02-15-35th Year

Not Supported

“Gay Means Joyful; Not Homosexual!” 

God has the Power to change water to wine, and raise the dead back to life; so, how much more can He change you if you want to be changed? Minds can be changed; but, bodies cannot! Everybody operates according to how his mind is programmed! The minds are programmed with Spirits and by Spirits: either Light Spirits or Dark Spirits! The bodies operate according to the programming of the minds! Knowledge comes from Spirits! What is produced by that knowledge defines what kinds of Spirits gave that knowledge!

Choice comes when God has sent forth to the individuals the Delivering Power!

After you refuse the Words of the Lord, He said you are left in a desolate condition; and, that you would not see Him anymore until you say, “Blessed is he that comes in the Name of the Lord!” It will come again to you, and give you the opportunity to hear and receive! But, it may not be the same person coming to you the next time!

What are we seeking; and, is it pure or polluted?


You said there would be more recordings; and, You bring it to pass as You said would be!

Who is faithful in the small things? There is much trouble: but, these things are being dealt with! I consider the focus; and, I do detect a hard pushing trying to push my mind to focus on people. Bitterness shall not cancel my ability to pray, because people are having a lot of troubles: but, who is able to pray for them? Evil is present: but, I am aware of it! Who will watch for himself! The Lord is about to strike! I write what I hear; and, not by emotions! People are being caused by evil spirits to test God.






This is what was sent to me by way of an Email, saying,

“Peace be unto You!


Last night, when I awoke, I saw a figure. It appeared to be a couple of feet away from my head. It was a grayish color, and tall. I saw the feet, and then looked up to see the face. Nothing was clear, but the eyes. The eyes were red, but not a burning red. They appeared to be dim, but red. Then it bent down, looking at me. It turned its face side to side, as if to be studying me. The whole time I just laid there very still. I did not see any fear in me. My Lord, judge this, I pray Thee! I was surprised to see this. After it looked at me for a while, it suddenly vanished. It was not like the beads I had seen before. It was already there, when my eyes opened.”

I pray for all things to be made clear! Mysteries are solved! What are the desires of your heart? Are they pure; or, are they some good and some evil? I hope that it is good!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 02-15-35th Year

46th Day

The 2nd Month of The 35th Year!


5th Day of the week, which is called Thursday!