Behold, I have sent My messenger!

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“The Little Book of Revelation 10!”


“A Seed Is Sown In The Earth!”

It is written in Mark 4:30-32, saying, And Jesus said, “Whereunto shall we liken the kingdom of God?  Or, with what comparison shall we compare it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when it is sown in the earth, is less than all the seeds that be in the earth: but, when it is sown, it grows up, and becomes greater than all herbs, and shoots out great branches; so that the fowls of the air may lodge under the shadow of it.”  “Children of Christ of America” is not a denomination!  It is a description of who we are; and, where we sprang up from!  We shall spread, because the Lord tends to it!  Being described as an herb signifies this is given for the healing of the people!  Amen!

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By Xmeah ShaEl-Ela’ReEl


(The Word Has Now Come To Make Straight Your Paths!)

Psalm 46:4: “There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High.” A stream from that River has flowed your way! If you are His, your heart will be made glad! Amen!


Psalms 119:130: “The entrance of Your Words gives Light; It gives understanding unto the simple.”


   Behold, this Word is set for the fall and rising again of many who are called Christians; and for a sign, which shall be spoken against; (yes, a sword shall pierce through your own soul also,) that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed. Many are found to be believing that they already know the Lord! Know Him by knowing yourself as one who is walking in all of the Ways in which you have learned of Him, because the first witness is in yourself! Your ways shall bare witness to the fact that you know Him! Thus saith the Lord, in Ezekiel 7:10: “Behold the Day (Observe, and pay strict attention to what Jesus Christ is.), behold, it is come: the morning is gone forth (This means a thing has already gotten started, and is moving towards the end.); the rod has blossomed, pride has budded. (Instead of Unity and Righteousness, the things that God hates are on display!)” The Lord will judge your thoughts according to His Sayings, to show you if you are in line with Him, or not! Amen!


   And now, say, “Judge me, O Lord!” 1st Corinthians 11:31: “For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.”


   Fulfillment of Malachi 3:1-3: “Behold, I have sent My messenger, and he shall prepare the way before Me: and the Lord, whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to His temple! Even the messenger of the Covenant, Whom Jesus Christ is, Whom you say you delight in! Behold, My messenger has come, saith the LORD of hosts. But who may abide the day of his coming? And who shall stand when he appears? For he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi (the preachers in these days), and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.” Amen!


   Jesus Christ is the Covenant which God gave to man! He is the Word of God! He is the True Ways of God! If you shall walk according to the Laws of the Covenant, you will be saved! If you will not, you will be destroyed! I am His messenger! I have come in the Spirit, and in the Power of Elijah! I am come for Judgment! This is the refining of the Church according to the Word of the Lord! The Lord has sent me, and I will be rejected by many in this land! And, in so doing, they will have rejected the Lord! Amen!


Thus Saith The Lord God, “Peace Be Unto You! This Is The Word Of God!”


   1st Peter 4:17: “For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God (with those who are called Christians): and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” This Judgment starts with those who are called preachers, first! Amen!


   Thus saith the Lord, “Pray the following prayer, saying, Hear my prayer, O God! O Heavenly Father, I ask that You would cause me to pray every prayer, that is mentioned in this Report, with all sincerity! I ask that You would cause me to pay attention to all of this Report! Let me not be drawn away from this Report by any wicked means, I pray Thee! I long to see Thy Power, and Thy Might ruling in my ability to stay focused! Search me; and, expose every wicked way about me! Teach me to pray; and, cause me to pay attention to everything that You say by this Report; and, I ask that You would cause me to be aware of when You are speaking to me, and about me! And, I ask that my heart would be opened up to understanding; and, cause me to understand the things that are reported herein! Amen!”


   Did God do that for you? Were you able to keep your attention focused? If not, pray again the second time! If, after praying a second time, you were not able to keep focused; remember how the Lord went back to pray the same prayer a third time. Believe that you need this! Amen!


   And now: Thus saith the Lord, If you have believed; and, did what I have commanded you to do; I have heard you; and, will perform all that I gave unto you to ask of Me! Amen!


“Who Is Most Important To You?”


“My Prayer!”


   My Lord, this I pray: according to what You showed in 1st Samuel, chapters 5 & 6; let that, which You did to the Philistines, who held onto the Ark of the Covenant, happen to those who will not let these Reports go forth from their possession! Amen!



(Monday: The 2nd Day of The Week!)


   You must adjust to God! He will not adjust to you! You must make yourself able to receive from Him by the Way in which He is communicating! What you cannot see, can hurt you! Many have overlooked the presence of Holy Angels; and, many have believed that They are for them, even when they are doing everything that will bring the Wrath of God down upon them! Be sure you are worthy to be rejoicing; because the Lord has sworn that He will turn the rejoicing of the wicked into their shame!


   O Holy Father, order my steps, I pray Thee! Teach me and instruct me in the way in which You would have me to go! This is the day that You have made! Give us gladness and rejoicing in Righteousness; and, cause us to prosper in our work! Let our work appear unto us; and, let the flowing of the Word continue! Make the Paths straight; and, cause us to know the way in which we shall go! The Word is my delight; and, the contacts are my constant hope! I long to see Your Power bringing forth the people; and, delivering them from under the Power of the darkness that attracts them mightily! Let the Power of the Living God be exalted; and, they shall be drawn! I know You are Great; and, I believe that all Power does belong to You! Send us Help; and, we shall be mighty in working! Increase us in ability to labor more abundantly! Thank You for giving me what to ask of You this morning! Thank You for the preparation of this page to be published on the Web Site! This Site is committed to Your Glory; and, for the bringing forth of the people out of darkness! My Lord, I have seen all the filth that come into our email addresses; and, I know You can get the Good News into all areas! I have not been offended by the solicitations from these filthy solicitors; but, I have tried to send something back to them! I ask that You would cause these doors to open up; and, let the Word return to them, I pray Thee! They have no shield against You; and, You have given all Power to the Word, Whom the Lord Jesus is! Let the Angel of the Lord break down these blockades, even as the wall of Jericho was broken down! You have said that our doors are open to all kinds; but, now they are trying to send without receiving! Show me how to get the Word back to them, I pray Thee! You have given me this instrument for Your Glory! Wheresoever the minds of the people are turned, You will meet them there! I have said that this Web Site is like a needle in the haystack; but, You are able to cause it to be found! Cause it to be found, O Lord; because Your Word said that You would be found by those that were not seeking You! Blessed is Thy Word; and, Blessed are Your Promises, that cannot fail! Amen!


   Blessed are You, O Lord Michael, the Arch Angel of War, Whom the Lord Jesus Christ has assigned to fight against all those that rise up against us to try to keep us from doing our assignments! Arise, and fight against every foul, and every unclean, and hateful spirit, I pray Thee! Cause them to flee; and, give them no rest, day nor night! Amen!


   Blessed are You, O Lord Gabriel, the Messenger Angel, Whom the Lord sends with the Reports! Give me the Reports; and cause me to Understand! Give us the Skills, also, I pray Thee! Amen!


   Blessed is the Spirit from the Lord that causes us to receive; and, to be able to accept Those that come by the Authority of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Thou art He, O Lord, that makes us able! Blessed are You, O Lord God of our Peace: cause us to be still; and, be Thou exalted in our midst, I pray Thee! Amen!


“Take Your Dreams Seriously!”

(Even The Nightmares!)


   Let that be established in me, even as You have said, O Lord! Amen!


   Thus saith the Angel of the Lord, “O you people, the Lord your God has seen this! You are not taking your dreams seriously! Dreams are prophesied of in the Book of Joel; and, they were spoken of, again, by the Apostle Peter, on the day of Pentecost! The dreams are to be taken seriously! The Lord God said He would pour out of His Spirit upon all flesh; and, dreams are coming forth as a result of the pouring out of the Spirit from God upon everyone! Dreams are a vital part of your growth, and development! These dreams are coming from God; and, whatsoever comes from God, must be taken seriously!”


   My Lord, let that be established in me, that I will always take my dreams seriously, I pray Thee!


“The Law Against Evil Desires: Deuteronomy 5:21.”


   Neither shall you desire your neighbor’s wife; and, neither shall you covet your neighbor’s house, his field, his manservant and maidservant (employees), his ox, his ass (his equipment, his vehicles), or anything that belongs to your neighbor!” You are not to desire anything that is obligated to, or belongs to another person! And, neither are you to desire to take someone’s job. But, desire that which is free and available! Consider this! A man works for another man; but, you desire for him to work for you, while he is obligated to another man: that is a sin! Let him finish his obligations to the one whom he is working for; and then, after he is free, you can desire for him to work for you!


   I saw by way of a dream, that a man kept finding money! Everywhere he went, he found some money! A woman whom I know as Edwina, was there with him, as he was working on his car in this place where he had traveled to. This was a female that has always desired him! This man that is shown is a preacher; and, he is married. But, his first marriage is to the Lord! You would expect Satan to try to break up marriages; but, what about the instruments which he uses to try to break up marriages? Some of these instruments can be delivered from under his power and influence! But, those who cannot be delivered, will not be able to break up the marriages which the Lord upholds! There was given, a statistic, that said that 50% of the marriages in America, ends up in divorce!


   Through the preachers, the Lord works to bring forth the people out of darkness; and, for this reason, the evil will work hard to try to get the preachers to become unclean, so that the Lord will not use them! The Word of the Lord from Psalm 24 said that those who will stand in the place of the Lord, must have pure hearts, and clean hands; and, must not have lifted up their souls unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully! What does it mean to swear deceitfully? A preacher will keep vows; and, that first vow is to the Lord, to be His instrument for His Good Purpose! But, many are turned aside to other things; and, have made themselves unavailable for the Lord to use! The Lord will work according to His Word, whereby He said that He would call the people by a preacher; and, He would preserve them through a preacher! The Lord will not change from that way which He has ordained! There are tremendous, and continuous attacks coming against the preachers! The evil is trying to cause all preachers to lose their focus, by putting many things before them. The preacher might stumble; but, he will not remain bound to any evil! These are the things which the Lord spoke about in Malachi 2 & 3, about the preachers being cleansed! But, those who would not become clean, were categorized as dung; and, would be disposed of as one would dispose of dung! The Lord declared the preachers as being the messengers of the Lord! And now, you can see why there is so much effort being given to turning the preachers out of the way! Therefore, I ask that the Lord will always show us if there is anything that has turned our attention away from our first duty! The Lord will always make us aware of the traps which the wicked has laid privately for us! What do we need to be focused on? Our job is to be an instrument to do the Will of God!


   This woman that appeared with this preacher is a contact; but, will he be able to remain focused on his first job? Are you married to the Lord? Have you found females having a desire for you? Let the Lord’s desire always be upon you! Give total consideration to that desire that He has for you! We are not to be flattered because we find out that someone has sexual desires for us. These desires don’t mean anything to us! They are not to be cherished; and, we shall find no pleasure in knowing this! This is also speaking with the woman who has an husband! You shall not relish the thought of other men having desires for you! You shall think upon such desires for you as being disgusting! Think about this as being Satan wanting you! Do you find any pleasure in that kind of thought? Don’t be flattered! And, neither shall you be found desiring that which belongs to someone else! We do not want them to lose their souls; and, true love does not rejoice in any evil. The evil will use people to show an interest in us, just to try to get us to sin. Don’t be flattered! Think about where these are desiring for you to spend your eternity! Is that showing love, when this kind of desire is being shown for you to be tortured for all eternity? When a person’s mate will not show a desire for him; the wicked will send forth someone else to show interest. The emotions, and desires in people, do come under jurisdiction of the power of the spirit that rules in the hearts of the people. There is the spirit of Hell that causes people to become bitter, angry, and violent; and, there is the spirit of Death that causes people to turn cold, and become inconsiderate of the feelings of others, and unaware of the dangers to themselves. When a wife’s heart turns cold towards her husband: the evil spirit will cause someone else to show affections, and interest. But, a wise man will see through this; and, will call upon the Name of the Lord for the deliverance of his mate. Your mind must be turned to think about the evil spirits that causes people to be the way they are! He must not allow Hell to cause him to become bitter and angry.


   Cause Thy Wisdom to rule in our hearts, O Lord, I pray Thee! What is Your Word concerning this dream? I have come forth this morning to hear what You have to say to us! Let all of Your Words come clear to me, I pray Thee!


   From Proverbs 7, it is written, saying, “My son, keep My Words, and lay up My Commandments with you. Keep My Commandments, and live; and, My Law as the Apple of your eye. Bind them upon your fingers; write them upon the table of your heart. Say unto Wisdom, “You are my sister!” And, call Understanding your kinswoman: that they may keep you from the strange woman; and, from the stranger which flatters with her words.” (Proverbs 7:1-5)


   No matter what kind of evil opportunity appears before you; you are suppose to focus on the Commandments of the Lord! Sex is acceptable to the Lord only in marriage! Some wives are made to show more interest in others, than in their own husbands; and, this is also true with some husbands. We need to understand whether these people have been delivered from under the power and influence of the darkness! Are they still bound to these evil spirits against their will? But, the Law of the Lord is suppose to become the Apple of the eye. This will keep everyone from becoming cold towards their mates. The Law of God is the Law of Love; and, Love will endure, and will suffer long. The Love for God does not allow anyone to seek to be satisfied by evil means. Your relationship with the Lord must always stand in the forefront. No one should ever be able to cause you to forget about the presence of the Lord. Let Him magnify Himself, whereby He cannot be move from the thoughts! (So be it, O Lord! Be Thou magnified, so that You will always be in the forefront of my thoughts, I pray Thee!) They are to be more desirable to you than anything that is presented to you.


   Here is a man that is in a place, without his wife! A strange woman comes forth: but, this is a death situation! Can you see Death in this situation; or, will the opportunity to get something that you have never had, take rule over your desires? Only if you are walking in the Lord, with the Lord ever before you, as a shield, will you be able to resist these temptations! Never walk alone! But, see how faithful you have been in doing those things which the Lord has been commanding you to do! If you have not been showing faithfulness in these things; you will not be faithful when you are tempted with those great things! This is as the situation that is being shown in Proverbs 7:6-27. This man shall not be made to desire this female in his heart; and, the circumstance with his wife shall not cause him to take this opportunity that has presented itself. His wife is absent: but, the Lord shall not ever be absent from his thoughts. Remember the Judgment for sin! Remembering that Judgment is the beginning of your Wisdom! You will remember the suddenness with which God can strike! The Word from Proverbs 7, said that a young man was met by a woman with the mind of a whore, and very subtle of heart. What is so subtle about this? The man that is void of understanding, is not aware of the fact that this meeting is for the stealing of his soul. In verse 27, it shows who are the ones who caused this meeting to take place. This is a play of Death, and of Hell. “Her house is the way to Hell, going down to the chambers of Death.” This body of this female is her house; and, this body is being used for a specific purpose. But, a man is made to believe he will have time to get out of the evil situation before the Lord comes. This is suppose to be a situation that is hard to resist. Because women are scantly dressed in these days; the temptations are very great! You can see more of the female’s bodies in these days, than ever before! The vagina use to be far away from the sight of men, because of the clothing which women wore; but, in these days, the vagina is just a stitch away from the view! The pants are tight, pressing hard against the vagina, showing the print; and, the skirts are so short, that another inch shorter, the thing would be exposed! This is a society that has become very loose; and morals are as non-existent! The majority of the men are without power to resist temptations; but, that is also true for the women, being without power to resist being a tempter! They seek to be seductive, which is to say, they seek to seduce! Who is stronger? Neither the man nor the woman is strong! If the woman was so strong, let her resist the temptation to put her privacy on display before the public! But, she is putting her valuables on display before a robbing and stealing generation of men; and, she says she expects them not to be tempted! Where is her love? Love will not tempt a person with evil; and, love will not put anything in the sight of one that is weak, that will cause him to stumble! So, if women proclaim that they are stronger than men; let them show that they are stronger by not putting a stumbling block before those that are weaker! Where is your wisdom? If you know someone is made weak by something; why would you put it on display before him, if you knew he is too weak to resist it? Show forth this woman’s love that is being proclaimed! Amen!


   Saying “I am sorry” does not mean you have repented! Avoidance of the same things, shows a sign of true repentance! The first avoidance is seen by God; because He is looking at the heart, to see if the desire for the evil is in the heart!


   My Lord, strengthen me in praying for others, I pray Thee; and, let not the evil have power over any of those that I am given to work with.


   This dream had shown that, this preacher and his wife were suppose to go to another city together that evening! Consider who a preacher is! He is the shepherd whom God has chosen to lead His people! His sheep will follow those whom He has sent! And, a wife will follow her husband wheresoever he goes! The Church is the wife; and, the Lord is the Husband! Consider the Word of the Lord which He spoke by Ezekiel, that said, “When the Spirit moved; the wheel moved, also!” The preacher is being moved by the Spirit; and, the wife is suppose to move with him! But, there is a new fad in these days, that encourages women to go in their own ways! Who is telling them these things, but Satan? Pay attention to the things that are happening in your family; and, be honest about what you see going on! The family must be set up according to God’s order; and, everything, that is out of order, will be subject to the rule of the evil powers! Who can change the agreement, which the husband and the wife make? The man and the woman had agreed to go somewhere; but, her mother, and her aunt came to the house; so, she decided to remain at home with them. The man went alone: but, he was not alone! The Lord is always present.


   Don’t think about Heaven as being some far away place: but, Heaven is the Spiritual Condition that is always Present. We are told in the Word that we must be sitting in Heavenly Places with the Lord Jesus Christ! Seek unto the Lord to bring you into that situation, so that you will walk in a Heavenly condition! We are to walk within the Kingdom, with our minds always stayed in the realm of the Laws of God! This is how the Law becomes the Apple of our eyes! The wife is called a suitable help (help meet) for her own husband. Let that Law be established in the heart of the wives! Know who you are given to be a help to!


   As the dream continued; it was shown that the man had arrived in a certain place; and, the car had broken down. He was working on his car, when this other woman appeared! Because the wife did not want to go with him, he was suppose to become bitter towards her! This is suppose to be a situation whereby you will be enticed to try to get back at someone: but, this did not happen, as the evil had hoped. Because the Lord is the Power to keep us focused in all situations; and, He does make us aware of the traps which the wicked have privately laid for us. Keeping the focus is important in a situation like this; and, you must always remember the Lord! Here is where the Power is revealed! Or, here is where the lack of Power is revealed! Now, is the time for that Temperance (self-control) to show itself! Have you been focusing on gaining all of the Fruits of the Spirit? (Galatians 5) This is your Power! The wife wasn’t there: but, the Lord is Ever-Present! The focus shall always remain on the job that the Lord has given us to do, no matter what others decide to do, or what someone else desires to do. Here comes the tempest! And, know this: the evil will come out against everyone that is in the Will of God! If you are truly doing the Righteous work; you will meet all manner of oppositions! The evil wants to turn you away from accomplishing your righteous purpose!


   What can separate you from the Love of God? The Love of God is to do whatsoever He has commanded you to do! What was the Will of God for the wife? She became separated from the Love of God by her relatives, because they were the cause of her not going with her husband as she was suppose to; and, now further attempts are being made to separate the man from the Love of God!


   The man was working on something under the hood; so, the female stood in front of the car! By his head being under the hood, made it like a covering over his head! What does this show, my Lord? Sometimes wives will not do those things which are their duties to do: but, that does not give the husbands an occasion to sin. No bitterness should rise up, because bitterness blinds you towards the Truth. If bitterness is allowed to enter in; the mind becomes as clogged; and, no Light will enter to guide you! But, the Great Shield which you allowed to be established, will prevent the bitterness from entering in! Neither should anyone become so angry with someone, that he would forget about the Lord. This is a sign that shows you that the Lord has not been increased in you; and, if you have seen that; you need to be seeking the Lord for more Strengthening in the inward man, so that you will be strong enough to overcome the influences of the angry spirits!


   Why become angry towards the Lord because of what the evil caused others to do to you? What has the Lord done to you? You don’t sin against Him, because someone sinned against you. You do not find comfort in the arms of the darkness: but, always seek your comfort from the Lord! He is always your first Comforter! There are those that He will give to us to do, for us, those things which we cannot do for ourselves: but, if these people will not do that which they are suppose to do; the Lord will do it Himself! We are going to be tried, to see if we will allow the evil to be a comfort to us.


   We are here to help save souls; not to help destroy them! We are seeking souls for the Lord; and, we are not going to be made to help Death and Hell gain souls, by taking the evil opportunity that is presented before us. A female is going to be used to try to bring down a man; but, because the man is stayed in the Lord; it is possible he will be able to deliver this female from under the power of the darkness! This is a situation, whereby the darkness could lose another vessel, which they had control over! The darkness hopes that sex will be more appealing to the man, than the relationship with the Lord!


   The female, then, wished the man a happy birthday, because it was shown that this day was his physical birth date. This is showing an interest in something pertaining to the man, when no one else showed interest. But, the man did not remember that this was the day that he was born. It was not something that he gave any thoughts about! He did not even think about that day: but, she had remembered it. This situation had to be taking place on October 29th, because this was the day of his physical birth. Why would she be remembering this? Some people want to show us that they pay attention to things about us, when others don’t. But, this day was not important to him. I have been given to pay more attention to my Spiritual Birthday, than to my physical birthday. The Spiritual Birthday is the birthday that I celebrate: because this is the day that I was delivered from the house of sin, and bondage! My Spiritual Birthday is 01-06-1979. The Lord commanded us to remember that day; and, to speak about that day!


   But, what was this female trying to do? The man’s wife did not come with him! Yes, he did show disappointment when his wife decided not to go with him! He had invited her mother, and her aunt to come along with them: but, they did not want to go! He was willing to take all of them. There are people who will not do something because someone else decides not to do it; but, the Lord has given everyone the right, the power, and the opportunity to make their own decisions! What will you do with your right?


   Those who desire to be with the Lord, desire to be with those whom the Lord told them to be with. “The friend of the world is an enemy to God!” Our desires must be for being where the Lord has commanded us to be. Where has He chosen for us to be; and, with whom has He chosen for us to be with? These are things that must be looked at! What kind of lifestyle does He want us to live, to give Glory to His Name? He told Paul what manner of suffering he must go through for the Glory of His Name; and, Paul accepted that lifestyle gladly.


“Did You Not Know That I Must Do The Will Of God?”


   Whom do we desire to be with the most? We have a choice! The wife showed that she desired to be with her mother and her aunt more than to be with her own husband! Where should her desires have been? But, she did have the right to decide whom she wanted to spend time with; but, was her choice pleasing to God? That was a test which the Lord allowed her to be tested with, even as the man was allowed to be tested, later on! What did the Lord say? Are you in agreement with Him? Or, are you deciding to do your own will? The husband had a choice, also! There was a woman in the place where he was: but, the Lord was there, also! Since the wife chose not to do what the Will of God required her to do; she was left without the Lord! He departed with the one that went forth to do His Will! In this other place, this man had to make another choice; he could be with this woman, or be with the Lord! Trials come continually; and, we are to make the right choices, every step of the way! This is as the journey to obtain the promise! In the beginning, an attempt was made to prevent the journey from beginning! Along the way, those who started out, will be met with temptations, that will try to cause them to stop! To be with this woman means not being with the Lord! Whose company is more important? The choices are made between the Light and the darkness! There is that which is physical and visible; and, there is that which is spiritual and invisible! If someone comes to your house; but, you have already made a vow to go somewhere; will you still go to where you had previously vowed to go? This is not a situation whereby you are forced to do something! This is your right to choose what you will do! What changed the plans? Was this an attempt by Satan to cause you not to go where you planned on going? Yes!


   I saw the mother-in-law very clearly in the dream! She was more evident than any of the other people! They that are of your household (of your kind) shall be your worst enemies, the Lord has said! Consider the wife and her mother! This is blood relationship; and, of the same gender! These are of the same physical kind! These are the ones that Satan will usually use to try to turn us away from doing the Will of God! Remember you are not choosing between your relatives and the Lord; you are choosing between the Lord and Satan! This is how we enter into a situation whereby the Lord asked Peter if he loved Him more than these! We are being shown what we love the most! We have this time to get our Love for the Lord established! This is what we are learning from the situations which are spoken about in Hebrews 11. This is showing if someone, or something can become more magnified in the heart than the Lord. This is usually the case with mothers, more than with fathers. You cannot put parents, or anything before the Lord: because the Lord said that if we put anyone, or anything before Him; we are not worthy of Him! The Lord said that the woman’s desires shall be to the man! That is where He ordered the woman to put her desires; but, is she willing to have those desires placed where the Lord said they should be? If she intends to be saved; she must have everything in the place where the Lord said for them to be! Many parents will be the cause of many of their children being rejected by the Lord, because the parents will want to mean more to their children than the Lord. The righteous parents are suppose to tell their children to go on, and do what the Lord has commanded them to do. But, parents want their children to remain obligated to them, even though their children are married! And, some parents do throw guilt trips on their children for not visiting them. We are not being mean, nor are we being disrespectful towards our parents, when we have to tell them that we must do the Will of God! This is what the Lord had to tell His mother, when she approached Him while He was in the temple talking with those elders! “Did you not know that I must do the Will of My Father?”


   Parents should not put themselves in a position whereby the children must make a choice between them and the Lord. Parents should not allow themselves to become instruments of the darkness to try to cause their own children to turn away from obeying the Lord! When we leave the house of our father and mother, the Lord takes us up! This is what is being spoken about in Psalm 27, when it said, “When my father and my mother forsake me; then, the Lord will take me up!” When we are in the house of our father and mother, the Lord has commanded us to be subject to their rules: but, when we leave, we are to be joined with our mates.


   We are to do good deeds, expecting no favors in return! That is the way of the Lord! Amen!


“Be Willing To Leave Everything Behind!”


   I need to do that which I am given to do, no matter what someone else decides to do. But, what about those spirits that come upon our mates, to cause them to decide to do something else at the time we are given to do something? The evil spirits will try to exercise control over us, by using the weaker ones to do something else at that very time! God requires the husbands and the wives to be on the same page! This is because they should become one with one another. When you see the word “one;” you will understand that God is speaking to both of them as one person. Their minds must become knitted together in the Lord! He said that they are no more two: but, one flesh! God is speaking with the husband and wife as if to be speaking with one person. When He said for the man to go to this certain place: He was also talking with the wife, if she was tuned in with her husband. He has joined these two for His specific purpose; and, neither can there be any substituting of working partners. God will do the replacing, if a replacing is needed. God told Abraham that he and Sarah would bring forth the child that He would use: but, Sarah convinced Abraham to accept her handmaiden! The Lord re-stated to Abraham what He had said, when Abraham tried to persuade the Lord to accept Ishmael, who was the product of Abraham and Hagar, the Egyptian woman! The precise parts had to be in this thing as God proclaimed! No changes could be made! But, who has come to where God said for him or her to be, so that He can look upon them as one? He coordinates the movements of both; and, that which He causes them to do, will not cause conflict. A man has been told to go: but, at the same time, the wife is being told to do something else by the evil! This is how the evil seduced Eve, even though she had heard the same things that Adam had heard! This is suppose to delay the man, or to keep him from doing what he has been told to do. What about our being delayed in doing what we need to do by someone coming just before we have to depart? This will happen, because Satan will always trying to stop the work of Righteousness! Consider the great number of people whom he still has power over! Satan will try to prevent the deliverance of others, by keeping back the one whom the Lord will use to bring about the deliverance! He will try to tie up this person!


   Therefore, you shall pray, saying, “My Lord, You know when people will be used to try to keep us from doing what we are given to do. What shall we do in situations like this? I ask that You would arise; and, take dominion over the situation, because You are Stronger than all! It was shown how You would not allow anything to keep You from doing God’s Will; and, You are the Strength of our lives! Let there be no anxiousness found in me; and, neither let my heart be troubled: but, order me in what to do, I pray Thee! Amen!”


   The evil will also try to keep a person from doing what God has commanded, by causing a conversation to come forth about what wickedness will be going on while you are away. When a wife has chosen not to do what is right, we know she is subject to the will of the darkness. She can be used to commit adultery while the husband is away! These thoughts are suppose to stop the man from doing what God has ordered him to do. If the wife has not shown herself to be a virtuous woman; she has an odious spirit; and, this spirit is always using her to cause vexation to the heart of her husband.


   I have seen how people will come to the house when I am doing something: but, there are times when I will continue on in doing what I was given to do! Then, I have seen times when I will stop to talk with them. We need comfort in these situations to know that the Lord is in control; and, that no evil caused us to do what we did. The Lord gives us the Power, so that no one will be able to keep us from doing that which He has ordered us to do. Grant us this Power, O Lord, I pray Thee!


“We Must Be In God’s Timing!”


   Remember the Word of the Lord that He spoke by Daniel, that said that we have a specified amount of time to get those things done that we need to get done. Timing is important; and, what must be done at this time, must be done! Nothing else can be done during this time: because this time was ordained for a specific duty. Who is causing the delay? If we are actively engaged in doing that which the Lord has given us to do, and the time is about to run out: the Lord will extend that time, to give us enough time to complete the job! This is what He did for Joshua by causing the time to stand still for nearly a full day.


   Some things might seem innocent: but, we are to become aware of the evil coming in at certain times to try to cause us to be delayed in doing what we are given to do. I say it again: Satan is determined to put a stop to every righteous thing! I have seen how people start to engage in conversations with my wife as I am about to leave. We don’t want to seem rude: but, we do need to be on our way. We are becoming more and more aware of the importance of being in God’s Timing: but, those who are not led by the Spirit of God cannot see the importance of leaving at that very moment. We must be in God’s Precise Timing! And, it is good that we know, at this time, if there is anything that can keep us from moving when we need to move on, so that we can get what we need, so we cannot be prevented from going ahead, and doing what we need to do.


   Should the man have waited until the relatives left? No! What would that have meant for his timing? I saw how he was finding money in the place where he had gone, even though he had not left on this journey with the thoughts of finding money. It was not shown that there was anything specific that he was told he had to do! It was only clear that he had to go somewhere at a certain time. If he would have been delayed, he would not have found that which he needed. This money would be as power to do a certain work for the Lord; and, Satan did not want him to have that money! Satan does not want you to gain the Power! If you obey what the Lord commands you to do; you will be given that Power, as the disciples gained the Power, because they went, and waited at Jerusalem as the Lord had commanded! You be asking God for something; and then, He will give you what to do! If you do it; you will gain what you asked for! Satan was trying to prevent them (the husband and the wife) from gaining that which they would need! By the two becoming one; there is more power to fight against the darkness! But, God gives the Power to the ones that are obedient! But, the Lord will stand up for us, to cause us to be able to go ahead to do those things which we desire in our hearts to do, that is the Will of God. We have righteous desires; and, the Lord makes us able to fulfill all of our righteous desires: because the righteous desires comes from Him. Since the devil could not stop the man from going on to do what he was commanded to do; he caused this female to come forth! She would be the next instrument which he would use to try to get the man to transgress! But, neither did the man allow this female, that appeared, to distract him; because the Lord stood for him in this situation, also! The Power of God upheld his focus!


   Because I have prayed and asked the Lord, that I be given the Power of not meeting these females like a man; He has heard me! The focus shall be about right things. We have prayed about not being distracted by people who are around us, even though we know how they feel about us!


   My Lord, can I commit these things into Your Hands, concerning what the wife is caused to do at a time when I am given to do something else? The Word has said that the believing mate can sanctify the unbelieving mate! In what situations are You speaking about? I have heard that the unbelieving mate must not be one that remains, just to be a vexation to the believing mate! Every person must be given his own free will! Everyone will receive from God according to what they are allowing themselves to desire. If you want to be serious about the Truth; and, your relationship with God: He will give you that which you need! All Power belongs to Him; and, all of the Spirits, to be able to do every righteous thing, are given to us freely! Because the Spirit is He that gives us the Power to do all righteousness.


   These are subtle ways in which the evil will try to rule over us! They will try to dictate to us what we will do, by causing someone, who is under their control, to come to us to try to delay us; or, to try to cause us to change our plans! These women that were shown in this dream, I know not to be saved! It was like having to say to them, “I’m sorry you came all this long way: but, I need to go somewhere, right now! But, you can go with us, if you want to: but, I must be going!”


   When will the children gain strength against their parents, to be able to do what they need to do with their mates? Many parents will still try to dictate to their children what to do, even though their children are married! The Lord said, “For this cause, shall a man leave his father and his mother; and, shall cleave to his wife: and, the two shall no more be two: but, shall be one flesh!” I have seen wives and husbands not being able to choose correctly between the spouse and the parents! Many are still putting their parents before their spouse! This is not right in the Sight of God; and, the parents need to know that they should not be butting into God’s business: because He ordained the marriage; and, did ordain for the two to become one in Him! Let the parents know to respect their children’s rights to be joined with their mates! Don’t put your children in a position of having to make a choice between you and their mates! They must choose that which God has ordained, if they expect to be saved! Now, is the Strength of the Lord rising up, to give us Strength to rise up and go! Blessed is that Strength that comes in the Name of the Lord! Amen!


“Who Are You One With?”

(An Element of 666)


   Since we have been looking at evil spirits standing in a place, in the heart, where they ought not to be standing; let us look at how the spirits of the relatives are standing in the place, in the heart, where the spouse should be! There is a special place in your heart that is reserved only for your spouse! If you find that you are giving preference to your parents over your spouse; that is an indication that you have something standing in that spot that ought not to be standing in that spot! Because the wife chose to remain with her mother and her aunt; this shows that she has the spirits of her relatives in the spot where her husband ought to be. Her desires gives preference to the relatives over the husband. But, where is the husband in her heart? That spot where the relatives are standing, is the only spot that the husband can stand in; and, therefore, if he is not occupying that spot, he has no place in her heart! The Lord has set up the heart of man; and, He must establish everything in the heart where it belongs, before it can be a heart that is approved of, and acceptable to the Lord! This is the proper arranging of Righteous things in the heart. It is good that the heart be established by the Lord! That which is in that spot in your heart, is what is urging you to make the choices which you are making! No one can become one with you, except your own spouse! If you put any other person before your spouse, you are not worthy of that spouse. We saw this example with Solomon, when he established his mother as queen over his wives! This caused him to have problems with women! Every section of the heart must be established just the way the Lord has ordained it to be set up!


   God is causing people to lose their money, because they will not give their Tithes! We will come along, and find that which they were caused to lose. But, the man’s thoughts were not about finding money; and, neither were his thoughts about having sex with this woman! He was focusing on getting this car fixed!


   Shall not the wife be left along, if the relatives should leave before her husband returns; if it were meant for him to return? Who knew where this journey was ordained to take them? The evil will do this! They will cause you to forsake that which is right; and then, they will leave you! People are pulled away from God by their own wicked lusts! When they will not return to God within the time frame which He has given for them to return; He will forsake them. He has warned people, telling them, that He will not strive with man always. Take what He said, seriously! When He leaves; what reason will the wicked have for showing you any more interest? Now, you must wait on the wicked when they are ready to please you. This is like how a man is showing all manner of interest in a woman that has a husband! If he is successful in getting her away from her husband; and, have sex with her: she cannot return to her husband afterwards. This man that drew her out, does not have to show her all that interest anymore. She has become subject to the will of the darkness; and, she will have to hunt for the good life. He will service her whenever he feels like it, because there are many foolish ones that have been drawn out of marriage.


   The relatives will show you that there is nothing that can keep them from doing what they need to do; so, when it is time for them to leave, they will leave! You had a choice to be with someone that wanted to be with you: but, you gave priority to someone else! The evil will now show you that you cannot dictate when you want to be satisfied; but, you will have to wait for someone to come; and, they will come when they feel like it. You could have been with a person that wanted you with him: but, now you are left alone. You need to give your attention to gaining Wisdom at this time: because by Wisdom you will be able to make the right decisions. The wicked is dedicated to the things of darkness! How do you compare with them in their dedication to their duties? But, the purpose of the darkness was accomplished by getting the husband and the wife to be separated! If you have made this mistake; and, you have not been rejected by the Lord: you can acknowledge this error; and, call upon Him for forgiveness! This is not speaking about those who have turned to other men to have sex with them: but, this is speaking about making the wrong choice because of the disarrangement of the things of the heart. You need your priorities set straight. What we must do, does not seem important to others: but, what they have to do is important to them! We must also decide what is important to us; and, make our righteous choices. The man would be alone in one place, and she would be alone in another place! But, it was her own decision! She chose not to go with him: but, to remain at home with her mother, and her aunt that had come to visit! Don’t think it strange that some man will decide to come to pay you a visit during the time that you are left alone.


   Because the man’s car broke down in that city; he would not be able to return home right away! (Let us look at the depth of this thing, O Lord!) But, what would the Lord have the man to do after the car got fixed? Would this have been the time when the Lord would have had them to continue on to another place, and not return to the place which they had left? We go out, not knowing if we are going to return to the place that we left! Who is to say if this man was to return to that house?


   There was a woman that appeared in the place where the man was! She is a woman that always had a desire for him. One woman is absent: but, another woman is present! Can she replace the one that is not there? No! Why replace one person with one of the same kind? This is a woman that had no desire for the husband that she was with! What kind of woman is this? This is called a soul destroyer! She floats from man to man, being used to destroy as many men as she can! This is what was said in Proverbs 7, about many strong men have been slain by her! This one instrument has been used to destroy many souls! If one woman is making relatives more important than her husband; how is this other woman making something else to be more important than the man whom she is showing interest in? Is she interested in the man as he is; or, is she interested in someone that she knew many years ago? Is she interested in the man; or, is it the evil spirits working through her that is showing interest in this man? Who is this man? This man is a preacher; and, he is set to bring forth many souls for the Lord! That is why the evil is working so hard to try to get him to turn away from the Lord! This man does not have the same spirit as the man she knew many years ago. So, what is her purpose now? Is she not being used to try to bring the man back into the ways of old?


   Both of these women were showing concerns about things of the flesh! The physical birthday was no longer important to the man: but, his thoughts are on his Spiritual well-being. Being one in the Spirit is of the utmost importance! God tries to get both, the husbands and the wives, to walk in harmony with Him: and, both should have the same desire to go to a place, if they are one with one another in the Lord. Do you see kindred spirits?


   At what time would the relatives have to return to their homes? Everyone must decide what is best for them. What is the Will of God for the wife? I saw two other females without their husbands; and I saw another female in the place where the man was, also without her husband! The wife would be left alone; and, she was without her husband! But, did she have to be without her husband? Who would appear to tempt her? Where is the wife’s head in this situation? Is she covered?


“What Kind of Church Is This?”


   This dream came forth on the night of 04-06-2000! I was shown to be sitting on the front row of some congregation with my wife! There was a woman whom we knew from some time ago, sitting in the area where preachers normally sit before the congregation! But, there were a lot of people sitting and standing in that area! Now, we see another situation about someone standing in the place where the preacher is suppose to be! Who can recognize the true preachers? There seemed to be more people up there, than was out in the audience. I saw a little boy that resembled her son: but, I knew that her son was much older now! This would be nearly 14 years later. Again, this is showing a passing of time: but, some people still remain the same as they were 14 years ago. There has been a lot of physical growing and changing; but, how much Spiritual growing and changing has taken place during that time? The woman sat in the very front, wearing a very short skirt! That hasn’t changed! She moved her legs slightly; and, for a brief moment, like that of a camera’s lens opening and shutting, her white underwear showed! How would this have affected the man 14 years ago? But, somebody is still affected by this! This is like taking a picture; and, that which is photographed, remains in the memory of those that saw it. It is like a photograph that you can go back to, and look at! This is instant replay! This is giving a view briefly to those that sat out in the audience! This would affect both the men and the women in the audience! Some men would delight in seeing this, while others would become offended! The women would become offended if this was shown before their husbands: but, the lewd females would rejoice, because that is the way of lewdness! What kind of Church is this? I have seen and heard how many congregations stress that they are Spirit filled, and led by the Spirit: but, where is the leading of the Spirit in awareness of what is being shown to the public? And, what are the people, who say they are led by the Spirit, doing in private, before God, and before the Holy Angels? Does the Spirit lead you into doing evil before the Face of God, while you are not in the sight of other people? There are great displays of Holiness in the assemblies, because this is what they acknowledge as being Church! But, when they leave those assemblies; these displays also stop, because there is no acknowledging of the Lord in any other place, but that building! Most people call the building the Church; and, that is why they cannot carry themselves in an Holy Way before the Presence of God! Stop acknowledging the building; and, start acknowledging yourself, and the people as being the Body, always! Don’t ever forget that; and, always speak Truth according to what the Lord has said a thing is! Speak it; and, it will become a reality to you! By calling the building the Church; they are saying that the building is the Bride of Christ! Then, what would that make you to be?


   I could not hear anything that was being said by those who were in that area, which is called the pulpit area. What is the distraction; and why are the people being hindered in hearing? What you are being shown, is what is causing you not to be able to hear! What are the things which we are being given to notice in these congregations? My Lord, who are these people; and, what was this representing? “This is a show; and, this is the way of a whore!” Amen!




   God gives the best for our help! It is written in Ephesians 4:11-16, saying, “And the Lord Jesus Christ gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints; for the work of the ministry; and, for the edifying of the body of Christ, until we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ: that we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive; but, speaking the truth in love, may grow up into Him in all things, which is the Head, even Christ, from Whom the whole body, fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplies, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, makes increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.” You are a joint, if you shall obey Him! Righteousness shall flow through you continuously like a river! This portion of this Report is concerning your obedience to do all that the Lord is commanding you to do, to prove to you whether you believe that this Report came from the Lord, or not! If you believe it came from the Lord, you will obey and do all that you are told to do in the Report! It is written in John 8:31-32, saying, “Then said Jesus to those Jews, which believed on Him, If you continue in My Word, then are you My disciples indeed; and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” A true Christian is a true Jew! Amen!


   Thus saith the Lord God, “Remember these Words, which the Lord spoke, saying, Behold, I will cause the Word from Heaven to come out to you like rain; and the people shall go out and gather a certain rate every day, that I may prove them, whether they will walk in My law, or not.” Amen!


   Thus saith the Lord Jesus Christ unto those who have believed, “Pray unto the Father, in My Name, asking that you might receive all of the other chapters of these Reports, which you do not have! If you pray, sincerely, desiring to receive, you will receive your Daily Bread on a daily basis, because there are many Reports put into circulation! I, the Lord, will cause the people to release Them; and, will cause Them to come unto you! Believe in the Power of God! Amen!”


“Prayer of Faith!”


   This is the Prayer that is given for all of you to pray, saying, “O Heavenly Father, I ask in the Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that You would cause me to pray this prayer with all sincerity! I ask that You would cause all of the other chapters of these Reports, that I do not have, to come unto me! I ask this in faith, believing that this Report was authorized to come unto me by the Lord Jesus Christ! My Lord, cause the flowing to begin: and, let me be included in this flowing of the Word of God! Because I remember that I will be held accountable for the blood of those who perish because of my negligence, I will be faithful to sound this trumpet! Amen!”


“The Lord Will Not Answer A Liar, Nor A Deceiver!

Yes, He Does Know If You Have Believed!”


Thus Saith The Lord, “Now, Obey The Word of God!”

(This Is The Way The Word of God Will Spread!)


   It is written, in Psalm 68:11, saying, “God gave the Word; and, great was the company of those that published it!” Amen!


   Let that great company appear, O Lord!


   Your instructions are written in Ecclesiastes 11:1-3, saying, “Cast your bread upon the waters: for you shall find it after many days. Give a portion to seven, and also to eight; for you don’t know what evil shall be upon the earth. If the clouds be full of rain, they empty themselves upon the earth: and if the tree falls toward the south, or toward the north, in the place where the tree falls, there it shall be.” Now, you say, “I will exercise myself in faith! I will do with this Report as it is commanded in Ecclesiastes 11:1-3, because I am given to realize that this is a Commandment from the Word of God. I will pay attention to my obedience to do what the Word has said! The Word of the Lord is commanding me to “Disperse what I have received among the people: and, after many days, I will find it again!” Someone is going to be converted; and, I will receive this Word back from a stranger! I will hear others speaking that which I have sent out. My obedience is necessary for my salvation! I know this for sure, that, this is an order being given to me from the Lord Jesus Christ! My bread is that which I have received! Because I have been helped by this Report, I will show my love, compassion, and caring for others by giving a portion to seven, and also to eight, that others might be helped, also! I will make seven copies of this Report, and give them out! Then, I will do it a second time: but, this time, I will make eight copies, and give them out. I must keep this Original Copy for myself, because this is my Master Copy! I will now start to compile the complete Collection of Carriums! I will give a portion to seven, and also to eight: and, that will be a total of 15. And, the Spirit will speak with me, again, telling me when to give out more copies! I will keep this Word flowing continually! I shall become as a cloud that is full of rain, which when it is full, it empties out itself upon the earth! I shall empty out what I have in me, unto the people! May the Lord my God, help me to keep my words! Amen!”


   What are you expecting to receive by doing this? The Lord said in Luke 17:7-10, saying, “But, which of you, having a servant plowing or feeding cattle, will say unto him, by and by, when he is come from the field, Go and sit down to meat? And will not rather say unto him, Make ready wherewith I may sup, and gird yourself, and serve Me, till I have eaten and drunken; and afterward you shall eat and drink? Does He thank that servant because he did the things that were commanded him? I don’t believe so. So likewise you, when you shall have done all those things, which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do.” Amen!


   The Lord gave Elijah a sign, signaling the start of an abundance of rain! When the rain comes down, it is gathered in a reservoir; and, then it is issued out from the place where it is gathered. The rain is the Understanding, which is intended for the people of these latter days! This is the latter rain, which the Lord spoke about through the Prophets of old. As it was shown to Ezekiel, in the 47th chapter of the Book of Ezekiel, the waters issued out from a certain place, and flowed outward, going to every person. It is written, saying, “Afterward, He brought me again unto the door of the house; and, behold, waters issued out from under the threshold of the house, eastward: for the forefront of the house stood toward the east, and the waters came down from under from the right side of the house, at the south side of the altar. Then, He brought me northward out of the way of the gate, and led me outside about the way, unto the utter gate, by the way that looks eastward; and, behold, there ran out waters on the right side. And, when the Man, that had the line in His hand, went forth eastward, He measured a thousand cubits, and He brought me through the waters; the waters were to the ankles. Again He measured a thousand, and brought me through the waters; the waters were to the knees. Again He measured a thousand, and brought me through; the waters were to the loins. Afterward, He measured a thousand; and it was a river that I could not pass over: for the waters had risen, waters to swim in, a river that could not be passed over. And He said unto me, Son of man, have you seen this? Then He brought me, and caused me to return to the brink of the river. Now when I had returned, behold, at the bank of the river were very many trees on the one side and on the other. Then, said He unto me, This Word is issued out to those who are looking to evil, and will go down unto those who are in a desolate condition, and shall go into the people who are as numerous as the water of the sea, which have within themselves that which will not satisfy man for his life, even as the sea water will not! But, when this Word shall reach them; these people shall be healed. It is as turning the sea water into fresh water, which is made drinkable. And it shall come to pass, that every thing that lives, which responds to the Word, whithersoever the Word shall come, shall live: and there shall be a very great multitude of fish, because these waters shall come thither: for they shall be healed; and every thing shall live whither the river comes. And it shall come to pass, that the fishers shall stand upon it from one end, even unto the other end; they shall be a place to spread forth nets; their fish shall be according to their kinds, as the fish of the great sea, exceeding many. But, the miry places thereof and the marshes thereof shall not be healed; they shall be given to salt. And by the river upon the bank thereof, on this side and on that side, shall grow all trees for meat, whose leaf shall not fade, neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed: it shall bring forth new fruit according to his months, because their waters they issued out of the sanctuary: and the fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine. Thus saith the Lord GOD; This shall be the boundary, whereby you shall inherit the Promise, according to the dispersing of the land, which was given to the twelve tribes of Israel! You shall remain within the boundaries of the Laws of God. This is the heart of man! Your whole heart shall be filled with Righteousness, as the example of the Promise land, which I gave unto Israel of old. Those who are given to be the Keepers shall have two portions. And you shall also inherit it, one as well as another: concerning that which I lifted up Mine hand to give It unto your fathers: and this Promise shall fall unto you for inheritance. These are the Laws and Promises of the Lord Jesus Christ.” Amen!


   Thus saith the Lord, “Because of these Reports, the trees, which are the people, will fall either to the north (Everlasting Light), or to the south (Everlasting Torment)! Something good, or something bad is going to happen in your house, depending on what you do with this Report.” Amen!


   Each of you, who have received this Report, shall ask the Lord, saying, “O Lord, Who is worthy to receive this Report?” And then, ask Him to give you the 15 people to whom you might give a copy of this Report!

   You know people in your area, and in other areas! You have email addresses! Make sure you are showing a concern about the well-being of others! Learn to desire to share, and start sharing with others! Make known to others where they can find these Messages! Amen!


   Now, you say, I ask of You, O Lord, Who is worthy to receive this Report? I ask that You would give me the 15 people who will be faithful in distributing these Reports! You do know all of those who are Yours! I am looking unto You from Whom my help comes! I need Your Help, O Lord! Amen!

“My Lord, Who Has Believed Our Report?”


Do You Believe That This Is A Report From The Lord?

Answer: Yes or No!

“This Is A True Report!”