06-28-36th Year

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Who am I? I am a loving husband who seeks that which is for your good; and, prays for your health! I have been as a husband to provide you your comforts according to what will make you stronger! I have loved you with the Love wherewith God loves! Counsel I have always given! I took you to be a wife when no one else would! I feed you with Excellent knowledge and understanding; and, I exhort you to do those things that are pleasing in the Eyes of God! I have endured with patience! I watch for you; and, I give you wise counsel! That’s who I am! I am a man of God, the chosen of the Lord, ordained and sent by the Lord to set things in order! That’s who I am: but, what am I to you? But, as for you; you are who you are allowing yourself to be to me!

How does God define adultery?

God speaks of an adulterous nation, or an adulterous people! Is not the Church called the Bride of Christ? Seeking after the darkness, and doing the will of the evil while calling yourselves a Christian is adultery in the Eyes of God! That is the same as a woman giving herself to another man while calling another man her husband! To whom have you given more honor to than your own husband?

This I say therefore, and testify in the Lord, that you henceforth walk not as other Gentiles walk, in the vanity of their mind, having the understanding darkened, being alienated from the Life of God through the ignorance that is in them, because of the blindness of their heart: who being past feeling, have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleanness with greediness. But, you have not so learned Christ; if so be that you have heard Him, and have been taught by Him, as the Truth is in Jesus: that you put off, concerning the former conversation, the old man, which is corrupt according to the deceitful lusts; and, be renewed in the Spirit of your mind; and that you put on the new man, which after God is created in Righteousness and true Holiness. For this reason, putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor, because we are members one of another. Be you angry, and don’t sin: and, don’t let the sun go down upon your wrath: neither give place to the devil. But, some of you have been found contending with everything that is spoken and written, which you have no awareness of what you are doing, because you be contending with God! He has blinded you for such things; and, Truth has appeared to you as being lies and deceitful: but, lies appear to you as Truth! And, because of the dishonesty of your own heart, being honest appears as being deceitful!

“A Godly Seed!”

God is the Creator of the Married! He adds to each what each accepts from Him that will bring marriage into being! So, the Road to marriage is a walk of faith, because no one knows how this is brought into being! Who has ever seen it? There is a lot that is being called married that is not married in the Sight of God! God knows what marriage is, because He ordained it! So, throw out all of your ideas; and just do whatsoever you are told! It is a blind walk, because you do not know how to get there! By the preachers whom the Lord has ordained and sent will people be brought into being one, because It will be the Spirit guiding them through the man! Now, you are trusting God! Faith comes by hearing; and, how shall you hear except by a Preacher? Hear; Believe; and, Do! And, be not contentious! Amen!

Some are already tuning in to the One Voice, and to the One Spirit! There are some females who are more in tuned with a wife’s husband’s desires than she is! And, that is not in an evil way either! Wives seeks that which pleases the husbands as God has commanded! And, I have said, Who knows more about what a husband desires than God? That means a wife must first be in tuned with the Spirit of God! This is important because the husband and wife might be miles apart: but, will need to meet with one another somewhere! The Spirit will guide them to one another, because both are tuned in to the Same Spirit, because both of them learned to listen to the One Voice!

Bitter and resentful thoughts are what keeps you apart! There can be no praying for one another in such a condition! Do you believe that? God said so!

“How shall two walk together except they be in agreement?” From Ecclesiastes 4, it is written, saying, “Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labor, because if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falls, because he has not another to help him up. Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but, how can one be warm alone? And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.” A threefold cord is two joined together and held together by One Spirit as being wrapped around them! The Strength of the two is the Common Spirit of Light! The beliefs are the same! A Good and Honest heart is what brings this into being! Adhering to the Teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ is important above all! All of these things must be looked upon as being Good and Upright!

God really is tired of people accepting names only: but, are not learning the Spiritual Power of what you have been calling yourselves! People love to be called by names: but, the Power of those names never show up! What is the Power of a Christian! The Lord Jesus said, “That which I have done, you shall also do; and, even greater things shall you!” Where is the Godly Seed that is supposed to be brought forth? People having to be on the same page in all things, with all things in order as they are supposed to be according to the arrangement that God has established! A husband and his wife are supposed to be the most powerful pair on earth, because that is what was shown in the beginning! I have preached this; and, I have been given by God how He can bring this into be: but, pride popped up! Wives did not want to submit, and come under subject to the husbands as God required for them to be; and, certain husbands dealt treacherously against their wives! Wives started to get that dominating male spirit in their minds! There was no agreeing with the husbands! Other females became more important than being joined in marriage with their husbands! Have you ever really sought to understand what marriage means in the Definition of God? What is the Power of this thing that makes two to be One in Spirit, Mind, and Body, which can only be between a man and his wife! How are two minds actually operating as One Mind by One Spirit, which is merged with the Mind of Jesus Christ? How does two know the same things at the same time; and, speak the same things at the same time? This is the mystery; and, only God can bring this into being! I have seen those who call themselves wives trying to take the rule over their husbands! They become dictators, and manipulators! Any female having a desire to rule over a man can never become a wife! Submitting to the man willingly, and joyfully is the position of Power, because that is the Will of God! And, a true wife does not find that to be offensive, because she seeks to please God, knowing there is a great reward in doing so. This is obedience to the Will of God, which causes her to have Great Power with her husband. I have heard females calling it offensive to be called the weaker vessel! So, they are actually offended with what God said, and in so being offended, they are offended with Him. These shall never know that Power whereby nothing is impossible for them! There will be raising from the dead, and the moving of mountains; and, a most Powerful Covering over their children. Sicknesses will not come upon them! But, if any should come; these are quickly extinguished

Want to know why something ain’t working that God said? It is because of sin! Just like what happened when Israel, in the time of Joshua, went up against a small city like Ai, and got defeated there, because sin was in their midst! Something was hidden in the heart of one man that caused the whole thing not to be able to accomplish what supposed to be accomplished! That has been what was hindering! God could not add anything to a spot in the heart that He needed to add something to, because something of the darkness was allowed to remain in that spot for many years! You could not advance because of that which was allowed to remain.

“Teach Them To Observe All Things I Have Commanded You!”


You are free to do what? I fed you with the Best: but, you did not eat it! (Isaiah 5) Thus saith the Lord, I gave you the Best I had, even My messenger; and, fed you with the Best Understanding that no other had received: but, you would not eat what I gave to you; nor would you join yourself to him; but, always kept others between you and him, and preferred others above him! Yes, I, the Lord does hear what everyone, the Righteous and the wicked, is saying, even that which is spoken in secret! Is it a wonder that I would answer you openly? Does this show that I approve of you? I say not! Repent of your wickedness! You are hard to teach! You did not allow yourself to be a spouse! Amen!

It is good that you took that down, saying, “You are free!” God has given everybody freedom: but, what do they decide to do with the freedom?

You take the Words in your mouth: but, you will not walk according to Them: but, do cast them behind you back according to as the Word of the Lord spoke in Psalm 50.

“Life Is The Joy of Discovering The Truth!”

Spiritual Healing comes before physical healing! The soul takes the priority over the flesh! It is the soul that will face Judgment! Now that God has answered; get it straightened out!

“Being Estranged!”

“Come! Learn of Me!” The Lord Jesus Christ has spoken!

Having gone astray at the beginning of a journey: how far apart did it get as time moved onward? It was a triangle that was supposed to bring together: but, this triangle appeared to be reversed, and upside down, which would cause the distance between us to increase!


See these things Spiritually which is the true way of seeing things! How long did you keep yourself separated from me? Were not those words you spoke all of those years ago the cause of you being separated from me? That which you spoke in secret those many years ago caused the separation; and, we did remain apart for that length of time! There could not be any coming together, because the words you sent out, kept us apart! These are idle words you had to give account for, because they were also spoken against God, and against the Lord Jesus Christ! The hearts could not be joined because of those words! Now do you understand His Truth? Do you believe His Truth? You speak against a thing; you cannot be joined with that thing! That is what has kept us apart! That is why marriage could not come into being! I was alienated from you by your words, and by your thoughts! And, this is what caused many not to be joined! Consider your ways, and your thoughts! Your mouths were as horns, thrusting away! God did analyze the situation: and, He did report the matter! He could not join it! This is the case with many of you so-called husbands and wives! Your hearts are bitter! Because of this, there was no spouse! See these things Spiritually which is the true way of seeing things!

O Lord, who has believed our Report?

Yes, O Lord, there are a lot of problems with this body that I am in: but, You have kept it going so I can fulfill my Duties to You! Blessed is the Holy Power! You, O Lord God, restore health to our bodies! O Lord God, give us Health, I pray Thee! Strengthen us with ability to work. Let not the workers be without. A Laborer is worthy of his health! We will rise up, and work!

You expect respect: but, you disrespect! Pay attention to your own disrespect! Don’t look at somebody disrespecting you: but, be concerned about you disrespecting God, and others! Do not meddle in God’s business; and, do not interfere with the Messenger Angel Who delivers the Messages from God to God’s Anointed! The War Angel Michael is also present! Be waiting patiently until the vessel is free to attend to your desires! He is God’s anointed! He is ordained for the service of the Lord God! Wait patiently!

Stop judging other people; and, judge yourselves as the Word commanded you to do! If you will Judge yourselves, you will not be Judged, the Word has said! Compare yourselves with the Ways and Thoughts of God; and, be conformed to those Ways, and to those Thoughts! I have written unto you the Truth! My tongue is also as the Pen of a Ready Writer as the Word has said! Whether I write it with my fingers; or speak it with my lips: it is the Word of God! I have made clear the Ways of the Lord as I am ordained to do! Be you conformed to those Ways!

For the Authority; and, for the healing of the people, I do give You thanks, O Lord! I thank You for the Understanding, and for the Performing of Your Word as it is written in the Bible that at a certain season the Spirit of the Lord came down into the midst of the people whom the waters symbolize! This is being performed for those who are allowing themselves to be washed by this Word from the Lord as it was that when they entered into the pool that was ordained for washing sheep, they were healed! Your stubbornness and resistiveness causes the evils to be able to cleave to you! Blessed are those who know the Joyful sound, which is the Voice of those preachers whom the Lord God has sent! When they hear my Voice; they get excited!

“Spirit Detectors!”

My Alarm System works Perfectly! Now you have something good to write about! Those who will not Bless me are disrespecting the Lord God Almighty! He told all of you to Bless those whom He has sent! Not with flattering lips: but, with a pure heart! God is our Sandals under our feet, because the head of the devil is crushed by our feet! Our sandals do not wear out as it was with the sandals that the children of Israel wore for 40 years!

“A Testimony From Riech!”

Peace be unto you! Good morning to you! Hope you are doing very well today! I am doing great! I was very excited, because last night the Lord gave me to take all of the laptops that I am working on and put them on the table. I was doing virus removals on two and Deborah was working on one, but then I heard to focus on the one that had a motherboard replacement, and to stop what I was doing and focus on just that one. Well, when I did that, the Lord showed me that it was NOT the motherboard that was bad on this one but it was a power button that did not have a good connection to the contacts! I was reminded about when you were working at the telephone company and the calls could not get through because something (usually roaches) were in the jacks, clogging up the lines! Your job was to get the calls to go through. And I rejoiced, because I was shown that there was something causing the Power not to be able to come through like it should! It was amazing to be shown something spiritual, in a physical situation! I was also glad that now I can tell the man that he does not have to pay that much money, because the cost of the repair is CHEAPER than we thought! He had already paid for the motherboard, but I know that we represent the Lord and we are honest in our business dealings! I would not cheat a person just because I might have to return some money. But as it turns out, there is no money lost, because the motherboard that he bought is also not good, so it has to be sent back for a refund, anyway! But it was good that the customer will not have to pay so much money and the problem was not as bad as we all thought it was! I rejoiced in being able to have an opportunity to show forth honesty in all things and to all people! Sure he would not ever know, but I would know and most importantly, God would know, so I show myself to be honest before Him first! I rejoiced and I am excited to be able to tell the customer good news! It will save him a bunch of money! I just wanted to share that, which the Lord did in showing me what was wrong with the laptop! Felicia also has her part of the testimony, that while I was working on it, and I was holding all of the pieces together to screw it back in, I dropped a screw and had to call her for some help, and she got up to be my extra hands and get the screw back on the screwdriver for me. She also was shown where a power button was that matched the exact button we needed! And it was not even in an identical laptop! She told me later, as we were talking about how wonderful this was, that she heard, “Get up off your ass and go help Riech!” We both laughed and we both rejoiced! It was a wonderful, wonderful experience! 

OK, talk with you later!

Just wanted to write to you to give you some good news! 

With Love,


Blessed are You, O Holy Father! Open my lips; and, let the Word of God come forth out of my mouth! If you are not seeking unto the Way the Lord said; you are not honoring Him! He said to seek the Words of God at the mouths of those preachers whom He has ordained and sent! If you are not doing this; you are disrespecting the Almighty God!

“Stop Glorifying Yourself!”

Give Love so people can have Love!

What am I to you? I want to know, so tell me!

What am I, to you?

What am I to you? I want to know, so show me!

What am I, to you?

Do you love those who mistreat you as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded you? What do you do to show that love? Do you give freely to both the saved and the unsaved? Do you pray for those who despitefully use you with love from the heart? Do you try to pray for someone with bitterness in your heart against them! Do you try to bless someone with bitterness towards that person?

“Where is the affection, O Lord? It feels like ice and a pushing away, instead of an embracing and cuddling! No virtue flowing out, but just a quick this and that!”

Is this what you see about yourself; or, about another?

People love to complain! People love to find fault with others! Stop it, now! Get to work in bringing souls to Christ! Spend time learning how to edify others as the Lord Jesus Christ commanded! When you are Strengthened; you are commanded to Strengthened others! Stop being selfish! We already know people have problems; or else why would God send preachers? And, stop acting like a spoil brat, always looking for someone to give you something! What did you give to anyone today? Love is not seeking its own, the Word said: but, seeks that which is for the good and for the edifying of others! Do you possess Love? No, because you constantly seek after what you like! You have more clothing than you will ever wear; and, you are seeking after more! Does that not tell you that you are not content with such things as you have? These are people who call themselves Christians! What does God’s Love show? That is the Love wherewith we show Love! How did God show His Love for us! Now, how are you showing your love for others? Love is defined as Charity, which means a work that defines Love!

What are you thankful for that God has supplied you with through someone else? You are pissing God off, and you don’t realize it! Stop your bitching and complaining! Your bitching and complaining makes what you think to be praises, worthless! How do you understand anything except by a preacher? Has God declare Jesus Christ, the Way, worthless? And, now God is communicating to you directly! How did that happen except God rejected His Only Begotten Son? Reason that out!

Do you have a place to stay, and food to eat? Do you have clothing! Be content with these things as the Lord said! What is the Word from the Lord? While we were yet enemies to God, He showed His Love for us by giving us His Only Begotten Son for our redemption! True Love is giving; and, not receiving! The focus of true Believers is giving; and, that is what makes us stronger! It is not what comes out of other people we concern ourselves with: but, we concern ourselves with what is coming out of us. Love is always flowing out of me; and, virtue is always flowing outward, because this is what God gave me to give. It is your own unbelief! The woman with the issue of blood was told by the Lord that her own faith had healed her after she touched the hem of His garment! Virtue flowed out of the Lord because of the woman’s own thoughts about the Lord Jesus Christ! What are your thoughts about a man of God when you are touching him? If you don’t receive it; it is because you are cold hearted towards him. You are constantly finding faults with him, and with what he does! Talk about your works! God knows your attitude! It is the same attitude you have towards Him! What do you believe about the man? Is it like that of the people of the early Church who believed that even if the shadow of an Apostle would pass over the sick, they would be healed! What are your thoughts! Let them stay constantly before your face! So, the problem is: what is coming forth out of you in your thoughts? Are you touching with a pure heart? Do you believe the Spirit of God is in that vessel? Blessed are the Pure in Heart! Then, you shall see God working on your behalf! Amen!

It is never a feeling: it is Spirit! People are blocking the Love of God from flowing to them! God does not force anything into people! What is the vessel to you? The virtue in me is of God! It is not my own! I lay hands on people: but, God has to send forth the comforting! Seek to have the Power to comfort abiding in you; and, remove all of that bitterness from your heart! Accusing others is not the way of a Christian! What others are not giving is not a concern of a Christian! A Christian concerns himself with what he is giving!

And, why do you want to go to these places? So you can smoke weed freely! The Lord said we go places to do His Will; and, that is to seek the lost sheep! We are to bring people to Christ! What is your focus? It is not someone else’s coldness: it is your own coldness! Is there any goodness that God is extending to you through others? While you are looking at others, you are failing to look at your own faults! We have tribulations: and, they are to be expected! But, we are not complainers! As I was given to tell a young man today that he offers praises: but, he cancels those praises when he starts complaining! How do you praise God for His Goodness, and then turn around and complain about the conditions you are in?

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Carrium: 06-28-36th Year

179th Day

The 6th Month of The 36th Year!


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