A Special Miracle!

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Carrium means: “Message From God!”

Psalm 121:1; “I will lift up my eyes unto You, O Lord, from where my Help comes.”

Carrium: 03-04-2006

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How do you have Salvation if the Lord cannot guide you? With all of your steps, the Word of the Lord is supposed to come to your remembrance, reminding you what to do! How can you forget? But, if there are no reminders, consider your relationship with the Lord! Doing the wrong things constantly tells you that there is no relationship. The Lord will lead you in the paths of Righteousness. Consider your ways! Your way is to do the wrong thing, and then be reminded that you did the wrong thing! How is this being guided by the Lord? If you learn something from the Lord, He will bring that back to your remembrance when you have a need to know what to do. You won’t need anyone to tell you what to do, when you have the Holy Ghost. After you have heard and accepted the Words at the mouth of the preacher, the Holy Ghost has something to bring back to your remembrance. The preacher is not with you always: but, the Spirit of Truth is always supposed to be with you! By continually doing the wrong things, you are never walking in the paths of Righteousness. Consider the walk! Forgiveness just places you back on the right path. But, consider your actions, or your steps. Are they in the right direction? Whenever you make a step, you make the wrong steps. Where are you? You are in the place that you have always been in, because you never move forward in the right direction. You walk out of the way, and you ask for forgiveness! You return to the spot that you were in previously. Now, it is time to move forward; and, someone comes to tempt you. What have you done? Did you do the wrong thing again? If so, you moved in the direction of destruction again! You have once again left the path of Righteousness. But, if you had done the correct thing, you would have moved on up a little higher in righteousness. Many people are thinking that they are moving forward, when in truth they are halt! Having to be forgiven does not advance you! Being forgiven only means a mistake is cleared up, so you can have a chance to move forward. The evil comes at you in many disguises; but, it is usually the same thing appearing in another way. You are supposed to become wiser, and be aware of all of the tactics of the devil. Remember the respect which God spoke about. Without having shown respect, there is no Holy Ghost present with you in tempting situations! You are never supposed to get so caught up in anything that you cannot hear what the Word of God is saying to you. You should always have your awareness with you.

“What Draws Attention?”


Should not the Spirit draw attention to you? Our attention is drawn to others by the Spirit!


It appeared to me in a dream that I had to go to a town in Arizona to deliver something! It would take me two days going, and two days coming back! But, along the way I had encountered three men who seemed not to be interested in me: but, they had in their minds to rob me! But, I was able to escape from their traps. I came to a certain town where I would buy a car. How did the Lord tell me to travel? But, it appeared that the man who wanted to sell me the car did not own the car. I saw an awareness of this! And, since this was on a weekend, there would be no way I could get the car registered. I traveled onward without the car. Who is trying to sell someone something which belongs to someone else? People are presenting themselves as being the owner of something which they do not own. Are we walking as fools? I saw the car as being a Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu as the model that came out in 1967. This was something that would be a great desire to own. It was not an SS 396; but, just the plain model. But, this car could also be restored, and it would look very good. There are things that will try to stop you as you are on a journey for the Lord. And, there are those who will try to take what you have, which you will need for the journey. The Lord will give you what you need to complete the journey. I also remember that the Lord does instruct us in what to do when certain situations arise in our journey. He has spoken, and said not to stop for anything, nor for anyone: but, that you should go on, and do what you had to do, and return. If the Lord has told you not to stop along the way, no matter what you see, you are not supposed to stop. It might appear like someone is stranded; and, you will remember the “Good Samaritan!” These people are not always stranded: but, they are lying in wait to rob someone. This is why you need the awareness of the Lord working in you. Guilt trips by the evil spirits start to play on your mind because you did not stop to offer assistance: but, you must follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit. The evil spirits will get you to be excited about one thing, which seems to be according to the Will of God, while causing you not to pay attention to something else that you are doing. Do your actions reflect the teachings of your preacher? Amen!

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