06-19-36th Year

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You cannot bless what God has cursed: and, you cannot curse what God has Blessed!

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Shall it be said to you, “Your Faith has healed you?” How do you touch the men of God? Do you touch the men of God like the woman who had the issue of blood touched the Lord Jesus Christ? Is there anything good in a man of God? Consider your thoughts as you touch God’s anointed, because we stand in the place of Jesus Christ for you in this world!

What is done to the least of these My brethren is also done to Me, saith the Lord Jesus Christ! You have much blood upon your heads! Your hands are defiled! And, your hearts are polluted with iniquity! You have crucified the Lord; and, the blood of every Righteous man slain upon the earth, beginning with the slaying of Abel is counted to you!

When will the Lord start to reward for all of the evil that was done and spoken against His Messenger, because these are the very things that were done and spoken against Him! He has given time to repent! He has not forgotten! Amen! Therefore, repent of all of your evil deeds, and evil speech! Don’t even forget your evil thoughts! A day of reckoning has come! Let the Mighty Ones come down, O Lord! Let Them come into this valley of decision! Amen!

Cursed are you sorcerers; you be plucked up by the roots, and you be cast into the Fire! Psalm 64 is not only for witchcraft: but, for sorcery, also! Who is the link that linked to another that linked to you! Get these evil and wicked people out of your hearts! Break that link! Love them: but, don’t let your heart and desires be knitted to them! Let not your desires be for to be with them! They get to you to get to others through you! The Lord put all of the evil unbelievers out of the room! Do also with your heart! Wickedness shall not dwell with Righteousness! You keep it in your heart, and you become polluted! Pray for them that they will come to the knowledge of the Truth! Sorcerers are blinded! Diviners are made mad because their divinations won’t work! No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper! They shoot in secret: but, the Lord turns their arrows back upon their own heads! Turn them, O Lord; and, they shall be turned! All Power belong to You! Amen!

“When any one hears the Word of the Kingdom, and understand it not, then comes the wicked one, and catches away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.”

Get the Understanding!


Forming of a wayside mind, according to Matthew 13, is when the Word of God is being spoken to you by one that is ordained by God, and you have thoughts speaking in your mind at the same time; what is being spoken to you by the mouth of the Lord is as sowing seeds on the surface of the ground. Evil spirits take that away! Let your thoughts in your mind be silent while the mouth of the Lord (the preacher) is speaking!

There is much quoting and speaking things from the Bible that you have no understanding of! God has told all of you that He would feed you with the Knowledge, and with the Understanding through Pastors whom He has chosen and sent! So, why try to receive it in any other way! It does not come directly to you from God: but, by the Way He told you He would feed it to you! Believe Him! And, do not be deceived! Seek the Word of the Lord at the mouth of the Preachers He has chosen! And, do not stray from that! Ask God to show you plainly those whom He has chosen and sent, because there are many false preachers gone out into the world.

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“A Wall of Fire!”

God sets a Boundary whereby the wicked cannot cross over! That is evil, that is within, is purged out; and, it is not permitted to return! The Angels of God encamp round about us as those mountains that were round about Jerusalem! We have the Holy Mountains of the Lord, which are the Angels of God! We do not lift up our hands to evil, which would allow the evil to pass through the Shield! Keep the desires of your hearts pure! (So be it, my Lord!) Let nothing that the Lord says be grievous to you! But, do everything He says gladly! The Lord will establish you by you obeying the Words He speaks with you through those whom He has anointed and sent!

Malachi 4:2; “But, unto you that show respect for My Power and Authority, shall the Sun of Righteousness arise with healing in His Wings; and you shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.”

“On Your Mighty Wings!”

“The Steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord!”

“These Are The Words of Truth!” 

Psalm 107:20

“He sent His Word, and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

Rise up; and, walk!


It is said that Faith is the substance you use to obtain what you hope for! Like money is a substance; Faith is the Substance for obtaining all things, because there are things that money cannot obtain. And, evidence is something that is seen! Evidence is proof: but, faith is the proof; and, it qualifies as that which identifies as being the cause of something taking place. Faith is the substance all Christians will be using to obtain whatsoever they need; and, this is especially true for that portion of the Church that was called Smyrna, which shall live in the midst of the nations in the time of the Mark of the Beast: but, instead of taking the mark, they used their faith to gain all that they needed. They could possess everything by their faith! We are working to increase in the use of our faith in these days. The faith of this latter day Church shall be greater than any who were before us. We saw the faith of those of the Early Church during the time of the Apostles; but, this latter day Church is supposed to surpass them. Amen!

“Prayers Are Offered Up!”

And, Your Word has come to my remembrance! We don’t have to be physically in a place to cause an action to take place! The Word goes forth; and, the healing takes place! The time when this was spoken by the Lord was documented! (8:44 PM)

The evil wants to stop something; but, they can’t stop it! Who can stop God? Faith is something that is given to us to use: but, God does not need our faith before He can do something! Faith is given to us to be able to think like God! Jesus had no diseases nor sicknesses with His Body! He kept His Body healthy; so, why can’t I? Yes, I am asking, O Lord; why can’t I? You have given me to think about You; and, we are commanded to learn of You. It is a mystery! Teach us to set these things in order! I don’t recall any of the Apostles being sick. This is Mighty! Are we to be like mechanics who fixes everybody else’s cars; but, their own cars are run down? I don’t think so! Yep, we have a long ways to go: but, You bring us on up! When it is time to think about something, You cause it to come to our minds.

What is it that the Spirit cannot flush out? What is it that He cannot restore! God showed us this when He allowed Lazarus to be dead for four days before resurrecting him. God makes things to return to new! There is no condition that has gone too far that God cannot restore it. “That which is hindering the learning, you be plucked up by the roots; and, you be cast into outer darkness!” Doubters are in the mind! Oppositions are removed!

Four days also signify the time of the 4th Seal when the Church starts to appear again! We are in that time now! And, it is also on the 4th Day of the Creation that God separated the Light from the darkness; and, this separating is taking place in these days! There is much that is darkness that is mixed in with Christian beliefs in these days: but, those things are being exposed and purged out! The Church is as being resurrected from the dead after so many generations of being as asleep! That which has been appearing is not the True Thing, but has posed as the Church for many generations! It is a weak beggarly thing that is appearing as the Body of Christ! The Church was as Lazarus, bound up and placed in a tomb! Let there be no anxiousness found in me, I pray Thee!

3:18 AM 

When I got up this morning, I had an Email from Ruben; and, He said,

“Howdy Partner, 

Peace be unto You Xmeah! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord! Glory belongs to You O Mighty God! You give us all that we need! I thank You Xmeah for all that the Lord has given You to tell me! I thank You for giving me what to do! The boil popped around 9:30PM last night! Well at least part of it! There is still some left but it is not as big as it was before! That put some relieve to my leg but I still cannot walk! The amazing thing was that when Felicia came back from Your House, she had sat down and started to tell us those things that the Lord spoke through Your Mouth! I started to itch from my leg and she got down and started wiping off the fluid that was leaking. Then she had tried to call You but she only was able to leave You a message I believe. But not long after that we were still speaking in the Word of the Lord and I started to feel something gushing from my leg. And I saw how fast the yellow fluid was coming out. Everybody started rejoicing and giving God thanks for what had just happened! So about midnight I was inspired to get up and write, so now I write to You and Thank You for all That You do for us! May God Bless You with all that You desire! 

I still hurt a lot; but the swelling has come down just a little bit! There is not as much pressure on the leg as there was before!”

I wanted to share this! But, the work is not finished! There is still more to go! Let this thing be brought to a conclusion, O Lord, I pray Thee! You are the Mighty Power; and, my praise is to You! Glory and honor are Yours! Make us to understand! Thank You for the Steps that You have been giving us to take! Thank You for the mercy! Your Will be done! How do we give You Glory in all of this! I spoke about how You turned me around, and caused me to return to Beaumont from a journey, which had taken us as far as Columbus, Texas, this past weekend. Your awareness of an attack on a member is what caused my return. You are the Mighty Power; and, Your Control is over all things, and especially over those who are meek, and is sent forth to do Your Will! You caused all of our way to be clear in returning. You spoke with me about getting the Power to give a boost to others! Let that Power be made manifest, I pray Thee! I asked for Steps; and, You gave us Steps! I asked for clear hearing that I might be able to do precisely as You are commanding to be done. I asked that You would arise, and be our Confidence in doing whatsoever You order us to do. The evil rose up to attack one: and, it is given to us as if we are all attacked! The attack against one is an attack against all; and, we have to come together as one to fight against that which came in against us. They have attacked You, O Lord! Now, O Lord, I pray Thee, arise, and utterly destroy this which has come up against us! Let our circulation again be free! Let there be free movement again! Cause the lame to walk; and, loose these bands of wickedness! Teach us Your Ways; and, lead us in Your Paths! Let the awareness of all errors be increased, even as Your Awareness is. I thank You for giving me what to ask for in prayer! Praise is Yours; and, Glory is Yours. You have given Strength to endure; and, You have told us that You don’t always take things away immediately so we can learn to endure, and not faint! Praise waits for You, O Lord! Let our Joy be full! Mighty are You in Power! Amen!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 06-19-36th Year

170th Day

The 6th Month of The 36th Year!


4th Day of the week, which is called Wednesday!