Be Strong; and, Learn of Jesus!


1st Day of The 10th month


2nd Day of the week, which is called Monday!

     Following blindly brings you on into what God has in store for you!  Disobedience causes you to miss it every time!  Be built up in going all the way, and staying with what you have begun!  Following blindly also builds you up in confidence; and, starts to defeat your fears!  The eyes are opened to see more than you have ever seen before!  Having begun in the Spirit, do not turn from that way!  And, remember that the evil is trying to rob you!  True friends will encourage you to continue; but, those who pretend to be your friend will always be trying to get you to stop doing what the Lord has commanded you to do!  People who don’t produce are the ones who are trying to keep you from producing!  Want to know why it seems like God has nothing to give to people?  It is because it is hard to find anyone who is willing to remain in the way in which He has commanded them to go!  They never remain in a way long enough to see a thing come to pass!  Amen!

     God is going to come down hard and suddenly on those people who are being sneaky!  Remember how He is!  He is towards people as they are towards Him!  Amen!

     This is the 1st day of my 10th month of the 29th year after my baptism!  Blessed and Holy are You, O Mighty God!  You have brought me into another month!

     There is one messenger!  There are no individual interpretations!  There is one interpretation; and, that is that which comes from God by the Lord Jesus Christ, Who sends His Angel unto His servants!  There is one faith!  Hear the Word of the Lord at the mouth of those preachers whom He has ordained.  The Lord is Blessed and Holy!  God is Faithful; and, His Ways are established forever, for all generations!  The Lord God Almighty sends the Understanding by the Way He said He would send it!  Don’t include yourself in something that He has not chosen you to be included in.  Don’t anger God any longer with your own personal interpretations!  Turn from those wicked ways; and, accept the interpretations that He gives you by the Way you have heard He will speak with you.  You are not chosen; you are called!

     People are speaking about being brought to their baptism: but, how can God bring you to your baptism if you will not follow the instructions that He is sending to you?  Did I not tell you that Israel had to do everything that Moses was given to tell them to do, before they could be delivered out of Egypt?  This is what you are being told to do; and, you must dedicate yourselves to doing whatsoever you are commanded to do; and, you must refuse any other desires that come to you.

     I will obey what You tell me to do, O Lord, because You do increase me with Your Spirit!  I seek what You want me to do; and, You will lead me in the Way of doing Your Will, and Your Will only!  You will fight against all of those who will contend with me to try to keep me from doing what You want done!

     Who among you have that old Michal way?  She resents David!  She does not look at him with loving eyes!  She looks at him with despising eyes!  She has bitterness in her heart against him.  God will make her to be unfruitful!  David told her that she would not conceive, nor bear any children for him.  How is this done Spiritually?  The way a person feels about an anointed of the Lord, is the same way that person feels about the Lord.  The Lord will not work through anyone with bitterness in his heart against any Righteousness.  You are despising the Spirit; and, the Spirit will depart from you!  And, without the Spirit, you cannot do anything!  David was dancing, rejoicing, and praising the Lord for the victory that He had wrought for them: but, when his wife saw him, she despised him.  How do you feel about public praises?  How can you be a part of something that you are despising?  The wife shall not despise her husband; and, neither shall a husband despise his wife!  The two are counted as being one!  What you think about the mate is what you are thinking about yourself, because you are one with that mate!  And, when anyone, who calls himself or herself a member of the Body of Christ, shall show forth any resentment towards any righteous act; that person no longer has any part with Righteousness, because Righteousness has been condemned by that person.  For this reason, many who think they have Christ don’t have Christ, because they have shown a resentment for something that is ordained by Righteousness!  Michal saw Righteousness on display; and, she resented it!  This person cannot bring forth any fruits for the Lord, because this person is resenting the Lord!  Who has disassociated himself from participating in any righteous act?  You have separated yourself from the Lord!  Whatsoever you do against any righteous person, you have done the same against the Lord!  That is the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ!  Amen!

     O Lord, I thank You for the warnings that You have sent forth!  I pray that seriousness will enter into the hearts of the people!  I ask of You to remove these spirits of playfulness from upon the people; and, let Your Spirit, which causes people to take things seriously, rest upon them.  O Heavenly Father, let fear return to the earth, I pray Thee!  Thank You for giving me what to ask of You!  Amen!

     O God, the Help that You give is Mighty!  You do shake people loose from the evil.  I do remember how You did shake Satan off that woman who had been bound by him for eighteen years!  Let deliverance be wrought in the earth, I pray Thee!  I also ask that comfort be given to our bodies, so we can do more work without all of these pains!  And, strengthen us with more of Your Spirit to work!  Let idleness be removed far from us!  You send forth Your Spirit to help us!  Let Your Spirit come forth, O Mighty God!  Let the Spirit move upon the people; and, cause them to be drawn, I pray Thee!  Save Your people, O God!  You have given me the time to ask these things of You; and, You have sent forth Your Angel with what I need to pray for as I ought to pray!  Thank You for the prayers of faith, O Mighty God!  You will do all that You give us to ask of You, because You gave us what to ask!  Amen!

     Are you enjoying what you are being given to do yet?  Or, are you just doing it because this is what God commanded you to do?  Are you enjoying doing what God has commanded you to do?  You must show a delight in all that God is commanding you to do; and, nothing shall be grievous to you!  You shall do this with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength!  Amen!

     It is written in Luke 23, saying, “And as they led Him away, they laid hold upon one Simon, a Cyrenian, coming out of the country, and on him they laid the cross, that he might bear it after Jesus.  And there followed Him a great company of people, and of women, which also bewailed and lamented him.  But, Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for Me; but, weep for yourselves, and for your children.”  I heard about two dreams that showed that I had gotten hurt; and, the woman cried bitterly!  But, this is what I heard from the Lord: there were women weeping for Him as He was on His way to be crucified; but, He told them not to weep for Him; but, to weep for themselves, and for their children.  Don’t consider the righteous man as being in trouble: but, consider the trouble that you are in, and the trouble that your children are in!  Now, think about how much trouble your children are in!  If I die; my soul will return to God, even as Jesus was about to return to God!  But, what about you and your children?  Amen!

     Now, you will start to see true preachers rise up!  Amen!

     “Being Forced!”  It is written in Matthew 11, saying, “And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of Heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force.”  The devil uses force to force the people of God into doing things!  He uses violence against the people of God!  He uses threats against us!  He also makes laws to force people into doing things that are not according to the Will of God!  It is shown in the Book of Ezra how the people took a letter from the king to force the Jews to stop doing something that they were doing.  The king’s letter is what is considered as law!  They used a law, which they persuaded someone in a high position to make!  It is the same as when Jezebel wrote a letter, and stamped it with the king’s seal!  Daniel speaks of the beast as honoring the god of forces!  Forces is plural in nature, which means many ways of forcing people to do things!  But, forcing is disguised as liberty, and freedom of choice, when the only choices will be between two or more things of the darkness!  God does not force!  God gives you to make a choice between that which is of the Light, and that which is of the darkness!  Amen!

     Heavenly Father, give me more of Your Spirit to teach, I pray Thee!  Let me be more apt to teach!  I know that this means that something is to be given to me so that You will be able to teach more effectively through me, because You are He Who is doing the teaching.  I am just the vessel that You use.  Amen!

     Be careful about what you are being caused to believe you are, and to speak of yourselves as being, because someone whom you thought to be a preacher, or a Christian said you are!  I heard someone saying we are the Gentiles!  We are not the Gentiles; we are the Christians!  Gentiles are the unsaved people!  If you are confessing to be a Gentile; you cannot be a Christian!  You were once Gentiles; but, now you are Jews in Christ!  Don’t let the crafty devils, posing as preachers beguile you, and cause you to confess to something that will take you out of the Kingdom of God!  I know what I am; and, I believe what the Lord has said about His people!  You are no longer Gentiles when you enter into His Kingdom!  You have to continue to cast away all of that which you learned from those of the darkness!  Keep none of it!  Amen!

     You keep yourself in the love of God by keeping yourself in obedience to doing all that He is commanding you to do!  When you disobey, His anger starts to rise up against you!  Understand, and believe that truth!  Know that this is the way that it is for yourself, and don’t turn from believing this, no matter what anyone else says!  This is how you work out your own salvation with fear and trembling!  Amen!

     My car was like that of one of the NASCARS, with huge all black tires.  It looked like an old 1967 Chevelle SS 396.  There were a lot of cars in this place where I was staying.  All of our cars were lined up like what you would see on a car lot.  I saw a car at the end of the line that someone had deliberately set on fire; and, was planning on setting other cars on fire also.  All of the cars were without any kind of paintings on them!  They were covered in a dark gray color, or a gray primer.  There was nothing indicating any kind of sponsors as you would see on today’s NASCARS!  The dream was also in black and white.  I had to go some place: but, I was living in another place.  It was dark as if to be at night.  But, there was not any comfort in the place where I was staying.  I am writing concerning the dream as things are being given to me.  These are the things that I am given to remember so far!  What this is all about is in God’s knowledge, because He sent the dream to me.  I laid down, and slept very comfortably!  Amen!

     I thought about when we go car shopping, that there are a lot of cars lined up in several rows!  Which would be the car to get?  A primer color means you can put any color you so choose on the vehicle.  NASCAR colors are very bright; and, they will attract attention!  This is the way my van was painted: but, I always advertised the Word of God on my vehicles.  From a distance, all people could see were those bright colors!  But, as they drew near, they would be able to read something pertaining to the Lord, and the Gospel.  The Lord had called this the “Burning Bush Effect!”  Moses being curious about a burning bush that was not being consumed, did draw near to investigate this: but, as he came near, the Lord God spoke with him!  How did God draw you?  He pricked your curiosity, which made you draw near!  And, then you heard the true Word of God!  I see my Internet web pages as being in a line of common looking cars: but, something has to be done to pull the attention to these web sites!  The speaks of something fiery and burning; and, the Net speaks of that which will catch you!  Unlike the van, which could move around, the web pages remain in one place!  That is also a sign of stability!  But, O Lord, what is the meaning of the one being set on fire; and, a person planned to set others on fire?  I know how arsonists go about setting things on fire; and, some are paid by property owners to do these things just to get the insurance money!  This happens with a lot of old houses and buildings, whereby developers want that property to build something else on that property.  Amen!

     During the afternoon, on yesterday, which was the first day of the week, two men came from FEMA to measure the house for the blue roof that our landlord had signed up for, because of the hurricane damage.  They said that they would have to put the blue roof, which is a temporary covering, over the entire roof; and, that since they had to nail the blue roof down, I would probably have to put on an entire new roof, because this one would last about two months.  It is not something that I looked for from them.  O Lord, what is Your Will concerning this?

        You might want to do good for somebody, and do no harm: but, if you do not pay attention to getting yourself in line with what God requires of you, with all respect and obedience, the evil that remains in you will cause you to do harm where you thought to do good!  Those who want to do good will see to it that they give their attention to being purged of the evils that God shows them!  The steps to becoming a person, who does good, are ordered by the Lord!  Amen!