02-13-35th Year

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“Instructions In Righteousness!”

You can stay up late to watch television: but, you cannot rise up early to tend to the Lord’s Business! Do you find anything wrong with that?


Joy, rise up; and, take Your Place! The Place is Yours; and, it has been cleansed for You to inhabit! And, Joy is in the forefront! Amen!


“I Give You Power!” We have Power to defeat the darkness! Devils cannot do whatever they want to do!

Riech has a problem with “then and than!” Ruben has a problem with “on and in!” And, we never want anyone to take us as a joke! We are not clowns! We laugh about things: but, we don’t want anything wrong to stand! We create joy: but, we are not using foolishness to create it! In creating laughter, we are teaching! We have so much to laugh about! We laugh because we are joyful! We smile, because smiles show brightness, and it is an indication of a happy heart! It is a heart that is being made free! O how things, if they are left, going unnoticed, can creep into other areas to cause confusion! I paid attention to this, that this is subtle confusion! This can cause uncertainty in other things! This is the Awareness that the Lord is giving me! I am concerned about whatsoever He causes me to be concerned about, because He knows about everything, and how they will eventually cause us to start doing.

“Ugly As Hell” also comes with a pretty face! Nasty can also smell sweet!

Blessed is the Power of Preciseness that comes unto us from God! Heavenly Father, You are Gracious! To call upon You rejoices my heart, because You have made it to be glad! Thank You! You have given joy and delight in working! Let there be no hard of understanding found among us! You are God; and, You make all things very clear to us! You do stop the confusion; and, You do cause clarity! Some things have grabbed hold in the hearts like Joab grabbed hold onto the Altar: but, he was slain, even while holding onto the altar. So, let it be so with those things that hold on to try to keep from being destroyed. Destroy Thou them, O Holy Angels of God. And, let there be no more confusion about what words to use. Let not these things be able to magnify themselves to us, because they are no more. Blessed are You, O Holy Father, because You do not allow us to take these things lightly! You cause us to notice them; so, there must be something wrong! And, we are not going to get caught up with guilt trips about knit picking! The evil is subtle; and, they do work their way towards getting us not to pay attention to other things, if they possibly could. They use these things to try to lull us to sleep. But, I shall be fully awake and aware!

Are you listening; and, how are you hearing? I have not relaxed with making mistakes in typing, either! I have not just come to accept typing errors! I do appreciate these things being made known to me: but, I won’t be satisfied until they are no more!


Angels delight to do the Will of God! His Will is that They obey the Words of God coming forth out of the mouths of the children of God, because His Words become our Words!

I rose up this morning, and the Lord had me to do a remake of “Escape To God” video! O Mighty God, Your Help to us is Mighty; and, it is much appreciated! You create the Joyful Hearts!


No habits are formed, because God prevents them from being formed! We walk by instructions, always!

I remember one day coming out of Dallas, Texas, I was dirty and broke: but, I had a desire to clean up! I had highway ministry in those days as I was learning the ways of the Lord in finding people. I was hitchhiking about the country! I had no money, and I wanted to wash, and get my clothing washed, because it had been quite a long time since I was able to wash. As I walked along Interstate 20, heading eastbound, I was caused to notice what looked like a dollar bill lying in an area where men had been working. I walked to the spot; lo and behold, it was a fifty dollar bill. I had what I needed to get the motel room, and get me and my clothing washed! We are not made weak in doing what we are given to do; and, the Lord had already pointed out to me that He was not sending me in the strength of clothing, which is to say that people won’t do what needs to be done except they have clean clothing on. I would minister in the condition I found myself in. I would not let my outward appearance be a weakness to me, because the Lord gave me the Strength of the Spirit. I considered how He walked, not having a certain dwelling place: but, that did not affect Him in doing what He had to do. In this Likeness are we created. No weaknesses shall be found with us! We shall do our duty, no matter what condition we find ourselves in. We are the ministers of the Lord.

And, likewise, praise was also started in such conditions! Many things are overcome in the worst of conditions! The Lord said that fruits of Righteousness grows strongest in what is called a dry and thirsty condition. The praise that is developed in comfort does not stand up when times get tough, like so many marriages fail when the road gets rocky! True Love does not fail! True Love endures hard times, and stormy times! When times get tough; that is the time you need your praises to go forth, because the Power of God is needed; and, the Power of God inhabits the praises! Power needs to be generated! Traveling and living the way I had to, was like being in a wilderness condition! It is always the Steps of the Lord; and, the Timing of God! What is to be done is always initiated by the Spirit coming! I let out Mighty Shouts without any fore-thought! We don’t see those invisible things that be creeping in: but, the Awareness of the Lord our God causes us to respond as we need to. I am always in a learning process!

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 02-13-35th Year

44th Day

The 2nd Month of The 35th Year!


3rd Day of the week, which is called Tuesday!