things God has said He hates! But, who paid attention to that? I walk lively; and, I display the joy of my heart that the Lord God has given me. I sing a lot; and, I smile! I bring Light into darkness as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded me to do! I smile and lift heavy burdens! I sing praises, and break yokes. I don’t just preach; I work the work that does set people free; and, then they can hear! I don’t expect people to play the game without giving them the warm-up! I have Fire; and, I thaw out those who are in a frozen condition! To God be Glory, because I am sent to help! Thank You for giving me to be a help, O Heavenly Father! I work while it is yet Day!

“Greatly Are You To Be Praised, O God!”


I went forth this morning to deposit some money in my account to take care of the bill that had appeared. In like manner we destroy evils as soon as they appear! We don’t let them linger!

2:54 PM


I don’t have any enemies among people! Even Jesus called Judas friend! All of my enemies are evil spirits! The evils that people are caused to do or to think makes them to be enemies to themselves! Are they doing what is good for themselves? No! Can what they do or speak harm me? No! I have a Shield and a Defense; and, I am a Brazen Wall, and an Iron Pillar, the Lord said! I speak with people for their own good; and, I leave them with their own choices!

“Seeing Eye To Eye!”

It is yet day; and, I will work!


Who are you warning? Speak plainly! God said to warn the people! God said to sound the trumpet! I sound the warnings; and, I do not keep silent! In my sickness, I work still! In my afflictions, I still exhort; and, I teach the people knowledge! Daily the Lord sends forth His Word of Understanding! Who is listening? Who is taking heed? Take heed to yourselves! I did lie down as the Lord told me to! I shut up in the room as He had said! Woe to the people if He should shut my mouth, because then the Lord will strike! I will go to my rest; and, others shall come to take my place! These are the two whom the Lord spoke about! I have warned people about speaking against the men of God! Don’t let the evil deceive you: but, if you allow them to do that; that is your right to do! The people have risen up above measure! Their pride has taken hold on them as the Word of the Lord said by Ezekiel when He said, “Pride has budded!” And, this takes place in abundance! They become as the flood waters that are risen! They exalt themselves! They become as waves of the sea that are lifted up by stormy winds! Wives are not honoring their husbands! People are trying to direct the paths of preachers! I do write; and, I do speak: but, who is hearing my words as the Lord’s Words? Have they tuned out to voice in favor of their own minds, which are full of evil, as if the Lord is speaking with them? Yes, they have, because people constantly say, The Lord said! But, the Lord has not said! Now shall their ears be shut according to their desire not to hear! But, I will call upon the Lord! Maybe He will have mercy! I have seen the end coming; and, many shall be born unto the Lord! The heart is set, O Lord! Your Will be done! Prosperity will come; and, they will be prospering: but, they will be sitting right where the disaster will strike! The Lord sends the Word daily! Many are being drawn to it. These are the sheep and the cattle who are being drawn to the feeding trough!


Desire that you might hear always! Do you desire always to hear the Words coming forth out of my mouth? Do you desire to hear what other people are saying, so you can offer a prayer on their behalf where there is a need! Don’t desire selective hearing! Would God bring to the birth, and then shut the womb? God does not shut the ears when He has commanded the ears to be opened to listen attentively to the Words of His mouth! Evil spirits cause people to turn a deaf ear to what is being spoken. “Let them draw near; and, let them speak!” Why would God command to let them speak if we are being blocked from hearing them?

“A Sister Bitter Against A Sister!”


If there is a child to be born that is announced by the Angel of the Lord, would not God inform the husband, also, seeing he has to be a part of this? Would He inform the woman only? Reason that out! Would God ignore the man?


Rachel was bitter against her sister Leah! Rachel’s bitterness extended out against her husband Jacob. Her mind was all messed up! Spiritually speaking, be not bitter against any sister of the same faith! Because of Rachel’s bitterness against Leah, God would not hear her! Get that bitterness out of your heart, because you are being robbed because of it. Be kind to those who mistreat you; and, pray for your enemies! This is your Help from the Lord! Amen!

We are seeing things about bringing forth children! Spiritually speaking, the children we bring forth are also our sisters and brothers! A man’s wife must first be his sister in the Lord! This is awesome how we are to marry within the family! I speak of the family of God!

I have not seen much energy lately! Blessed are You, O my Strength! O Lord, You are the Strength of my Life! You be exalted, I pray Thee! Be exalted above these conditions, I pray Thee! While You are exalted; these things are no more! I rise up to do what I have to do! Thank You for the prayers of faith; and, for the Instructions! You will overcome these conditions! Truly, the Help of the Lord is Mighty! I do not complain! I just speak about the things I know are! I remember Ruben, and his afflictions and pains! I ask for comfort and healing for him! We will know the Power of Your Comfort, because it is ordained for us in these days! We have our benefits, also! And, I am not forgetting them! Amen!


God is dealing with people according to what He knows; and, it is not according to what anyone else knows or don’t know about a person!

“Growing Up!”


Sarah was a bitter and mean person before she became the woman she became! She was so mean to Hagar that the woman ran away: but, the Angel of the Lord found her, and told her to return, and submit herself to Sarah! The child was a child of Abraham, which would be blessed to be a great people, and would dwell among the people of God! Ishmael’s name was given to him by God telling Abraham what the child’s name would be. The Angel of the Lord had told Hagar what the child’s name would be; and, when the child was born, Abraham spoke the same name of the child! Again, we see these Holy people of the Bible having to grow up to be what we saw them as! They were not always that example that we are told to look at: but, they grew into being what we know them as. Even we are growing up into what we are going to be! There is still a lot of purging out of evils going on so we can appear at our end what we are supposed to be. As evils are being pointed out, we put off these things, and take on Righteousness! Sarah was also a woman who would try to dictate to her husband!

“Giving Sight To The Blind!”


My Lord, open the eyes of their understanding, I pray Thee!


We do the work that we are given; and, God is giving us to collect what we will need for that time that is to come. Give your attention to doing the work that you are given to do so that when it is time to go somewhere, you won’t be worried about deadlines for paying bills! You will already have what you need to pay the bills; plus what you will need for the journey! Don’t be an anxious spender!

Brothers and sisters are to be brought forth! I was given the responsibility of bringing them forth! I saw this in a dream last night, that a man who appeared as my physical father asked me if I had brought forth any more sisters and brothers! I wondered why my father would ask me if I had brought forth any, because if there were to be any other sisters and brother for me; he would be the one who would bring them forth! I also remember the Lord asking His disciples if they had any meat: but, He already had fish and bread waiting for them! The place where this dream seemed to be taking place was at a bar-b-que place that used to be on Pine Street near the park! This is something of old! This place is no longer there; and, it used to be a place that I would go to, to get bar-b-que links for lunch while I was in junior high school! Even the names have changed. Now, the junior high schools are called middle schools! I have eaten; and, I will feed them! That which is fed becomes brothers and sisters! The Word is the Seed; and, the Seed is my Father’s Seed! I use His seed to bring them forth! It is the Spiritual Seed that I have a concern about; and, I will bring forth Children for the Lord. This shall be like Abraham bringing forth sons and daughters in his old age: but, this is Spiritual. Is the Seed yet in the barn? Yes! I speak of the Spiritual Seed! I ask that I be given to bring forth more Brothers and Sisters, O Heavenly Father!

4:43 AM


Wait patiently upon the Lord! Don’t be anxious about anything! Be still; and, Bless the Lord! Rejoice in waiting! Don’t try to hurry God! Remember how King Saul could not wait! Amen!


Let the mind be clear! I recognize what You, O Lord, are giving me to be aware of! You allow the evil to speak: but, I am aware of who they are who are speaking! I am listening attentively! Bitterness is being spewed out against me, and about others, also! But, the Lord is my awareness! These are spirits of darkness speaking! I am listening for what the Lord says to do!

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