02-10-35th Year

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“Instructions In Righteousness!”

We got kicked out of the House! And now, we are clothed in filthy garments! Our covering is as rags! We lost our ability to see the Reality! We lost our ability to live in the Reality! We are trapped in a temporary situation! We became so confused we started to think this condition is the Reality! But, it is not! What is the true living condition? It is not this world; nor the things we can see! We have been away for Home for so long, we have forgotten what Home is. We lost the remembrance of it! We were banished! We were kicked out of our Home! Now, we are working our way back Home! Are we not called Sojourners?

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The Angels I saw as a child were covered in pure white, covered from head downward; and, the covering was like that of pure white wool. Their eyes were blazing red like fire! Their brightness was so great that not even the night made a shadow, nor dimmed Their appearance. I would wonder about this many years later when I was called up by the Lord. We lived in the country during those years, far away from the highway; and, there were no lights in the house nor around the house; but, yet Their appearance was very clear. This took place in the early 50’s; and, it had to be during the time of the Korean War, because my oldest brother was serving in Korea at that time. I was in the first grade for a second time, because we were transferred from an old one room country school to a newly built elementary school in Alexandria, Louisiana; and, my older sisters and brothers were placed in the wrong grades; and, that pushed me back to the first grade for another year! I was a wild kid, with a mean streak in me a mile wide, as the old timers would say. Fear was something I did not know! But, it came upon me in its fullness when those Angels appeared. I was told later after being called up by the Lord that this was the Fear of God that was put in my heart, because I feared nothing. I never sensed dangers from anyone, even though I was a Black child in racist territory! I did not know the hatred Whites had for Blacks during those days! These Angels appeared altogether one time only: but, I would be visited three more times, with each One coming alone. I would have the cover suddenly pulled off me while I slept; and, I would awake suddenly, to see Him walking out of the room. But, the last time, One stood over the bed looking down at me for a moment, before He left the room. The Lord would tell me later that this was my Sealing: one of my eyes and one ear are both marked and there is a scar across my forehead, which was told me that It (Power to respond to the call) was put in my heart for a time that would come! And, that day came suddenly when I was alone, even as Daniel also found himself alone when visitations came to him. The turnabout was happening so fast that people became afraid of me; and, looked upon me as one that was out of his mind. I came into the world in the middle of a war in 1943; and, I have seen wars and wars since then. And, the covering of the darkness was pulled off me! This is the Lord’s Doing! I am an anointed of the Lord! Angels are still round about me; but, I do not see Them as I did at the first. But, They come; and, They have appeared to me as ordinary men: but, Their Power is so Great that I had my ears always opened to listen when I received a visitation from Them in a physical form of a man.


Many years later, I would have a dream about seeing One of Them again in the form that I had seen Them at the first: but, this time I was not afraid. I saw how I would run behind Him to see where He had gone; and, He would always station Himself so I could see Him before He went on, so I could know which way He went. And, the Lord shall always make our Way clear to us; and, we shall always be led in the Way! Shall I be afraid? Not if He says, “Be not afraid!” He commands all fears to depart!


There is Power from on High! I call unto You: Be exalted; and, be made manifest unto us, O Heavenly Father! Let Your Glory be seen upon us!

“The Call To Duty!”


A day came when Elisha put down his plow, and followed Elijah! A mantle was placed upon him; and, he would not return to the work he had been doing! A song came to remembrance: “Our Day Will Come!” My Day will come when I will have everything!


Though many sins were accounted to me, the Lord God destroyed them all in one quick swope! I was baptized on the afternoon of 01-06-1979! “Your sins are forgiven! All of my past sins were remitted! But, there is still training to come! I was a fresh raw recruit just out of the world! Training of a preacher does not take place in classrooms where the conditions are uniform all the year round! The Lord said this is on-the-job training! Many are called; but, few are chosen!


God puts it together, because He is the Only Creator! We become vessels fitted for Him to use to do the work He wants done! These are not our ideas! “Do Your Good Pleasure, Heavenly Father! Make me and mold me to Your Satisfaction!” We become vessels fashioned after the manner of Jesus Christ through whom God created all things! We are trained and prepared for the job the Lord God ordained us for!


Your Words enter into the heart with Power; and, we are transformed!

“Do not rob the poor, because he is poor: neither oppress the afflicted in the gate, because the LORD will plead their cause, and spoil the soul of those that spoiled them. Make no friendship with an angry man; and with a furious man you shall not go, lest you learn his ways, and get a snare to your soul.”

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Hear the Words of the Wise from Proverbs 22: “Bow down your ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply your heart unto my knowledge, because it is a pleasant thing if you keep them within you! They shall then be fitted in your lips! That your trust may be in the LORD, I have made known to you this day, even to you. Have not I written to you excellent things in counsels and knowledge, that I might make you know the certainty of the Words of Truth; that you might give answer with the Words of Truth to those that seek unto you?” Whosoever attends unto the Words of the Wise, becomes Wise!

What is that we cannot see? And, if we cannot see it, is it real? We are now seeing with limited eyes! We don’t see all that we used to see when God created us! We are also hard of hearing! The unseen is what is Real!

Happy 20th birthday, Michael! Stay free!


Steps are taken! Let your desires be good! Don’t follow after the fashions of the world! Be free; and, be strong!


(Thursday: The 5th Day of The Week!)


“O Lord, Who Is Worthy?”


When you enter into a strange place; and, you don’t know where to go: that is the time to call upon the Guiding Angel, saying, “O Lord, who is worthy!” This is a call for help; and, it will be made known to you how you shall arrive at the place where you are supposed to be! Your attention could be focused on certain vehicles to follow; or, you could be caused to go sit in a certain place, and wait! In some way, the Angel will cause you to arrive at where the Lord wants you to be! Even when you need help in a strange place; you still acknowledge the ever-present help of the Lord, because He has given His Angels charge over us! And, when you don’t know who to send these Reports to; you acknowledge the help of the Lord; and, it will come clear to you, because we are all seeking preciseness in doing what the Lord wants done! And, those who are seeking me, for the right reasons, will be led to me by the Angel of the Lord! But, those who seek me to be contentious, will be led away, because my time is important; and, I am given to feed the sheep of the Lord! Amen!


Remember those who are bound in prison; and, send the Word to them! Seek to be in the Spirit as being also bound with them; and, have compassion on those who are in prison! The Body is not totally free until all members of the Body are free! Amen!

O Lord Michael, Fight! Amen!


Blessed are You, O Lord God, Holy and Righteous! Let Your Peace be multiplied unto us from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ! I look to You to give me what to say unto You, O Lord; and, for my steps to be ordered by You according to Your Word! Thank You for ordering my steps in Your Word! And, I give thanks to You, O Lord God, The Holy Ghost, for the remembrance of the Word! Thank You for causing me to hear; and, for causing me to respond to what You are telling me! Thank You for the Peace that comes to my heart through understanding! Amen!


O Lord Gabriel, give us the Reports! Give us skills; and, cause us to understand in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Amen!


O Lord God of my Peace, cause us to be still; and, be Thou multiplied unto all of the Household of Faith! Let the remnant have peace, and a clear path; and, cause them to come forth! I do pray by faith; and, I acknowledge You in giving me what to ask for, at the time it needs to be asked! Keep me in awareness, and expecting the people to come, because You have given me to ask for their coming! Let me be ready to receive the flood! Amen!


O Lord, do Your good pleasure unto me! Let Your Will be accomplished upon me as You please! Amen!

“Your Will Be Done!”


Here is an understanding! When you pray, saying, “Your Will be done in earth as it is in Heaven!”; you are saying that God’s Will be done in you, and through you, as His Will is being done in, and through the Holy Angels! We are the earth; and, the Angels are the Heavenly! We seek the same perfection in doing God’s Will, and being in subjection to Him, even as the Angels of God! Ask, desiring, that this be the case with you! And, if you are not desiring this to be done with you; ask that you might be given to desire that this be the case with you, because it is right! Don’t be ashamed of not desiring that this be the case with you, because you cannot desire this to be, except the Lord cause the desire to be in your heart! And, because the desire will have been established in your heart; you will be able to desire this always! For that desire is of God; and, that desire will not fail! Many desires He will establish in our hearts, so that we can desire that which we are supposed to desire! But, without that desire, we cannot desire what we are supposed to be desiring! Consider desire as being an appetite! Having an appetite for something, causes you to receive it! Now comes the enjoyment of it! That you must ask for, also! Let the enjoyment be for doing His Will! He will establish that condition in your hearts, also, if you shall ask! Also, you must say to God how important it is for you to be in that way! But, if you are not realizing how important it is to be in that way; you shall ask Him to cause you to know how important it is for you to be in that way! He is the Creator, Who adds to us daily what we should have! And, He gives us what to ask of Him to provide for us! He provides for us such as we need in the time it is supposed to be established in us! Nothing comes before the time it is supposed to come forth. So, don’t be like the three year old girl who wants to have breast like her mother! In time, all things will come to us! We are the clay; and, He is the Potter! Amen!


My Lord, You know exactly what You want; and, I do not know anything about what You want as I ought to know! It is hard for me to write some things; and, to express, in these writings, all that I feel: but, by You I am made able to do all of these things! Give me that Ability, O Lord! Amen!


I ask that my writings be made as a ready speaker! Amen!


I pray unto You in secret when I am sitting here at this instrument, and writing down these words! But, You have made a provision for secret and silent prayers, also. And, You will answer me openly! O Lord, help Thou me to accomplish all that You desire of me; and, make me perfect in all things towards You! Amen!

“The Closet Prayer!”


I am remembering the Word of the Lord, which He spoke in Matthew 6:6, saying, “But, you, when you pray; enter into your closet!” When I am sitting, writing at this instrument, my mouth is not open: but, my heart is speaking unto God; and, I am listening with my Spiritual ears to what I am being told! As I am given to pray; I pray in secret: and, no one knows what I have prayed for until these writings are made public! Then, “Amen!” can come from others! But, the Lord has already heard my prayers before then. Therefore, no one can stop anyone from praying, because the Lord has made the provision for silent praying, also! So, prayer is not taken out of schools; prayer is taken out of the people! Why don’t your children rejoice in the ability to pray silent unto the Lord, Who hears the thoughts of the heart as easily as He hears the words of the mouth? You cannot get any compliments when you are praying whereby no one else can hear you: but, you will be able to see the results of your prayers, if you are able to get a prayer through to God! Are not the Angels encamped round about the children of God? Are not the Angels in the classrooms with the children, if the parents are truly in the Lord! Why is there so much whooping and hollering about not being able to pray in school? You can pray; and, no one can stop your children from praying silently! But, this must be taught in the Churches, and in the homes! Have confidence in all of the ways, which the Lord has ordained! The important thing is to get the action done; and, through the prayers of the children of God, the situation of God will be established! Let them be like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, who also were required to attend schools that were set up by the government! Surely, because these four had ability to pray; things were changed in the school system. And, you don’t have to worry about violence in the schools if the children were taught to respect God, and have faith in God! Shall not the Lord do to those violent children what He did to the lions while Daniel was in the lion’s den? Consider your children as being in the lion’s den when they are in school: but, believe in the Power of the Holy Angels to shut the mouths of the young lions. Grow in confidence in the Power and Might of the Lord; and, have that confidence established in your hearts by the Lord! Be purged of all evil about yourself that the Lord reveals to you; and, you will see that Power and Might working on your behalf against those that rise up against you, and your children. Amen!


O Holy Father, be it done unto me even as You have said! Amen!


“And, when you have shut your door; pray to your Father, which is in secret!” Amen!


O Lord, cause my door to be shut, I ask of You: because I do not know how this is done! I ask that You would teach me how to shut my door; and, I ask that You would give me to understand what You are saying, O Lord! Amen!


“And, your Father, which sees in secret, shall reward you openly!” Amen!


What do You mean by this, O Lord? But, be it done unto us even as You have said, O Lord God! Amen!


“But, when you pray, do not use vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking! Amen!”


Be it done unto me even as You have said, O Lord: and, cause me to understand clearly what You mean! “Amen!”


Can you pray? Has iniquity separated you and God? It is vain to pray, or think you are praying, if you have transgressions unconfessed! Your thoughts are vain about God answering you if you are abiding in a sin, which He has revealed to you! The heathen thinks God will answer his prayer while he remains in his sins! A vain person is one who thinks God will be partial! He thinks God will answer his prayers while he is in sin: but, will not answer the prayers of others who are in sin! A vain person is one who considers himself as being special, or exempt! He figures God will allow him to get away with things that He will not allow others to get away with. That is not the truth! So, vain is believing something that cannot be! Amen!


“Therefore, you don’t be like them, because your Father knows what things you have need of, before you ask Him! Amen!”


How shall I respond to this, O Lord? Surely, O Heavenly Father, You do know all things before I even ask of You! But, You are He that gives me what to ask of You in the first place! Amen!


Truly, You already know what I need; and, I have no idea about what I need! Amen!


O Lord, what about this spirit, that comes to speak while You are speaking unto me? Let none of these spirits be allowed to speak with me, O Lord! I desire to hear You; and, You Only! Let these evil ones be made to keep silence: for they come to distract me! And, I see that You are giving me what to pray for as You said You would! I did not know that I needed to ask You to keep the wicked silent, so that I could give my attention to hearing You! Thank You for knowing what I need; and, thank You for giving me to ask for what I need! Amen!


And, I ask that You would send me the help to eliminate the errors in my typing, O Lord! Thank You for giving me to pay attention to what I need! And, thank You for giving me to ask for what I need! Amen!


O Lord, send me the help that I need to enter into my closet; and, to shut the door! I wish not to be disturbed by anything! I heard the Words of Moses from Psalm 90, saying, “Lord, You have been our dwelling place in all generations!” Amen!


I ask that You would stand guard over my lips, so that I do not sin with my tongue, O Lord! Amen!


The Lord said by Isaiah in Isaiah 26:20, saying, “Come, My people!” Amen!


Bid me to come unto You, O Holy Father! Amen!


“Enter you into your Chambers, and shut your Doors about you!”


Cause this to be done unto me even as You have said, O Lord! Amen!


“Hide yourself, as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast!” Amen!


Be it done unto me even as You have said, O Lord; and, give me to understand what You mean! Amen!


Lord, what do You mean by this? “Your dead men shall live! Together with my dead body, shall they arise.”


“Awake, and sing, you that dwell in the dust! For your dew is as the dew of herbs, and the earth shall cast out the dead!” Amen! (Isaiah 26:19)


Cause me to be listening attentively to the Words of Your Mouth; and, give me inspired writings, O Lord! Amen!


Lord, You cause us to understand the meaning of Your Speech! There is no way that we can study anything to find out what You mean, when You have spoken a thing! It is all a mystery to us! Amen!


The Lord said that this Church shall be built in troublous times! We are constantly speaking to Him about the troubles, which we are being given to detect! We don’t take the troubles lightly: and, we need to know to call upon Him in the times of trouble, so that He can deliver us out of all of our troubles! Amen!


I have given out the Word this day: but, this does not mean that this is all that shall go out! Amen!


I will pray unto You; and, You cause me to know that my mind is focused towards You! I do need to pray! My help comes from You, O Lord! I acknowledge my help that comes from You! Amen!

“My Lord, Who Has Believed Our Report?”

Do You Believe That This Is A Report From The Lord?

“This Is A True Report!”

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Carrium means “Message From God!”

Carrium: 02-10-35th Year

41st Day

The 2nd Month of The 35th Year!


7th Day of the week, which is called Saturday!