06-20-36th Year

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“Peace! Be Still!”

Pay attention to all of your fears, right now! Not being fearful to do what God approves of in the face of those who call themselves Christians! No more hiding from them! They will no more intimidate! But, boldness shall be displayed. No more being backed into a corner as I saw in a dream I had many years ago whereby I was cornered in a bathroom by what is termed as an insane person with a knife! Fear shall not rule in the hearts of Your people! Fear shall not rule where the Spirit of the Almighty God dwells! Fears are rebuked, and cast out!

“Blessed are the merciful, because they shall obtain mercy!” That is what I seek from You, O Heavenly Father, on behalf of those who have shown mercy! That is confidence in the Word of God!

4:52 PM

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What is the cause of this that has come up against Ruben, which I declared that is against all of us? You pointed out to me that Michael’s injuries were because of fighting! Michael has not been faithful: but, Ruben has been, even in doing those things You commanded him to do when the Tithes were used! He would faithfully come every morning to deliver the Tithes as he was commanded! See his willingness, and faithfulness to have done what You ordered. Now, O Lord, I beseech You to rebuke that devourer! Open the Windows of Heaven, and pour out the Blessings to him, I pray Thee! Pour out healing, which only the Almighty God can do! Pour out Your Faithfulness according to his faithfulness to have done what You commanded to restore him. You are Blessed and Faithful! I write the prayer that I am given: but, I pray in secret!

If there is sin; sins are pointed out! If this is a trial; we are made aware of it! But, in any case, I desire that this will be no more! I have taken the steps that You have ordered me to take! What more will You have me to do for him, and for the others, also? When one is suffering; we are all suffering together! Let our joy be full! I also remember how he was faithful to bring us the water that he had gathered from the rain! Rain is what You supply: and, now I look for the Covenant whereby the Sun of Righteousness will arise with Healing in His Wings! Let it be so, Heavenly Father! I looked for how You might be praised, and given Glory in this that others might be encouraged, also, to stand in Your Ways! Others do know about his condition! Let Your Ways be magnified above the ways of the world! Let Your Healing be exalted, and made manifest to them, and to us! I have no doubt that You can!

“The Black Horses of Zechariah 6.”

The plan is the Lord’s! He has decided how the people will return unto Him! Let no one be offended with the way He has chosen to do this! Don’t let your pride, and self-importance get in the way of your salvation! You need the Lord: He does not need you!   Amen!

O Black horses, arise! I remembered a dream from long ago that showed me, with my brothers, traveling together in a common vehicle. Now, I think about the prophesy of Zechariah, which speaks of a chariot of black horses!   The car is the chariot. (Zechariah 6:2) Amen!

Then, I looked at verse 6 of that chapter. I noticed that the Lord said that the horses were in the chariot, not pulling the chariot.   The Lord said that those   that went into the north country were the ones that quieted His Spirit.   Amen!

Lord, what is meant about going into the north country? Give us Your understanding!   Amen!

The Lord said that the white horses followed the black horses into the north country.   Amen!

“These are the black preachers and the white preachers! The whites shall follow the blacks: but, together, they shall bring forth the people; and, turn the wrath of God from the people, because of their obedience! But, the whites must humble themselves! The horse is the instrument that is used to herd a flock in a certain direction! But, the horses that goes to the north country, are those who are under the Power and Authority of the Lord Jesus Christ! These are very obedient to do the Will of the Lord! These are the ones that have come to the Lord at His calling! These preachers are under the Direct Power of the Holy Spirit, to do exactly what the Holy Spirit is commanding to be done. None of these are making their own decisions.” Amen!

The Lord has chosen one person, whom He said is as Joshua, to bring the people back; and, take them on into the Promise of God!   The Lord said that through this man, He will again build His Temple; and, this man shall have the counsel of peace; and there shall be peace between this man and the Lord Jesus Christ! This is to say that the Lord will have found this man to be a willing and obedient vessel. This is the summary of verses 11-13; and, this was written, speaking about that which would be done in the latter days! Amen!

Then, the Lord said, “And, they that are far off shall come, and build in the Temple of the Lord; and, you shall know that the Lord of hosts has sent me unto you. And, this shall come to pass, if you will diligently obey the Voice of the Lord your God!” (verse 15) When the Lord calls, even though you are way out of   line with Him; you shall come unto Him; and, you shall be a part of His Temple! Your work shall be according to the Laws of God; and, you will work within the boundary of the Laws of God! And, you will see what is being said in Malachi 1, about the Lord being magnified from within the borders of Israel, which you are, if you shall obey the Voice of the Lord your God!    Amen!

Then, I went forth to relate this Report to the men whom I had spoken with earlier. The older black man said, “I believe that!” I had spoken with them as they went about cleaning the park. The younger one was the one to whom I had given the tract; and, the older one had received the tapes.   I understood that some people can read; but, others cannot read very well! Therefore, we are given to give out both written and recorded Reports! He that can read, let him read! And, he that cannot read, let him hear what thus saith the Lord! And, both shall have the same faith! The Word is going forth in both forms! Amen!

If you do not believe my writings, how shall you believe the Lord’s Words? My writings speak of Him!

Isn’t being kind better than being mean? Your kindness is health to your own soul! Your body feels better, also, because you are ministering goodness to yourself as you are ministering goodness to others! You reap for what you sow! Your Goodness is your Shield and your Defense! Stand for the Truth; and, surely Power will stand for you!

Energy and Strength to all; and, Peace, Be multiplied! Be strong; and, work!

Don’t worry about the 7th Seal unless you are planning on missing the rapture! But, as for you as an American, you need to concern yourself with being able to escape from this land before total destruction comes upon it because her sins have mounted up to Heaven!

Every time a man dies or is killed, there is one less man available for the women of the world! Young men are dying in the street; and, many are killed in wars! The population of males is depleted daily! There is great competition among females for a male!

With what kind of mind are you listening with?

Be fruitful; and, multiply! Make copies; and, share these Reports with others! Will they get any closer to God because of you?

Murdering of the innocent also means having abortions!

Open Up!

The Preacher has to be the first virtuous woman! And, the Church shall become the True Virtuous Woman! (Proverbs 31) I will find the poor and needy! I will give the Peace Offerings! True Peace is Jesus Christ Whom I offer!

Bodies come in the presence of one another! Spirit meets spirit; mind meets mind!

All things are opened up to us! The Doors that the Lord has opened up for us can no man nor spirit shut! He has also shut down the way in which we are not supposed to go! The delusions of the evil are cancelled!

Purge out the poison, O Lord; and, restore that which was damaged or destroyed, I pray Thee! Repair the internal organs; and, let the free flowing be restored within the body! The Almighty God does recover! You are Great in Power; and, there is no limit to what You can do! Let sweetness come again; and, remove all of these foul smells!

4:32 AM

You can see others very well: but, you cannot see yourself! The Lord points out these things by the Preacher! The Lord is the All Seeing; and, the All Knowing! I will see the Greatness of Your Power, O Lord! You sent the Preacher to point out to people the errors of their ways! It is not the Preacher who is pointing out these things to people: but, the Lord! But, by your thoughts you will continue to look at the man, even though the Heavenly Father said it is not the man: but, His Spirit that is speaking through the man! You set yourselves as a judge to judge something you know nothing about! You are hard to teach!

“Help Meet: Suitable Help!”

A wife is called a help meet (suitable help) for her own husband! That is a unit that God joins together as long as these remain male and female! Is she? Many are acting more like men than a suitable help! They are like rams, butting heads with their husbands! They have started to wear that which pertains to men in their minds! Would a man in his right mind have desires for another man? And, neither does he have desires for a female with that which pertains to a man in her mind! The bodies remain male and female: but, the minds are male and male; or, female and female! It is what’s coming out of the minds that are conflicting! The minds must be converted! Who is Butch the Bully? The spirit of the mind is not gentle! The spirit of the mind is not meek and quiet! Amen!


The Church is the Bride of Christ: but, that which is called Church does not show itself as being a Suitable Help to do the Will of the Lord!

Steps are ordered in Boldness; and Steps are taken in Boldness! Steps of Peace are ordered by the Lord whereby He destroys all anxiousness, and speed typing! Accuracy is what God requires; and, accuracy is what God shall get! Fears are being attacked, and destroyed! God is in control over all of my members! I learned to type while I was in high school: but, that was learning from the darkness! Now, I am learning in the Light! The heart must be set in Perfect Peace! Stay the mind on You, O Lord; and, set the heart in its Perfect Peace that You have ordained for Your people! Amen! It cannot be moved, because You are the Keeper of the hearts! Tenseness, you be removed; and, you be cast into outer darkness! Cursed are you, you running to and fro! You be removed; and, you be cast into the sea!

My dreams are beneficial to me! If one won’t do it; it is passed on to another, because what has to be done, has to be done! Saul wouldn’t do it; so, God brought up David! God does replace! Do the work of the position you have been placed in! Vashti would not do it; so, she got replaced by Esther! There is a work that has to be done in that position! God does Fire! Many are being called preachers that are not doing what they are supposed to be doing! God will bring up others to replace them. They are not feeding the sheep; and, neither are they tending to them, because they have made themselves to be unavailable! Many are working for other people on other jobs! Purge out your fears; and, put on boldness and confidence that God will meet all of your needs!


O Mighty God, You give the dreams; and, You give the Understanding, also! Blessed and Holy are You! Thank You for the meditations! Thank You for the examination! These are Preparations for those times that are to come! I write by the Power of the Spirit! Thorough are You in examining us: but, there is no condemnation! So, that which causes the feeling of being condemned; you be removed, and you be cast into the sea! The Words are spoken; and, the Angels of God carry out the action! It is the faith that God told us to use! It is the speaking wherewith He told us to speak! And, this is the obedience to do what He commanded me to do! I am given to look within at the evils that yet remain in my heart! I seek them because I am being led in seeking them to destroy them!


What are these meditations? What are these fears? All of them are being pointed out for all of them to be destroyed! Who are these so called Christians? Why is there a fear? Why is not important! Destroy the fear, because you know it is not right! I saw boldness of a lion! I saw running from people that should not be run from! I see freedom! I saw attempts to provoke to anger whereby cursing would take place! I see you, you unclean spirit! I fight the spirits that move the people! People are being used to fight against me: but, I will fight not against people! I will not let evil spirits use people to intimidate me. There can be no intimidation! You cause for intimidations, you be plucked up by the roots; and, you be cast into the sea! Let there be no more hiding! I am stronger! Who are these people? And, what do they mean to me? Where are these spiders, these small things that are full of deadly poison? Purge me, O God; and, renew a Right Spirit within me. You are the Strength Giver! Give Strength, O Lord, by Your Spirit in my inward man! I acknowledge the weaknesses that You show me: but, they shall not stand in the places where Righteousness is supposed to be standing! Thank You for the purging; and, for the Strengthening, O Lord! Amen!

God’s Power is not limited whereby I would have to choose which would I save! I will defeat the cause; and, save both! That is not a choice from God as to which would I save; and, which would I let die! If the thing that come will kill; I will destroy the thing that kills, and will not have to decide which of the two would I save. I have the Power to save both from the destroying power!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 06-20-36th Year

171st Day

The 6th Month of The 36th Year!


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday!