02-19-35th Year

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“Instructions In Righteousness!”

And, your opinion about something was based on whose report to you? Who is that person? A friend? A relative? Truth is, is the person of the Light or of the darkness? Do you consider these things? You are siding with someone for what reason? What is the reason? Are you honest? These questions that are being asked are being answered before God! He has your answers! I desire to know truth always!

“Keep The Peace!”


Take care of what it is that you are given to take care of! When you have your mind in other people’s business, you miss out on taking care of yours! Don’t be a busybody! Always look out for what you need first, because without you having what you need, you are not able to help anyone else.

Have what you need before you try to take on other responsibilities! Be prepared for storms that will rise up! Does not God know what is going to be? He will offer you ahead of time what you will need to be prepared for what will rise up. You must always be listening attentively to what He is saying; and, be accepting all that He is presenting to you! But, people pretend like they be accepting something, and when those storms arise, they are thrown for a loop! Pretense won’t deliver you from that which will rise up! People pretend to be strong when they know they are weak!

The Spiritual Realm is the true reality, and it is permanent; but, the physical realm is only temporary!

Ephesians 6:4; “And, you fathers, provoke not your children to wrath: but, bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.” We also encourage others by our examples!


“Sennacherib!” It is an evil spirit! It is common to all; and, everyone needs to concern himself with not allowing this kind of evil to remain in the heart! Allowing such a spirit to remain will lead to your death! Sennacherib, the man, was killed by his sons! We look at those things that are written in the Bible in the Spiritual sense as we are commanded! We don’t look at the man Sennacherib, but the Spirit called Sennacherib; and, we see the end result of what took place with that person. What is able to come in unto you as a son is able to come unto his father? Would a father suspect his sons were trying to kill him when they showed no indication of such desires being in their hearts. Do not provoke people to wrath. Bridle your tongue! Watch what you are saying in anger! Don’t call people by offensive names, such as faggot! The person is not such: but, your words could cause an evil spirit to be moved in that person to rise up against you. Remember: you were not shooting your words at the spirit you suspected to be in the person; but, you shot those words towards the person! What spirits in you are provoking you to speaking? Be aware of spirits ruling in people!

“Ready To Go On A Trip?”


I remembered that one night when I stood on a hill in Tennessee that the Angel of the Lord spoke to me the name of Philip! He just said, “Philip!” All understanding of Philip came to my mind in an instance! Where do we go; and, for what purpose do we go? Is it for the Will of God? Why do you want to go where you want to go? 

I moved about the country in those days, hitchhiking around the country. I remembered Philip hitched a ride with the Ethiopian eunuch to speak understanding of the Word of God to him. That is what I was doing in those days: but, in these days I am stationed in a house where I do the writings the Lord sends forth! God took Philip great distances! I saw how Philip was transported to another city after ministering to the eunuch. I focused on being transported; and, upon my bed, I thought about being transported to a place during the night to do something; and, then returned to the house. Who truly knows the Power of God? What is His Ability? There is nothing impossible for God! People speak about aliens abducting people while they sleep, and run experiments on them: but, I am not talking about aliens; I am talking about the Power of God. God does not have to experiment on people to find out about people, because He already knows everything about us, because He created us. We are taken! Even Paul was taken! He spoke about that! He did not know whether he was in the Spirit or as flesh and blood when he was taken! He saw and heard: but, he could not explain what he saw and heard! This is done for His purpose. No harm comes to us when we are taken up!


I sit at my post, waiting for the Word to come from the Lord! And, all of my work shall Glorify God, because He removes from me that which hinders; and, gives me more Power by His Spirit in my inward man! I am made to be a better vessel for Him to use!

“Are You Crying In Your Beer?”


You dwell on misery! How can I talk with you except I bring you up out of your misery first? Proverbs 31: :Give him strong drink so he will not be dwelling on his poverty!” Teach me Your Ways, O Lord!

When you reject the decisions of those who have authority over you; you have put yourself in a position of authority! Wives, be careful you don’t become Athaliah, who took the throne to rule as a king! God knows the desires of the heart! Many have done this already, taking possession of that which belongs to the man.

Men being given power as kings for a short period of time! I focused on “As Kings” as spoken in Revelation 17. What is the authority of a king? These men will be acting like, and having power like kings to do something that God wanted done! These were able to influence as a king influences! Are you acting like a king? God made these men to have influence to make decisions like kings; and they agreed together in what to do, because that is the Power of God over the minds of those who are already given to evil. That was God telling them what He wanted them to do; and, what God put in their minds could not by any means be removed, nor debated!

Having heard the Words of the Lord, and having been instructed in the Way; and, a decision is to be made! What will you do? If you will not do according to as you heard the Lord say; you have spoken, and said, “I don’t know Him!” You have spoken just like Peter spoke, denying knowing the Lord! When you know the right thing to do, and don’t do it: you are in sin. When you have heard the right thing to do; but, won’t do it, you have denied knowing the Lord! Are you not denying knowing the Way to do this? Have you received the Lord?

The Beast will take power over everything that is given to him to take control over. Don’t let him find anything that belongs to him in you!

Wisdom is also taught by examples! A person who has a spirit like a drunkard cannot make wise decisions! Being unstable shows the evidence of such a spirit within the mind.

I had to write; so, I was given a place where I could do this!

Rise up in your right mind! Remember the warnings of the Lord! See all evil the same! Liars shall have their place in the Lake of Fire just like a murderer! Therefore, strengthen me in getting the beam out of my own eyes, first! Then, I shall be able to see clearer how to help someone else with his problems! You cause our focus to be set as You have spoken!

Are you going back to listen to the recordings that were recorded on yesterday? Listen attentively! Examine yourselves in truth! Show forth honesty before God!

We rejoice in hearing what God is saying to us!

We have joy offered! Take it, and cultivate it!

Mighty is the Power! Mighty is the Power of praise, because in it is the Power of God! Who has believed?

God does faithfully expose the evil spirits that yet remain in our hearts! We are given Power to destroy them out of our own hearts! Rejoice in doing this, like you rejoice in taking a bath or a shower! We are causing ourselves to be Blessed, because we are purifying our own hearts! Consider the end result of the evil! O Lord, You have allowed deliverance to come: but, people have to accept it! You show us the evils! Evil will always lead to destruction! God does not take away from people what they choose to hold onto. Hear it; believe it; and, destroy it!

You have Strengthened our awareness, O God! I have Power to do something about it! My focus is set! I have the Power to pray, because the Spirit is given to me! I pray according to the Will of God! I counsel, also!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 02-19-35th Year

50th Day

The 2nd Month of The 35th Year!


2nd Day of the week, which is called Monday!