A Storm Is Brewing!

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“Watch Your Steps!”

(A Storm Is Brewing!)


Give them Strength; and, renew them, I pray Thee!

What happened at the Colorado River in Columbus, Texas? What happened to the Colorado Kid? I came, and I parked the van near the table; and, sat down! I waited! Cherry and Felicia walked on down to the river! Cherry slipped and fell! They returned to where I was! Later I would go down to the river, and Felicia followed with me! I went to the right around a muddy spot: but, they had gone to the left when the two females went alone! Who guided them? 

People are fooled: but, the evils knows where your heart is at all times!

How is it that the males got attacked: Ruben, Joshua, and Michael! O Lord, strengthen the males, and deliver them from these attackers, I pray Thee!

I did sow the one seed in the ground as I was told to do! Unless the seed is sown, there can be no fruits produced! Salvation comes from the Lord! Send the Saving Power!

This is the Watch!


The Effectual Fervent Prayer of a Righteous man avails much! Let us see it, O Lord! Cause the prayers to be as they are supposed to be, I pray Thee!

At 7:45 AM, I was told to send this on to the Internet!

Physical and Spiritual Deliverances are needed! Proclaim Liberty, O Lord, I pray Thee! Proclaim the captives free, I beseech You! Send the Power, O God! Send the Power to heal! Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord! Arise; and, Shine; and, let the Spirit of the Lord God be exalted! Mercy is multiplied! Mercy upon Mercy upon Mercy! God is praised for His Goodness! It is a Blessing to recognize His Goodness in the times of troubles! You give Help to those who have no help! You give clear understanding, and precise Instructions! There is no guessing as to what to do! You order our steps; and, You make them plain to us.


Your Strength is Mighty, O God! I see how You give me Strength to do things that I could not ordinarily do! You give ability to those who have no ability! I know I don’t have natural ability anymore: but, what I need to do, I have seen how You have given me what I need to be able to do it, if it is important that this is to be done. Now, one is down, O Lord, as You already know! I seek the restoration of Ruben so the pressure on the others can also be relieved. The enemy has come in like a flood; and, I don’t know how this was able to be: but, I know that You do! Steps are ordered! I pray for the Strength of Riech, Felicia, and Deborah during this time! I pray for my Strength, also! And, I thank You for having me to turn back from the journey on Saturday to return to Beaumont because You knew what would be. What other help can I be to them during this time! Teach me Your Ways; and, lead me in the Paths in which You would have me to go!

The seed must be sown in good soil before it can bring forth! How is the soil made good? What are the steps that brings soil into be the kind that it became? All hearts, initially, are in the same condition! How did some become by the wayside, and others as among thorns, and others stony according to Matthew 13? It is the Power that goes with the Preacher; and, the hearers are determining what kind of mind they are allowing to be developed in them! God created the earth; and, it was all good! Now, the minds are created by God according to the choices people make while hearing the Truth! The hearts are made ready to receive by God: but, people can choose to harden their hearts! I have heard about females making themselves unable to bring forth children by removing those things from themselves that allows them to bring forth children! Even so, those who harden their hearts will not bring forth fruits of Righteousness! These turn a deaf ear to what is being spoken! And, the desire not to hear is what causes the inability to hear! Also hearing and not obeying will cause deafness! There is no being built up as a house of Righteousness if you hear these things, and do not do them! Are you set to be ready to hear, and not to speak? Before you ask a question, God already knows what’s on your mind! He knows your thoughts before they even come to you! He already knows what you will be thinking! He knows if you have believed or not! He knows if you have accepted the preachers whom He sent! He knows your lack of respect for those whom He has sent! He knows how you have rejected them, and still believe you are accept by Him! He knows you have not accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord! He knows your pretense; and, your belief that He still approves of you! He knows you believe it is alright for you to disrespect those whom He has sent, and that you believe you have not done anything wrong in doing so! He knows you don’t believe Him when He said whatsoever you do to those whom He sent is what you have done to Him! He knows everything: but, you don’t believe that: but, you will say you do! You don’t listen to God speaking through the preacher as He said He does! He knows you are listening without believing Him. Yes, He does know our heart: but, it is not the same as you think He knows! Your ways are showing you your heart, and your thoughts about God!

You have gluttonous; and, your mind is always turned to eating! You eat without consideration of others! You are not given to hospitality as God commanded! You are partial in your doing! You don’t acknowledge God, because you always contend with the preacher! It is not God’s Will that you are concerned about: but, what you want is what you are concerned about! Alright, He heard you: and, He will answer you: but, you are expecting Him to answer you right now! Are you so demanding that you will demand God answer you right now? That is the way you are when you come before the preacher! What if God chooses to wait, and answer you eleven days from now? Will you still wait for the answer from the Lord; or, will you go ahead and do what you already had in your mind to do? Will you try to pressure the preacher in answering, which is to say, you are trying to pressure God into answering you? Get rid of those demanding ways!

Cause and Effect!


You wrote saying, “When the cause is removed and destroyed, the effects you see will vanish also! So, consider this, if you still see the effects, then the cause must still be there!” Not so! The spring is stopped: but, water is still flowing until the last of it flows away!

5:04 AM

“Peace: Be Still!”

Let the Joy be Full; and, let the Joy be High! And, let Peace have His Perfect Works! Abide in Peace; and, live Peaceable with one another! That is the Will of God! God is always on time! Be not anxious for anything!

This is first to the wives of preachers! Before a man is your husband; who is he? Was he chosen by God to be His servant before he became your husband? And, that is what he remains as until the day he dies! Do you know that?

You are to make yourself to be what you are calling yourself! You make yourself to be what you are calling yourself by accepting what God offers that will make you to be that! God defined wife! The Word is Help Meet, which means suitable help! She is a suitable help to the man in his purpose that God has ordained for him! And, if she ignores what the husband says, is she a suitable help? There is the Spiritual Husband; and, the physical husband! There is the Spiritual Wife; and, the physical wife! There are vows that are made! Show the respect! Give respect to what God has said! Honor the Lord! What is the Lord’s Desire? And, what is the husband’s desire? This is especially to the wives of preachers, and all who are ordained by God! Concern yourselves about being what God wants you to be! A position is assigned with a purpose! The Angel of the Lord has come to deliver the Messages of the Lord to me! Do you respect His presence? Does a wife disrespect what her husband is doing, and expect him to stop doing what he is doing just because she walks in with something to say to him; or, does she respect him for who he is? Does she show respect for the presence of the Holy Angel Whom the Lord God has sent to him to deliver to him the Messages for the people, which is the purpose for which he was ordained? Does she respect the man in his Work? Does she honor the Lord? Does she wait patiently and respectfully? Does she acknowledge the Presence of the Lord? Does she realize she be contending with the Angel of the Lord for control over her husband’s ears? Is that not the work of Satan who contend for the body of Moses? Remember the War Angel Michael! Everyone is expected by God to line up according to His Will!

And, you argumentive spirit, cursed are you; and, you be plucked up by the roots; and, be you cast into the sea! You shall bear no more fruits from henceforth, and forever! Amen!

We have to have confidence in the use of that which the Lord God has given us to use! These things must obey us! And, the Angels will perform according to what we have commanded against the evil.

Therefore, the evil is purged out! It is rebuked from off the flesh; and, it is purged out of the heart! The mind is set in Peace to do the Will of God! The Work is performed! And, the warring comes to an end! This is the attack against the evil spirits so that the Work can be accomplished! And, the Work is accomplished, because it is already written about in the Bible! Bitterness tries to creep in: but, it can find no place for itself in me! The Temple of the Lord is not polluted!

(Writings before going to bed!)


How faithful are you to the Lord to do all that He commands you to do? That is the beginning of faithfulness!

Do you trust one another? When you find that the answer is no; how do people truly work together? There can be no togetherness where there is no trusting! We will always be apart! Unfaithfulness comes into play, first Spiritually! People worry more about unfaithfulness in physical sense of the word: but, they do not consider unfaithful because of differences in Spiritual beliefs is a more serious matter! Suspicions keeps the hearts apart; and, so does not trusting! Can I trust you to be faithful in a situation when I need you to be with me in how to fight a Spiritual battle? Can we agree with our whole heart? The evil knows when there is disagreement; and, it uses this disagreement to its advantage. Do we agree as touching this thing? The hearts are known to God, and to every spirit! Can they find something of theirs in you?

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Carrium: 06-17-36th Year

168th Day

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