Can It Be Healed?

I am Xmeah ShaEla’ReEl, the Lord’s Messenger! These are the Reports of the Lord Jesus Christ; and, these are the things He sent His Angels to me to speak to me to write! He said, “Write the things you have seen; and, that which I tell you!” I am here to Report the matter! Afterwards, speak your own opinions: but, I will just Report what I am hearing from on High! This Report is True!

This is for the perfecting of the Body of Christ! What have you seen about yourself today? What have you seen about other people? Everyone will give account to God in the day of Judgment: so, give your attention to getting those evils cleared up with yourselves! Why are you so concerned about getting the mote out of another person’s eye, when there is a beam in your own eyes? Are you seeing clearly how to help somebody; or, are you spewing out condemnations? Many things with others have been cleared up that you are still seeing as existing! People are moving on while you are standing still!

“Can It Be Healed? God Knows!”


People are in tumultuous relationships! Can they be healed? God knows! Power comes! First of all the evil spirits must be bound up! Do you have the Power to do that? Who has the concern for that which is Holy? Who is seeking God for healing? What is God giving you to do? And, who has the Love for all souls? Who has the caring about all souls! I am not talking about that pretending to be caring about someone while holding bitterness in your heart against someone. First of all; all bitterness must be removed from your heart towards all people, even that which is towards those that do you evil. You must seek to be standing in the place of Jesus Christ in this world! You must become as it is spoken in Psalm 24, which says, “Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? Or who shall stand in His Holy Place? He that has clean hands, and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the LORD, and Righteousness from the God of his salvation.”

Now they are peeping and divining He said; and, they are saying the Lord pointed these things out to them! Neither are they sent, nor are they ordained! Once the Understanding is published in the world by those whom the Lord has ordained and sent; Satan can communicate to those of his what has been published! But, he does not give reference to where he got the information from! “Are You Saved: or, Not Saved?”

How Spiritual Minded are you?

“Is It Adultery; or, Is It Fornication!”

(Is it shacking up; or, is it marriage?)

Either way, it is still sin!

Jesus said unto her, Go, call your husband, and come here. The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, You have well said, I have no husband, because you have had five husbands; and he whom you now have is not your husband: in that said you truly. The woman said unto Him, Sir, I perceive that You are a Prophet.

“What Makes One To Be A Husband; And, What Makes One To Be A Wife?”


“And Ruth said, Entreat me not to leave you, or to return from following after you, because where you go, I will go; and where you lodge, I will lodge: your people shall be my people, and your God my God: where you die, will I die, and there will I be buried: the LORD do so to me, and more also, if ought but death part you and me.”

That is a marriage vow!

God spoke about minds being alienated from one another! What caused this? Let us look at these things in Truth, because this is the Way God sees it! Can another woman come into our house, and be with your husband while you are at home? The moment you spoke against your husband, you threw him out of your heart, and you were no longer abiding in his heart by your own doing, and not by his! And, as long as those words stood; there was no husband in your heart! Your heart is your house! You removed yourself from being a wife, because you kicked your husband out! Remember: we are speaking about things Spiritually, which is the true sense of things! Now, he has no wife either, because you did the breakup! You removed yourself from his heart: but, you were always in his sight! You were not at home; so, others could tempt him. You were not standing in your place in his heart because by your words against him; you removed yourself! Now, see the Truth about these things; and, from this point forward, you can see if you want to heal this thing that you tore apart! Still remaining outside of his heart, and he still not being allowed to return because of those words that were spoken, made the vacancy in his heart; and, in your heart! So, you are not as faithful as you believe you are! You were backsliding all of those years. Now the man’s heart does not safely trust in you, because you were not virtuous in Spirit! Spirit is more powerful than physical! Do you agree? Where was the sincerity towards the Commandments of God all of those years? The sin kept the two of you separated, even as the sin kept you separated from God; and, all that you were living by all of those years is grace, and mercy! The husband could not forgive you for something he never knew existed! Women love keeping secrets: but, they accuse the men of keeping secrets! Yes, you were forgiven for the sin after you made confession: but, this is to let you know just how much damage was done over all of those years!

“Is It Adultery; or, Is It Fornication!” Now, look at how you can do these same things in a Spiritual Way! Living together without any obligations or binding commitments to one another is shacking up! You are enjoying all of the sexual benefits of being married without being committed to marriage! Neither will you declare yourselves as being married with your mouths!

Are you still talking in secret to someone so your husband won’t hear you? Everything must be put in place before it is called a marriage! Amen!


I have seen females who call themselves wives doing things without consulting those whom they call their husbands! Is this showing respect?

I do not want a motor home, because God has not put in my heart to desire one! I went to see one; and, I waited on the Lord! I found that they would restrict me in where I could go! So, I stick with the vehicle that I can use to go just about anywhere to contact the people!

“The Word said, Believe His Prophets!”


Do you do that? Do you follow the Instructions of the preachers? Have you declared a preacher false or true? How did you declare it? When you don’t accept what he is saying, you are declaring him as being false, and yourself as being true! By not believing God preachers makes you already to be out of the Way! So, in being out of the Way, how do you see and hear anything clearly? How many stories have you made up from your wicked imagination?

I am looking at things the Way God looks at them; and, that is Spiritually, which is the true condition, because it is the Everlasting Condition! I look at the situation that both people are in; and, I give counsel to both! Whosoever will accept what is given to them will be justified by God! But, if neither accepts what is being offered by God; both abide under condemnation!

There is no marriage between Light and darkness, just like there is no fellowship between Christ and Satan! What do they have in common? What do you have in common with the person whom you are calling your spouse? Both say Jesus! Are they in agreement about Jesus like so many denominations are saying they worship the same Jesus: but, the doctrines don’t agree? They use the same Name: but, their beliefs are different! And, each swears he is right! Amen!

There is no joining in darkness: so, why do you still look at these things that are done in darkness as being Holy? Marriage is Holy, and can only come forth when both are in the Light! Marriage is agreeing as One in Spirit, and in Mind! Have you found that yet? Have you become intimate with someone in Spirit, and in Mind? Those are your beliefs! I have seen females becoming intimate with other females against the husbands! Their minds are merged! Therefore, they separate themselves from the minds of their husbands! Did they obey God? God said to leave your father and mother, and be joined to your mate! So, if you are to leave your father and mother; can there be anyone else that can come between the two of you! But, you did that! And, in so doing you pushed your husband away; and, you kept him away! Nothing could be added to you that would join the two of you! Now, you have placed another god in between the two of you! That god won’t let you see eye to eye with your mate! Neither of you trust one another! You don’t trust him; and, he doesn’t trust you! You swear to your faithfulness to your god! Amen!

This is common to many!

Now comes bitterness against the Truth! There is only division and strife in darkness, and a bunch of lying to one another! Did you truly honor the man that you said you were getting married to? Did you place anybody before him? Or, did you turn around, and put him away from your heart by your words and thoughts against him in secret? Did you accept that you divorced the person when you brought someone else into confidence against the man you called your husband? It is hard to get people to understand that separation starts with the thoughts of the heart, and are sealed by the words of the mouth! The bitterness that you spew out comes back into your own heart, multiplied in you to make you even more bitter than you were: and, the Words that were sent out left the door wide open for destroyers to come in! These are small foxes that eat up the crops, and will not allow any Truth to take root in the heart! It is hard for you to see a person as he really is because of those things that come back to persuade you according to the Words you sent out! What kind of Work has this person been doing that you have not been able to pay attention to because you have been so locked up on what you are not getting, while not hearing the Lord telling you not to seek your own: but, that which is for the good, and for the building up of others? How much building up of others are you doing? The only reason I am speaking these things to you is because I prayed according to the Will of God that he would remove from the people those stony hearts, and give them hearts of flesh! That is the concern I have when I asked God what is hindering? Did you ever ask God to do such a thing for others? The Spirit is sent from God to us to give us what to pray for as we ought to be praying. Come now; let us reason together! What have you done to set the captives free! You say you fast: but, you have bitterness in your heart against certain people; your fasting is to no avail, because that is smiting with the fist of wickedness! Jesus’ Sacrifice was for even those who crucified Him, and pierced Him. Is that what your fast looks like? You are just starving yourself needlessly!

There is that which appeared in darkness that was called by a Holy name: but, it was not as it was called! Again, we speak of marriage! It is no wonder that Satan would bring two together to mess up lives, and instill bitterness, because his purpose is to destroy! Marriage is honorable in the Sight of God; and, again, I say to listen to the Words that says what God has joined together! This is to all of you who are supposing you are married: but, how much likeness to Jesus Christ have you achieved? Marriage starts with Uniting of the Spirits, and minds! Who can do this? Only God can do this! So, the dream I was given showed two people who are so many people going about as Christians, but not doing the things that the Lord commanded to be done! All of this is done in darkness to deceive others who see these things. It is a plot to promote fornication, because people are now saying, I don’t want to ever get married, because of what they see going on in what was shown to them as being marriage. Unto this day, the principles of marriage are hard for people to accept! Females won’t submit to what God requires of them; and, they do not respect the true men of God! They refuse to accept Jesus Christ as Lord by refusing to accept what He said about it is not the man that speaks: but, the Spirit of your Heavenly Father Who is speaking through the man! This has to be spoken to people often: but, they will refuse to accept that this is truly the Way that it is. So, in so doing, they have called Jesus Christ a liar: and, there is no shame in them for doing this! Is this not a whore? Amen!

And, when the Lord said to seek your Strength by giving, and not expecting someone to give you something: do they do that? No, they continue to want people to give to them while they are not concerned about their lack of compassion: but, they are accusers of others as not being compassionate. It does not do any good to accuse anyone before God, because there is no such thing as accusing in Heaven. All of that was cast out! Again, they are using things that will not benefit them.

Give them an understanding heart, O Lord God; and, remove from them that old stony heart, and create in them a heart of flesh, I pray Thee!

“The True Preachers Are The Poor!”


From Matthew 26, it is written, saying, “But, when his disciples saw it, they had indignation, saying, To what purpose is this waste, because this ointment might have been sold for much, and given to the poor. When Jesus understood it, He said unto them, Why trouble you the woman, because she has wrought a good work upon Me, because you have the poor always with you; but, Me you have not always! Because in that she has poured this ointment on My Body, she did it for My burial. Verily I say unto you, Wheresoever this gospel shall be preached in the whole world, there shall also this, that this woman has done, be told for a memorial of her.” Jesus said in Mark 14:7, “The poor shall you have with you always; and whensoever you will you may do them good: but, Me you have not always!” Amen!

I thank You for the Holy Covenant! I was made to be poor and needy, as all true preachers are, so that the people will be able to get what they needed by supplying for my needs! That is the purpose of those Tithes and offerings! They are for the Preachers’ livelihood, because we had to leave everything to go forth to do the Will of God, which is ministering to the people those Spiritual things they need to live. We are the Levites of these days; and, all preachers are counted as the Tribe of Levi. We are the Royal Priesthood! At my birth, the Lord had caused my parents to name me David Eugene! David means “Beloved!” And, Eugene means “Of Royal Birth!” So, I was a chosen vessel from my mother’s womb: but, I did not know it until my time had come! But, many of the so-called preachers have caused people to stumble at the Law according to the Word of the Lord, which He sent forth by the Prophet Malachi, by causing the people to accept the misuse of the Tithes and offerings! Therefore, the people are not being Blessed as they should be, because they are giving that which is Holy unto dogs; and, besides that, they are casting their pearls (offerings) before swine! Aren’t they coming back to you time and time again for more money to do this and to do that for the church building, and for other purposes! And, in some assemblies I have seen the passing the plates around several times, because they say they have not collected enough! Have they no shame? No, they do not! First of all, the Tithes should be placed in a box that is closed whereby no one can see nor know what any other person has given! It is to be done in secret as the Lord has required, with only God and the ones who gave knowing who gave what, and how much was given. Let the secrecy return to your giving; and, be Blessed by the Lord God! Amen!

O Lord God, You made this Covenant for the people, and with the people! If they would do their part the Way You said for it to be done; You are surely Faithful to keep Your Promise to them! Therefore, the ox is not muzzled, and the Preachers are given free course to serve the Table of the Lord without having to attend to other duties! And, Blessed are those who have not muzzled the oxen!

Dominion and Power is given to the Peace of God! The evil is rebuked! Cause Your Peace to abide richly in our hearts, O Mighty God our Heavenly Father! Blessed is the Peace that You give to the hearts of Your people! Coupled with the Joy of the Lord, that is Powerful! An Abundance of Joy do You Provide! Our hearts are glad; and, we shout! And, we know when You have done it! But, You disappoint the wicked in their craftiness!

“Steps Are Ordered By The Lord!”

Ruben Cruz, I curse the anxiousness with you as one with you; and, I do command the Peace and Patience to rule in you with the Joy of the Lord being your Strength! Be Blessed; and, be strong; and, stay encouraged always! Amen!

O Heavenly Father, You are the Creator; and, by Jesus Christ, You created all things! Purge me, O God; and, let the Creating Spirit be renewed within me, I pray Thee! Amen!

You make me to be a capable mobile home, O Lord! “A Home For The Spirit!”

Thank You, O Lord, for the hearing, and for the discerning of these evil spirits! They are rebuked as You have commanded us to do! Let the joy be made strong in the rebuke of these evil spirits! Happy shall we be in dashing their little one against the Stone, the Word has said! Let that happiness be exalted, O Mighty God!

“The Spirit Is Speaking Expressly As The Word of God Said!”

How often have I told you to seek to give, rather than receiving? Has not the Lord Jesus Christ told you that this is what makes you great? And, don’t let giving be grievous to you! Give without expecting anything in return from those to whom you give as the Lord commanded! Now, obey and show respect for Him Whom you call your Lord! God reminds people of this constantly! He is Faithful to remind people of what it is that He expects of them! Acknowledge the Spirit speaking! That is your faith in what Jesus Christ said! Yes, I am compassionate, because I am a servant of the Most High God! His servants are molded in the Likeness of the Son of God! We come like Him: but, who can know us as we truly are? Do you think a man of God is not compassionate? How does he work the works that he works without compassion? How does He represent Jesus without being compassionate?

You cannot control it! The Power works to work us! Instantly, it happens! Miracles won’t happen if you won’t let them! Respect God! Respect His servants! If you consider someone else as not doing what God says to do; does that give you an excuse for not doing what He has said? No, it does not!

“Blessed Is He That Comes In The Name of The Lord That Speaks For Me!”


I did bid you Peace with Joy in the Peacefulness and Joyfulness I was in! From the heart I do these things! I have work to do that God has given me to do! I get these Reports ready; and, this is unto the whole world!

“Who Will Remove That Stone For You?”

All Glory, and All Honor Go to You, O Heavenly Father! To You I give thanks for the hearing of what I have heard; and, for the remembrance wherewith You give me to remember! Thank You for the meditations that You cause to be by sending Righteous Spirits to speak with me! Thank You for giving me what I need so I can have to give to others! Thank You for the Joy, and for the Strength You have given me to continue to do this work! Thank You for the Help to help others; and, for those whom You have given to help me in this work! Bless them abundantly for their faithfulness to You in being a help to me. I thank You, O Heavenly Father! And, to all of my help, I say, “Thank You; and, God Bless you! Peace and Mercy be multiplied to you all; and, may you all be Blessed with good health and material prosperity, even as your souls prosper! O Lord God, let the helpers be Mighty even as the Help of the Holy Powers are! Give more Strength to the laborers, I pray Thee! Amen!

Thanks to all of you for your consideration! Blessed are those who consider the poor preacher, and his needs!


To my Pride and Joy! My 7th month starts on the day you were born! It is near that time of the morning! I sent you an Email: but, I write this openly to you, and to all to express my delight of this day, the day you were born! It is the morning of your birth! I considered the time! I smile when I think of you! It is a Blessing to see what you are growing into being! It is a Blessing to me which God has Blessed me with; and, I thank God for you! From stubbornness to meekness! From bitchy to joyful! Most Gracious God, I thank You for Riech! Bless her family abundantly, I pray Thee; and, give her husband Strength and Health; and, let their Joy be Full! Happy Birthday, Riech, my daughter! Amen!

“No More Marriages In Name Only!”

Let the Real Thing appear, O God! And, let the Power of It show forth in this world! Amen!

You Are The Finisher, O Heavenly Father!

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