All Manner of Killings Are Taking Place In This Land!

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“All Manner of Killings Are Taking Place In This Land!”


“And say, Thus saith the Lord GOD; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls! Will you hunt the souls of My people, and will you save the souls alive that come unto you? And will you pollute Me among My people, for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live, by your lying to My people that hear your lies? Wherefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith you there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that you hunt to make them fly. Your kerchiefs also will I tear, and deliver My people out of your hand, and they shall be no more in your hand to be hunted; and you shall know that I am the LORD.” (Ezekiel 13)


“What Is A Pillow; and, Who Are The Women?” Many churches are as many women! That is what you lay your head on! You rest; and, sleep in peace; and, you are comfortable! Because you are as asleep, many things come upon you! You are comfortable, and at rest in your churches! You are so relaxed! There are dangers in America: but, the worse danger is called church, because by what is called churches are souls hunted! And, the Lord will deliver His people from these places!

“How shall I give my Tithes and Offerings?” The Lord said your giving must be in secret; and, that the right hand shall not know what the left hand does! Whosoever makes his giving known has lost his reward for his giving! Checks and money orders make known the giver and the amount! And, even putting it in envelopes issued by church congregations with your names and amounts on the envelopes, still exposes the giver and the amount; and, it is no longer a secret. The giving must be totally in secret as the Lord Jesus pointed out! This is how you qualify to receive your reward from God. You are being robbed if you are required to announce your giving in any manner. Stick strictly with the Way the Lord Jesus said to do it, and if anyone requires you to give another way; refuse to give! Not even the preacher is to know who gave what! It is God Who knows who gave what; and, He will reward you openly! It is a secret between the giver and God! Do you accept the Way of the Lord? Sow cash; and, reap cash! This is a Church matter! I wish you to be Blessed! The Lord has sent this deliverance to you! This is a great error in that which is called the Church! Amen!

Who has added this weight to you? When you make agreements with someone, where were you when you made those agreements? Was this an emotional thing? Did you follow the counsel from the Lord? You were not a good listener! You tried to take on many employees, and you agreed to wages: but the agreement you made did not allow for you to make any money! You went broke! Wisdom did not guide you! You have a lot of work that needs to be done: but, did you trust in the Lord to regulate this work? People need to pick up their computers: but, is the Lord in charge of the outgoing and the incoming? Does He regulate for you?

Seeing something wrong with others starts with seeing and correcting those things that are wrong in you! Then, you are able to see clearly how the help others with their problems! But, if you have not focused on that; you are not helping others with what you are saying to them! Helping others to see their errors is not arguing with them! There is no helping in feuding and arguing! Always have “Come now; and, let us reason together” in your attempt to help someone! And, always make sure gentleness and caring are in it! Offer corrections in the bonds of love and peace! Bond means to be bound to the person in love and in peace! Bitterness must not be in the midst, because it will be your spirit that will affect the person! Can you see Light? Can you detect Light? What is the spirit of your own mind? That is the spirit that will give you how to look at what is being sent to you! I know what I am sending: but, how are you interpreting what is being sent?

“You got the makings?” Yes, I have the makings! What does that mean? It means you have what it takes to make a cigarette! That means you have the paper and the tobacco! Now, I ask you if you have all that you need to make what you want? That means you must have all of the ingredients to arrive at the finished product. “Do you have the makings for a computer?” No! “What is it you are lacking?” The operating system!

What do we look for? We look for the Lord to provide us with the Best at the cheapest price! The cheapest price begins with “Free!”

What is the blockage? How does it appear to you? There were women who went to the tomb where the body of Jesus had been laid: but, they knew a huge stone had been rolled over the entrance of the tomb. They said, “Who shall remove this stone for us?” They came to the tomb, and found the stone had already been rolled aside. What are we depending on to block and to unblock? Is it something that man is providing for us at a price? Who removed that stone from over the mouth of the tomb? Was it the Lord from the inside; or, was it the Angel whom the women found at the entrance of the tomb, standing by the huge rock? It was not done by man! The evil desires of your heart are causing evils to be able to come in unto you! Those things cannot be blocked as long as you have those evil desires in your heart! You may hide them from people; but, they are not hidden from the spirits! People go to web sites looking for evil; and, it comes back to their computers! You don’t get information from God because you do not seek unto Him. My Help comes from the Lord! What are your thoughts about the Lord’s Power? What is impossible for God? What does your mouth say, and what does your ways say?

Whom do you take your examples from? Do you see what happened to others? Do you take the examples of the kings of old, which are written about in the Bible, as to which ways to go and which ways not to go? Do you even pay attention to the members of your own family, and what happened to them? You saw the end result? Which way do you choose to go? The evils that others before you fell into, are worse now than what they were when the others fell into them! Evils only wax worse and worse! So, the end result of falling into evils will be more intense now than they were a short while ago. Take the counsel of the Lord, always! People will fall into things they won’t be able to get out of, because they kept ignoring the counsel of the Lord! Evil is progressing onward towards taking the “Mark of the Beast!” That is something that those who fall into it, will not be able to get out of. It has already been told to us. Ignoring the counsel of the Lord is already being prepared for taking the Mark of the Beast! It is a time of the strongest of delusions, whereby people will be persuaded that they are serving the Lord, and there can be no changing of their minds, because they will have given their minds over to darkness. But, they will see this darkness as being Light!

I believe in the Power of God to do what He tells me He will do! If the Lord will not cause it to be profitable, there is no benefit in doing it! Instructions are given to us as to what to do; and, that is what we do! We do not want vain work! I have done things that were in vain! These were usually just bright ideas! Now, I do seek preciseness coming by instructions from the Lord! I look to the Lord to block and to allow! Whatever we put our hands to do, which will be what He gives us to do, we shall prosper in that! Now, let all that came forth from bright ideas be destroyed. Search them out; and, cause them to come to Light, I pray Thee! “Unto them, which are in darkness, show yourselves!” These things will be eliminated!

There are many lawsuits! If we caused injury to someone accidentally; we have the Power to have this fixed, if we acknowledge we did this accidentally! I would know all of the truth about this! What is the Word of the Lord concerning this? I also think about people who are injured on jobs! Would they take healing; or, would they keep the injury just to collect money! Ability is preferred; or, is it? Many people are injured: but, they choose to keep the injury so they can collect money! I will rejoice in knowing the Power of God to heal! God does recover that which is torn! Who will accept a disability just to get money? Will you be made whole, even if it means you will lose the money?

I considered Deuteronomy 32:22. “For a fire is kindled in My Anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains.” What supports what? What is the foundations of mountains? What are mountains? If the foundation is destroyed, that which is built upon or held up by the foundation has nothing to support it! When God will have destroyed the evil powers; those who are being moved by these evil powers will be left without support! How do they think? Is it not by the evil spirits? So, when these evil spirits are bound up; the people will be left as people without minds!

“Intent and Purpose!”


Have honest intents with Righteous purposes! Always know your thoughts are known to God, and give consideration always to what you are showing Him!

You blow the snot in the rag, and you put the rag in your pocket! You carry your snot around with you! You can simply blow it out of your noses onto the ground or into the toilet, and wipe your nose with toilet paper! Blowing your nose into a rag causes more back pressure, which puts more pressure on your ear drums! Remove the restrictions from blowing your nose! There are so many stupid ways people have learned!

Don’t always look for reasons why you can’t do something: but, rather look for the way to do it. Always seek to have ability rather than giving in to inability! How can I get it done? “I can’t” is now: but, can I get to “I can!”

There are many members of the same Body: but, there is only One Spirit operating all of these members! Rejoice in the work you are given to do, because every work is necessary! Rejoice in the position you hold, because it is an assignment given to you by the Lord! It doesn’t matter who is considered as the boss, because there must be only One Boss. He causes it to operate! It is the supply of your needs! Let the work be Glorified! God uses several to produce the work that produces for the livelihood of others! So, therefore, know just how important you are! Know your own importance! Know the importance of the business, because it is supplying you with what you need! It is what God gave. Take care of it as if it is your own. Let there not be a whole lot of chiefs, and no Indians! Let the business be glorified, because it is the work of the Hands of the Lord! It is what God gave you! Appreciate it; and, stop being bitter! Stop trying to be recognized, because the Lord will exalt you in due season! Praise God for what you have been given, whether you are an employee or an owner! Now you will see what the right frame of mind will do!

Steps are ordered by the Lord! Follow the Steps to become a good man! I hear that clearly! And, I understand that clearly! The Lord God is the Provider! He causes it to happen! The Voice of the Lord is Powerful! Confusions are removed! Not even a fool could error! Heavenly Father, You do make it clear to us; and, You know when it is clear to us, and when it is not! You cause it to be clear whereby there is not a shadow of doubt! You are just that Powerful! That is Awesome! You cause the mind to be believing! It is inhabited by Righteousness! Truth is Established; and, lies are cast out! You purge us thoroughly; and, You renew all Right Spirits within us! Blessed is that Day when You will have caused it to come to pass!

Give the evil no rest day nor night! Sing praises to God! The Power of God inhabits the praises of the Saints! Lift up your voices in praises! Keep them lifted up! Keep the evil fleeing! Let the Angels chase them continually! Mighty in Power are You, O God! You have given Power to the praises; and, we are to walk by faith! I believe as You have caused me to believe; so, therefore, let All Power come to me to offer up praises as I am supposed to; and, do this for the others, also, I pray Thee! Power comes to remove the evil for the position of Power! You knock them down; and, You cast them out! Blessed and Holy are You Who come in the Name of the Lord!

What do we pray for? The Lord our God gives us what to ask for, because He said we don’t know what to pray for as we ought to! Do you believe that? The Lord is Holy; so, be you Holy! Learn how to be Holy! Teach me to be Holy, O Holy Lord! Who can teach to be Holy except He that is Holy? Many have many ideas about Holiness! Holiness is Powerful! Holiness is Joyful! Amen!

I place things where the Lord tells me to place them! I am of the Body! Whatsoever is not connected to the Body are called islands! They speak! These are even evil spirits that approach us to talk! Know where the speaking is coming from! Is it from the inside out of the heart; or, is it outside? Evil spirits are deceivers! But, Light speaks Truth! Do you speak Truth? You are hearing according to as you are speaking! Are you speaking Truth? Are you dealing honestly? “Keep silent before me, O islands!” Hearing is Good! You set up everything just the way You want them!

What is the Christian belief? You, O God, causes the attentive listening! The Christian belief is that God speaks through those whom He has ordained! Are you a believer? If you are having problems with doing something that God has required of you; did you make it known to be prayed for? Or did you just grumble? You must honestly want to do it! God knows your thoughts! Ability will not be given to do something that you do not desire to do, which God has commanded you to do. I know people like what they like; and, I have seen a lot of this; people not wanting to get rid of what they desire when God is pointing them towards something else. People will stick with what they like, and still expect God to approve of them. This is being stiff-necked and rebellious! I have always told people that it is not what they can get people to believe about them that makes it alright: but, what does God think about you? Also, I have noticed how people drift back to old ways after awhile! By doing this: all that you had gained were lost! So, you always start over with nothing! Remember: the evil that you turn back to, destroys all of the good you had gained. The only way to keep this good is to confess to your sinful ways; and, repent of the evils as soon as you are made aware of it. And, people are so proud that they do not say, “Lord, I have sinned!” You must confess with your mouth, and believe in your heart that you have sinned!

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