07-26-36th Year

The Lord rebukes you, you bitter and unclean spirit! Get you hence, because you are an offense to me!

Have a sound mind with peacefulness and calmness! I pray for Jamaal! I pray for him as You have commanded me to do! Let his mind be covered from the foolishness of these females that are around him with their foolish talk, and their foolish desires! I thank You for bringing him to my remembrance!

“Benefits of A Good and Honest Heart!”

The Power of God does inhabit the praises of those who offer praises out of a good and honest heart! Let it be clean! (So be it, my Lord; and, make it all clean and acceptable in Your Sight!)

Pray with genuine concern for those who despitefully use you! (Be it done unto me, even as You have commanded, Heavenly Father!) Amen!

Thank You, O Heavenly Father, for the prayers You have sent unto me to pray for others! Thank You for the speaking against these evil spirits that vex these people! You do cause them to be removed! You have given this Authority, and it is not in vain! This is the help wherewith You have given me to Help them to overcome! Yes, the Prayers are effective! Thank You for the Strength to my focus! Thank You for the Awareness! I don’t fight against people: but, I do have my focus intact! You have given me awareness in the watching! Thank You for the Help! Thank You for the Strengthening; and, now I can work more effectively! Blessed is the Spirit from the Lord that comes by Your Authority, Heavenly Father! The Weapons of our warfare are Mighty, and Powerful! You create the joyful heart in doing that which is my duty to do! You give me more Power to exhort daily!

Rebuke the evil from off people because you have a genuine caring for the souls of others! Recognize the evil spirits! Respond to the Spirit of Light as to what to do about the presence of evil spirits manipulating people! Amen!

Pray in secret; and, God answers you openly! God causes us to focus on how to do something! No bitterness shall be found in you towards anyone! Let there be no accusing of others found in your speaking in prayer to God! (So be it; and, purge me, O God! Let All Right Spirits be renewed in me!) Know the Power of your prayers for the good of others! This is acceptable in the Sight of God! Desire for souls to be delivered!

Yes, you now have Windows 10. Curse the ungodly excitement about having something new to use: but, use what is new for the purpose of being able to accomplish your work more effectively!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 07-26-36th Year

207th Day

The 7th Month of The 36th Year!


6th Day of the week, which is called Friday!