Let The Cause of These Problems Be Destroyed!

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“Casting The Bread Upon The Waters!”

Mighty are Your Ways, O Heavenly Father! You give the meditations about right things! Thank You for what it is that You cause me to meditate upon! Thank You for giving me to listen; and, for the ability to discern the speech of the spirits. There is both evil and Righteous speaking; and, I have declared which is which! You have given this discernment of Spirits! It is Mighty in how it is working! I listen: but, no bitterness is able to be generated in me! Truly, You are the Keeper! You keep the heart in its Perfect Peace! You keep me in the listening; and, I am kept back from accusing people! You always satisfy my heart with understanding; and, it remains!

It is clear to me what You said is being done when I send these Reports to the Internet! It is in all of the world; and, it is available for all people to get! What is the meaning of troubling the waters? It is what an Angel did when He entered into the Waters. Let the Power be there for those who come to these Web Sites! Let there be healing, I pray Thee, O Heavenly Father! Marvelous are You in what You do! You cause my thoughts to be turned to praying for what I need to pray for! Great and Mighty are You, O Heavenly Father, in what You do. You said You would do a work in these days that people would not believe. The time of things is according to as You say!

“6:31 AM”

Glory is Yours! Honor and Majesty are Yours, also! Power belongs to God! Your Strength is the Everlasting Strength! And the Kingdom is Yours! We are the people of the Most High God, our Heavenly Father! You feed us daily with such as we have need of! I called; and, You did answer, because when You called me, I answered You! You are Faithful; and, we are Faithful, because You construct us in Your Image and Likeness! Blessed and Holy are You; and, so are we! Amen! We are an Holy and Blessed people! You make us to be rejoicing!

Carrium: 01-02-34th-Year!

2nd Day

The 1st Month (Abib) of The 34th Year!


2nd Day of the Week, which is called Monday!

Now hear this all of you: just because you see a person in dreams, whom you know as being in prison, being with you, that does not mean that the person is out of prison; but, that you are bound in some sort of prison without awareness of where you are! What are you still bound to? And, that could be some of the same things that this person whom you see are bound with; and, what got this person in the condition will also do the same things, and even worse things to you.

Jeremiah 9:8: “Their tongue is as an arrow shot out; it speaks deceit: one speaks peaceably to his neighbor with his mouth, but in heart he is lying in wait for his opportunity.”

“Let The Cause of These Problems Be Destroyed!”  O Lord, You dry up mighty rivers; so, what is this congestion that is in Deborah to You? It is nothing! You caused the Red Sea to part, and let Israel to pass over on dry land! You are He Who stretched forth the Heavens; and, laid the foundation of the earth! Mighty are Your Acts; and, You are the Same in these days! Arise, O Lord; and, cause this thing to be removed, I pray Thee. And, what is my part in this? I let out that Mighty Shout! As David said to Goliath, “Who are you, you uncircumcised Philistine, that you can withstand the Mighty Army of God!” And, with the Rock he brought down the giant! Yes, I do remember charging an unknown evil that was hiding in the woods! I saw the Power and Bravery of the Spirit going forth without hesitation! I have seen Your Words turning back a pack of dogs! And, because Deborah cannot do these things for herself, like coughing up the congestion, I do them for her! I cough for her! I clear the congestion! I take those things upon myself, because I know how to destroy them! Did not the Lord Jesus take our sins upon Himself: so, what are these small things that those who are strong will not bear the infirmities of those who are weak? Learn to work like Christ! My Lord, I thank You for this Knowledge and for this Understanding! I also remember the pain I had to bear for a woman in Junction, Texas. I have had nervousness of others put upon me, because they were not able to bear it. I am remembering things as the Lord has given me to remember them. Let me gain more Understanding of bearing the infirmities of the weak, O Lord; and, give me more of Your Strength to be able to do this. Let those who are made strong help those who are still weak! But, let those who are weak say, “I am strong!” I long to see Your Power and Might in every situation! It is the Faith! Getting Righteousness is not in vain! There is so much you can do with Righteousness! Why is not Righteousness important to you, seeing you can do so much by Righteousness? How important is it to you to keep yourself in the Love of God? What does your brother need? He might need you to pray for him! Are you able to open up your bowels of compassion to give your brother what he needs? Do you have a prayer that you can offer up?

I was born as I was told on 10-29-1943! I sinned! I died! I was in the grave for many years! While yet in the grave during the 1st month of 1976, the Spirit of the Lord spoke with me, fulfilling His Words whereby He said, “While you are yet in the grave, I will speak with you; and, those who are in the grave shall hear My Voice.” On the morning of 01-06-1979 I was asked by the Spirit if I believed the things that were written, and the things I heard! I said, “Yes, my Lord!” He said, “Rise up; and, go where I show you!” I rose up, and followed the leading of the Spirit! I was led to a town (Glenmora) in Louisiana where I was baptized! I came up out of the grave on that day; and, I was now walking in the Land (Condition) of the Living! Because by sin I had died; this was the resurrection from the dead by the Spirit of the Resurrection. This was Easter for me! Because I received the Spirit of Life in me; and, I was Born Again; Jesus was born in me, this that was a stable with all manner of filthiness around me in my heart. This was my Christmas Day! And, because this was the day that I was baptized, which started a new beginning, and the beginning of months for me; this was my New Year’s Day! On 01-06 of each year, it is celebrated in some cultures as being “Three Kings’ Day!” A king was born on that day. Mighty things took place on that Day, and on the Days following!

“What Did It? What Got The Job Done?”


Is it the thing you are told to use; or, is it the faith? It is faith in what God says that brings to pass what we desire! Your faith is proved by you doing what you are told. But, don’t doubt! All doubting must be destroyed out of the heart so that the heart can be full of believing! Let us now deal with this doubting! Doubting is a convincing that is inspired by evil spirits within the heart! Unbelief shall have no place in me! “Unto them, which are in darkness, show yourselves!” How do You want me to destroy these things, my Lord? Teach me Your Ways! We are attacking and destroying evils from within our own hearts! We decide what goes and what stays concerning our own hearts! I focus on doing what I am doing! I give with my whole heart; and, my attention is not divided when I am singing unto the Lord, because that will make it as to be watered down. I want the fullness thereof to go out so that the Fullness thereof can come back. I will see myself sitting or standing before the Lord! I want the whole heart applied to what I am doing! Set this for me, I pray Thee! Amen!

“For The Perfection of The Body!”


Whom do you believe can save your life? In the time of trouble call him or Him! I expect to hear that all of you came together as one with one concern; and, that this thing was destroyed! Will I hear that? I remember what the Lord was pointing out in the Assembly on yesterday about the Bread that was eaten should have made all of the people who ate that Bread to have the same common things in them. And, then there was the Cup that was taken! Did not all drink of the Same Spirit? So, everyone should have had all things Common! Everyone having the Same Knowledge with the Same Spirit should be able to work on the same problem in the same way! Any two of you agreeing as touching a thing that you shall ask of God will be done for you! But, this requires that both be in agreement with God, and not separated from God due to evil desires or any other willful disobedience. Who did you bring with you to the battle? I am talking about what kind of spirit were you seen in when the battle cry came, and you ran to the battle! People are heard singing what is supposed to be praises, or joining in with someone who is offering praises: but, in what kind of spirit were they in just before the praises began? Was there not an unclean thing in the midst of Israel when they went out to fight against Ai? Did Israel prevail in that battle? Did they not have to return to find out what was wrong, and the evil that was in their midst was exposed? And, the Lord also spoke about how He had to put those doubters out of the room when He said that the girl was only asleep, and people began to mock Him! Those evil things that are in the midst of you have to be removed! O Lord, set the Holy Gathering; and, let there be nothing evil found in the midst. We are not speaking about those things that God has not yet revealed; but, those things He has revealed that people are allowing to remain. Unclean desires are chief among them!

Making a joyful noise is something that continues! You will notice that this is something that just happens without you having given any thoughts about making a joyful noise! A Delighted Heart produces delight continually! I look to You, O Lord! You do make hearts to be glad! What kind of heart is it? It is a glad heart! What kind are you seeing? Are you seeing a troubled heart or a glad heart? We are not to have a worried mind! What are you doing? Are you doing it with confidence because it is something that the Lord told you to do? Are you doing it doubting it? Amen!


I give my attention to hearing rather than trying to remember! I have dreams: but, I don’t be trying to remember them. I allow the Spirit to give to me as He chooses!

“Hear And Do!” Don’t question it! If you did it; it should have worked! If it did not; find out why! What did you leave out? The people of God work their works with Confidence, and not with doubt! The coldness you feel is not always physical in nature: but, it is caused by the spirit called Death. Death influences your decisions! When you think you are doing something for the good of someone else; you are actually doing exactly what Death wants you to do to destroy the person. Amen!


Believing has to be strengthened! Believing has to become strong and enduring! Fainting is not an option! Things don’t always happen the first time you are given to do something: but, the Lord requires our believing to remain, even in the face of oppositions! Many are made to believe that this is too hard! I said that you are made to believe that this is too hard! Why? Is giving up very easy to you? You take the easy way out, which is the way you have always done things. You gain no strength when you quit; but, Strength is gained by facing oppositions! If quitting is your solution; then, do so! Or, you can resist the devil, and see him flee from you! There are two types of appetites (strong desires) that are very evident in people: eating and sexual!

I was called up this morning early, and when I came into the front room to turn on the lights, I noticed that the time was 2:45 AM. Early will I seek You, O Lord! You have opened my lips; and, my mouth did show forth Your Praises, and prayers were also offered. I have stood in the battle! The evil is put to silence! Amen!

“The Beginning of Months!”


The 1st Day, the Day of your baptism, is the beginning of months for you! This 1st Month is called Abib! It is told to us that this is the beginning of months for us; and, that we are to start counting our days from the date of our baptism, because that is the Day that God brought us forth out of darkness into the Light, bringing us up out of the grave to walk in the Laws of the Living! The Day of your baptism is a day that you shall always remember to show just how important this event is to you. You passed from Death unto Life! It is the most important Day in your existence! Now shall the years begin to be counted! And, you shall walk in all of the Laws of Life! You are to learn of the Lord; and, what He teaches shall always be priority to you. Grow! After the Day of your baptism, you will enter into a Spiritual Condition that is called the Wilderness of Sin. This is your proving time! How much time will you spend in the wilderness being proved by God to show you if you will do whatsoever He commands you or not? What is being proved to you at this time? How well have you been taking instructions? Remember how the majority of those people whom God brought out of Egypt perished in the Wilderness, because they would not part with those stiff-necked and rebellious ways! Just because you got baptized, that does not assure of you of your life. As you came to baptism by obedience; you have to continue in obedience to assure your life. I have seen what some have been showing God! I have seen an unwillingness to follow His Instructions, and to keep them. Your life depends on your continuance in doing whatsoever He commands you! As it was that you got baptized because you believed God would forgive all of your past transgressions; you have to continue in that believing way, and showing that you did believe by doing what you are told to do.

Moses was the first to be brought out of Egypt! Then, by Moses the Lord God brought all of the others out of Egypt. I came forth on 01-06-1979; and, by me the Lord is bringing others out of darkness. The preachers are brought forth first! And, by the preachers, the Lord brings forth the rest of those who shall be His people. This is the formation of the True Israel!

“Use the Power; and, Have Confidence In The Weapons of Our Warfare!”


The Faith shall be increase; and, Confidence in what God says shall stand out! I heard Your Words, O Lord! There is nothing hard about doing what God says! Let that stubborn jackass spirit be cast out of you! I remember the Angel that stands before Your Face for this child! If I have the Authority, I ask that this Angel would rise up to remove this evil condition from Deborah Esther, and to prevent those conditions that causes this to be. When there is selfishness, there is no doing that which is for the good of another! I thank You, O Lord, for giving me to stand in the Watch to watch with the Watch wherewith You have caused me to watch! I don’t get tired of singing God’s Praises! It is a joy and a delight to me! It is a weapon of our warfare! You do increase the Confidence in us in using our weapons which You have spoken to us about. No more crying about conditions as Moses began to do at the Red Sea until he was reminded of the staff that he held in his hands. We have been given the Power; and, this Power must be remembered to use it.

The Lord said to teach the people to observe all things whatsoever He has commanded! This I am doing! It is very disturbing that people will not use those things that were being taught. An incident took place whereby not everyone joined in with praises to attack the evil; and, neither showed any joy. This is ridiculous! Lord, I ask that You would add people to me that are willing to learn! How do people expect to be increased in faith if they will not use what is being taught? Yes, this is ridiculous! If you cannot obey a voice that you can plainly hear, how shall you obey the right spirit that speaks? Therefore, O Lord, strengthen me to the battle!

You have to love doing what God has given to be done! You cannot let your desire to be turned away from doing what was told to do! Who does the Lord see still doing what He commanded to be done! You have to believe in what you were told to do! Why did you stop? The Lord said to continue to do those things He told you to do until He tells you to stop! You heard to start; so, how did you hear to stop? In the study of the Book of Ezekiel, the Lord told Ezekiel what to eat, and how long to eat it. Recovery comes with continuance! This is that same Old Joash thing whereby he stopped doing what he was told to do after doing it just a few times. Is it because there is something else that you desired more? I remember when Sidney was sick that You had me to go to Him morning and evening to pray for him! In this I was alone! Doing this was not grievous to me: but, on his final night I encountered many of his relatives who stood to oppose me in what I was sent to do. I look for those who have love and concern, and have a willingness to do those things You have commanded for as long as it is required. The Lord delivered Sidney from these things: he died!

O Lord God, You will give everyone what he is desiring, whether it is good or evil! The time comes when God will no longer try to get people to give up those evil desires! He will seal their hearts with all of the evils within them; and, there can be nothing else going in, nor coming out! “The Borders Are Closed!” All of you are going to receive what you have been desiring! God has constantly told people to get those evil desires out of their hearts! It is coming to you according to what you are truly desiring in your heart! Then, I shall see what the desires of your hearts were truly for.

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 06-08-36th Year

159th Day

The 6th Month of The 36th Year!


7th Day of the week, which is called Saturday!