02-16-35th Year

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Who can resist God when He has not given a choice; but, has made it to be a Command? God toyed with pharaoh, changing his mind back and forth! God puts in the hearts of the wicked to do whatsoever He wants them to do; and, they cannot do anything else, but what He puts in their hearts to do! Who can take a hatred out of a mind that God has placed in that mind? Who can prevail when God has strengthened the hand of your enemy against you? God changes the purposes of the heart. Though their purpose was agreed upon that they would go forth together to destroy a people; God changed the purpose to where they would destroy one another; and, they did exactly as the purpose which God had put in their minds. Esau set forth with a purpose to carry out his vow to slay Jacob; but, his purpose was changed to going forth to hug Jacob. What is the mind of man that it can resist the Will of God? There is no power nor person who can resist the Will of God when there is no option given.


My mouth is created by God, and the Words of my mouth are driven by the Spirit of God; and, the speakers of my sound system connected to my computer is electronically driven. Can that which is created by the hands of man reproduce the same identical sound as the mouth, which is created by God, and driven by the Spirit of God?


“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me!” That means the Angel of the Lord comes to overshadow me, and exercise His Power over me! This is the Agreement that was made! I am caused to do what needs to be done!


People assume they are doing something correctly! You were taught reading: but, who taught you? What spirits were with you while you were learning to read? Now you must learn reading! And, you shall ask, saying, “Teach me to read, O Lord!”


Gentiles will always remain in this world; and, therefore the desires of the Gentiles will always remain. Gentiles always desire to have mastery over others! I will not allow desires of others to be imposed upon me, because I will have that removed from me that allows others to impose their desires and will upon me. “Cursed are you, you unclean thing! You be plucked up by the roots; and, you be cast into outer darkness!” Evil influences are stopped! This is the time for these things to end! An end has come! This will cover a lot of situations! Amen!


People will choose to love evil! So, don’t always expect people to get rid of evil desires: but, rather, seek that you can have what you need so that the evils they decide to keep will not have power over you!


Isaiah 34:16; “Seek you out of the Book of the LORD, and read! Not one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate, because My mouth it has commanded, and His Spirit, it has gathered them.” Do you still want the one whom you mated with to bring forth those children?

You are robbing God because you are not giving those Tithes to the right preachers! Take this seriously, because you will either be Blessed or cursed! There are many false preachers receiving that which is not lawful for them to receive. If you are not giving that to those whom God ordained; you are robbing God! Not everyone who is standing as a preacher, is a preacher in the Eyes of God. They are liars, standing in places where they ought not to be standing!

Let the vines have free course; and, let them go forth and bear much fruits!

Do you want the Devil to have you? Don’t be flattered because people have desires for you when that is not lawful for them to have such desires! Pray that the person be set free from such desires! Desires of the heart are given by the kinds of spirits who are in the heart!

Don’t destroy souls by doing things, or showing things with your body that will cause people to lust after you!

Thank You, O Lord God, for the listening You give to us!

What does God want to say? That is the reason I am here, so I can be used as a vessel He can use to communicate with people! I am fashioned to be a vessel fitted for Him to us!

To the females: seek to become a wife, so you can have something good to give to a man that will be a husband! He that finds a wife, finds a good thing! So, there must first be a wife available for him that seeks a wife before he can find a wife. What she is studying to be; she becomes! What are you studying to become? They that study to be a doctor become a doctor; and, so is it that those who study to be a wife becomes a wife. “Study to show yourselves approved unto God!” God must approve of it! So, you are working towards becoming what God approves of!

Why be angry with yourself about what you did? Why not be angry with the evil spirit within you that caused you to do what you did? Destroy it! Let your anger be focused correctly! Destroy the cause! Remember: nothing is done by habit: but, always by instructions!

No anxiousness, because You hold it all in place! Examine it carefully! Take a closer look! It is clear! It comes clear! Everything comes into focus! So, it is the coming of the Evening when all things become distinguishable! It is the time of the “Valley of Decision!” And, when I speak to you; you know, because the Voice of the Lord is Powerful! Fear passes away!

In the Bible it is written, saying, “Seek His Face!” In this instance, it is speaking about seeking the Ways of the Lord! 

You have to be a listening person! Listening attentively means listening without having any thoughts! “Four faces!” Is it the actual face of as an appearance; or, is face talking about ways? The face of a lion! The face of a lion could mean the ways of a lion! Wings like that of an eagle! This is causing a desire to understand! Carefully examining things! Looking at the fullness of it as looking at something from head to toe! Examining things comes by hearing! When you are given to speaking Truth; you will also be hearing Truth! You receive according to as you sow! Attention is turned to where it needs to be turned, because you are not stubborn and resistive. Desires are taken and set to where they need to be, because you removed “What I Like” from the heart; and, started to allow decisions to be given by God.


The Light quickly detects the evil! Be quick about destroying it!


“Many Esau’s Are Going To Be Exposed In These Days!”


They are going to sell their souls for a morsel of bread like the old Esau did, because of his distress! They are going to forget that God has a reward for those who come out of this time without having used evil to get what they need! Money is set before the faces; and people are going to use lies in their applying for assistance; and, this will make them to be like Esau who sold his inheritance! No person will know that these people will have used lies to gain what they needed: but, this is the Hour of God’s Judgment! He will do to them according to what He knows they have done! Amen!


Snakes are hidden among many things! But, when the Lord speaks something, it happens exactly as He spoke it. Where there was nothing, the Lord spoke all things into existence! This is the confidence in Him, which He will give! Where there is nothing, the Lord brings something forth!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 02-16-35th Year

47th Day

The 2nd Month of The 35th Year!


6th Day of the week, which is called Friday!